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Bonus Missions icon Final spurt Hard
Global Trust is forced to operate in unprofitable sectors in order to replace the business partners already lost. Forge new trade agreements in the Company's name by quickly responding to the global markets constantly fluctuating demands.
Objectives Close at least 8 Deals
Miss fewer than 3 Deals
Focus Economy, Trade
NPCs Rufus Thorne, Yana Rodriguez
Multiplayer available

Final spurt is the second and final mission of the Crisis Response package. Prove your Trading skills, responding quickly to the latest developments in the global market by fulfilling Trade orders.

Difficulty: Hard

Main Objective[]

Final spurt

Respond to the latest market developments as quickly as possible and complete a total of 8 profitable deals on behalf of Global Trust.

  • ▶ Completed Deals: 0 / 8
  • ▶ Maximum 2 missed Deals. (Currently: 0)

Rufus Thorne icon "Crisis or not, you can rely on our analysts!"

  • Reward:
  • Challenge Achievement Achievement: "Green as steel"

Primary Quests[]

The actual assignment details of each quest (Deal) will only become available after 5/10 minutes. The next Deal begins 5 minutes after the previous ends. Delivering Goods early does not decrease the amount of time between Deals; they occur at set intervals. Minimum time to completion is 3:25:00 and the maximum is 5:55:00. The Numpad+ key can be held to speed up progression.

Global Trust icon Time Limit: 15:00Fast coal
  • ▶ According to analysts, the price of Coal Coal will increase very soon. Prepare yourself!
  • ▶ Deliver the requested Goods to Mr. Thorne's Ark:
    • Coal 40t Coal

Rufus Thorne icon "The coal trade at present seems to be a safe business."

  • Reward:
  • Credits-icon 3,366

The complete list of Deals is as follows:

Fast coal 15:00 Coal 40t Coal
Oreless 15:00 Iron ore 50t Iron Ore
Cemented 20:00 Concrete 60t Concrete
Fuel 20:00 Oil 60t Oil
Steel moving 25:00 Steel 50t Steel
Truffle fever 30:00 Luxury meal 40t Luxury Meals
Reward 35:00 Champagne 50t Champagne
Tough job 40:00 Heavy weapons 40t Heavy Weapons
At the end of the tunnel 50:00 Jewelery 30t Jewelery
Staying power 60:00 Pharmaceuticals 20t Pharmaceuticals


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Despite the objectives stating that up to 2 Deals may be missed, if you want to win, you need to focus on completing ALL of the first 8 Deals. The reason is that the first 8 Deals require materials you can obtain up to the Tycoon Engineers class (for the last Deal you will need 1,200 Engineers). If you miss a single Deal, Rufus will then ask you to produce a given quantity of Jewelery, which not only requires Tycoon Executives but also Diamonds; although they too can be obtained by placing a buy order.

Global Trust (Tycoons)[]

  • Main Island (South East of Ark): Besides the basic necessities, this island is capable of producing Lobsters and Vegetables; when the latter fertility is purchased from an NPC (setup the Warehouse near to the Lobster node). A buy order for Truffles needs be established to prevent having to colonize another Island.
  • Plastics/Steel Island (South South East): In addition to Plastics production, this island is used to supplement Coal, Iron Ore and Steel production, later importing Uranium from the island to the far South East, producing Heavy Weapons; but it's far more economical to setup a Uranium buy order instead.
  • Concrete/Champagne Island (East South East): Setup a buy order for Grapes on this island immediately, or you will need to settle an additional island to the far North East, lacking the necessary Licenses to purchase Grape fertility. Although it's possible to obtain them via License Trading, it simply isn't economical; neither is colonizing another island.
  • Truffle/Uranium Island (Far South East): All Goods from this Island are destined for further processing, although they are far easier to obtain through buy orders at their respective Warehouses.
Recommended Structures (Tycoons):
1Tyco-ctr-icon 2Casino-icon 1Ministry-truth-icon 1Financial-ctr-icon
20Tyco-res-icon 32Tyco-res-icon 48Tyco-res-icon 0Tyco-res-icon
160 Workers 480 Employs 1200 Engs 0 Execs
8Building modules 6Tools 3Concrete 2Steel
4.1Fish 6Liquor 2.5Convenience Food 1.9Plastics
1.4Luxury meal 1.2Champagne 0Jewelery 0Pharmaceuticals


  • 4/5 extra Rotary Excavators will be required to meet the demands of the first quest (Fast coal); 40t. 2 may be placed on the mainland (plus 1 for Coal Power), and 2/3 on the island to the South South East (Plastics/Steel), which does not require a Power Station at first. 2 Iron Ore Mines should be placed there as well, to meet the demands of the next quest (Oreless), and for future Steel production. This can be accomplished after picking up construction materials from Yana Rodriguez. Proceed immediately to building 3 chains for Concrete production, then again for Oil (3 Refinery chains, 2 Plastics Factories) and Convenience Food (initially 2 chains) and 2 for Steel.
  • As always, buy orders may be setup to fill some quotas, especially for Truffles, Grapes, Uranium and Diamonds through their respective Warehouses. These require the use of distant islands; making the production process inefficient. In order to achieve this, you should have unlocked the Engineer class by the time you are notified of the 60t Oil (Fuel) quest. This will also save you a lot of Steel involved in their construction (possibly requiring only 1 Steelworks instead of 2).
  • The trade route can be serviced using a single cargo ship (a Port Authority is required on the South Eastern shore), assuming you have placed the necessary buy orders instead of colonizing distant islands. Champagne and Steel are not to be delivered since they are only required for the Executive class. Excess Champagne, Luxury Meals, Heavy Weapons, and Jewelery should all be sold via sell orders at their respective Warehouses.
  • Disable Luxury Meal and Champagne consumption on the Engineer class to make the Goods available for quests. Disable Convenience Food and Plastics consumption on the Employee class initially, until you have 20 units of each, before upgrading to Engineers.
  • It is possible to obtain both the 'It Was Worth it to Me' and 'Money Doesn't Stink' (1,000,000 Credits in Trade/Wealth) achievements during this assignment, by selling all excess Goods. Save the game before delivering Heavy Weapons, then fail the quest while already having 2 Jewelery production chains in place, with a buy order on Diamonds, and sell order on Jewelery.
  • Demolished buildings are refunded in full material costs for the duration of this mission.

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