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Fat Lady Panda Society icon
Unit Type
Construction Cost Credits n/a ·
Maintenance Cost Balance n/a  · Fleet n/a
Cargo Holds n/a
Item Slots n/a
Attack Power -/-/-
Build Time n/a

The Fat Lady is Trenchcoat's Ship, a modified and dilapidated (in a very interesting way) pre-disaster aircraft carrier. It holds Trenchcoat's many items for sale to the player. 

On the port side loading area of the ship there is a welcome sign. A blimp attached to the helipad on the aft side of the ship. Also, on the bow there appears to be a makeshift broadcast tower featuring the logo of the Dead Panda Society, of which Trenchcoat is allegedly a member. Like most aircraft carriers, the ship's bridge is on the starboard side of the amidships,

The Fat Lady cannot be hijacked or produced and is therefore unobtainable for players. Trenchcoat uses this ship to conduct trade. See Trenchcoat's page for the goods and items available for trade.

Prior to patch 2070 1.02, it was possible to sink it with a simle EMP burst.


  • Though Trenchcoat is unavailable for diplomatic purposes while the ship is moving, you can still trade with him until the ship itself leaves the sector completely.
  • Although it is unobtainable in the vanilla game, The Fat Lady's design is featured as buildable trade ship in the A.R.R.C. 2170 mod.