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Financial-ctr-icon Financial Center Tycoon logo
Financial center
Construction Cost Credits-icon1,200 · Building Modules 20 · Tools 8 · Concrete 30 · Steel 15
Maintenance Cost Ecobal-icon -9 ·  Balance -50 · Energy -10
Size 7x9
Hitpoints 3000
Influence Radius 24 tiles
Unlock 1200 Tycoon Engineers

The Financial Center is a Tycoon building that satisfies the Need for Participation. Tycoon Engineers (Level 3) require them to upgrade to Tycoon Executives. The Eco counterpart to this building is the Congress Center. The building is notable for being 7tiles wide, meaning that it can be difficult to fit into a standard 6tile wide city grid; it is therefor advisable to build a 7*9tile space into the city early on so that the city layout is not affected by the construction when it comes around.

As with the other social buildings in the game, the Financial center becomes redundant upon the completion of a monument, as the monument will fulfil the need for participation within its influence area; if a player wishes to have executives outside of this area though, a financial center will still be required.