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Firebird-aircraft-icon FireBird SAAT logo
Unit Type Aircraft
Construction Cost Credits 5,500 · Building Modules 15 · Carbon 30 · High-Tech Weapons 25
Maintenance Cost Balance -100  · Fleet 10
HP 500
Cargo Holds 0
Item Slots 1
Attack Power –/50/– (–/10/– DPS)

Special Ability Bombing Run
Build Time 2:45
Unlock 1 Researcher

The FireBird is a long-range strategic bomber and siege engine that is unlocked by advancing to the final tier of Anno 2070's military technologies. While extremely slow-moving and possessing only medium armor, the Firebird nevertheless represents one of the most serious threats in Anno 2070 due to its unrivaled destructive capabilities.

Its primary armament is a slow firing but powerful air-to-surface missile that inflicts the highest damage-per-second rate of any unit in Anno 2070. This allows the FireBird to quickly destroy buildings, however all but the most severely damaged units will be able to outrun this attack.

The FireBird's most prominent feature is its special Bombing Run ability, which unleashes its entire payload on a small area, dealing 3000 damage at the center-of-impact (for comparision, a Nuclear Missile deals approximately 7500 damage at its center). This ability can destroy any unit or number of units (except for Keto's Battleship) and most low-tier buildings in a single delivery, with nearby units and structures taking significant damage and/or catching fire, requiring emergency repair or firefighting. The cooldown timer for this ability is 5 minutes.

If a squadron of FireBirds manages to achieve landfall in unprotected airspace beyond the the attack range of ships, that island's vital structures will likely be demolished in a matter of minutes.

The FireBird is the only type of aircraft that's not able to land on an Atlas.


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Strategies & Tactics[]

  • The combination of extreme threat posed, immense cost in terms of build-time and resources, alarmingly slow speed, and only moderate durability makes the FireBird one of the most highly prioritized and vulernable units. Even with a formidable escort, skillful enemies may still effectively employ hit-and-run tactics to gradually weaken the FireBird while avoiding its deadly bombardment.
  • An effective opening tactic is to search for and bomb grouped power plants or clusters of Offshore Wind Parks to quickly and completely disable the island's defenses and production lines. Other top priority targets include Airports with grounded aircraft, Monument Foundations (if the victory condition is Monument construction), and large clusters of executive-level housing units.
  • The FireBird excels at projecting immense power and control over a short range. All adjacent islands to any island where multiple Flak-defended FireBirds are stationed may be considered effectively under the control of that player. Any attempts to colonize those adjacents islands will have to resist the constant repeating threat of the "Bombing Run" ability, as well as the FireBird's powerful siege capabilities, and will likely occupy the full military and mental capacities of an enemy for an extended period of time.
  • In a defensive role, FireBirds represent the threat of instant destruction for any unmoving ships. This significantly increases the strain on your enemies' attention and reduces their effectiveness in every way. Even a single second looking away from their fleet can result in (for example) an entire control group of 3 or more Colossi being instantly destroyed.
  • For longer missions, a strong convoy is recommended to defend the FireBird(s) on their (presumably) unfueled return to base.
  • Repeatedly use the Bombing Run on trade ships exchanging goods at enemy ports to disrupt his attention and supply lines. This will also divert his units to patrol duty and/or cause expenditure of resources for Flak turrets at that port.
  • One tactic is to cycle your FireBirds' Bombing Run timers so the ability is always available. With 4 Firebirds, the 5:00 countdown timer will expire approximately every 75 seconds.
  • Cycling Bombing Runs can ruin even the most well defended supply islands, since no amount of Flaks can stop a FireBird from instantly sinking that Cargo Liner loaded down with precious Champagne or Pasta dishes in the vulnerable open sea between islands. A few well-utilized FireBirds can ruin and revert even advanced populations if they depend on offshore resources, or tie-up dozens of control units worth of ships/aircraft away from attacking to passive convoy duty.
  • The quick moving submersible Trimaran can effectively and stealthily (especially when equipped with the Invisibility or White Flag modules) patrol the seas for lightly guarded trade ships. With its deadly innate EMP ability rendering ships completely immobile, the combination of Trimaran and FireBird allows for nearly indefensible hit-and-run use of the Bombing Run on trade routes.
  • Remember that no matter how well defended by Flaks a population center of Executives may be, there will be no way of keeping them from leaving of their own volition if their Luxury Meals or other dependent resources are cut off for an extended period of time. In the long run, this reduction in tax revenue equates to decreased ability to replace destroyed units or buildings.
  • In general, always be aware of fuel levels: the 50% speed penalty to unfueled aircraft reduces the FireBird's speed to an absolute crawl, and running out of fuel behind enemy lines without adequate naval or Chopper support is likely a death sentence. One option that MAY help you in a situation like this is by equiping every FireBird with a White Flag and activate them immediately when the need for it arises.
  • Note the game settings, when Full or Half refund is enabled, alert enemies may quickly attempt to demolish any expensive buildings under threat during a FireBird raid (especially from the Bombing Run), and will rebuild them once the threat is past. The only buildings that cannot be instantly rebuilt in this way are higher level housing units.
  • Eco players that have Executive inhabitants may build Shield Generators which will protect buildings within their influence area up to a certain point. To get rid of these, simply target the generator itself to take down the shield. You should however note that every Shield Generator have 3500 Hitpoints, which is just enough to survive a Bombing Run attack. If theres more than 1Generator in the same area, you must have at least 2FireBirds for a effective attack on the area. The +100regeneration for the Shield means that a interrupted attack may result in that all the shields will be back to full power when you resume the attack, so be aware of this and try not to stop the attack when you have started it...
  • Because the Hawk is far more durable, but costs much less in terms of resources, enemies will likely build and send multiple Hawks on suicide missions against your FireBirds. This will require an extreme amount of anti-air capability to resist, and represents one of the greatest challenges to using FireBirds effectively over long ranges. The white flag module can save threatened FireBirds, but those units will then be unusable (except for scouting) for a full 10 minutes.
  • The rare +40% speed boost module can significantly increase the threat a FireBird poses, extending operating range and survivability.
  • Because of the next and final tier of bombs are the Nuclear Missiles, be wary of clustering your FireBirds lest a single well-hidden silo suddenly destroy your entire airforce.


Most upgrades are Research Projects available at the Academy.

Type Quality Icon Name Effect Description Costs

Ark Item Gold star small FireBird itemFuel consumption FireBird Rotor revision Fuel Consumption: -20% Long distance mission upgrade.

Ark Item Gold star small FireBird itemDamage points FireBird Armament improvement Attack Power: +10% Escalation upgrade.

Ark Item Gold star smallGold star small FireBird itemMultiple effects FireBird Mission equipment Attack Power: +15% Fuel Consumption: -30% Tactical ground attack configuration.

Ark Item Gold star smallGold star smallGold star small FireBird itemMultiple effects FireBird Battle specification Attack Power: +20% Fuel Consumption: -40% Strategic ground attack configuration.


  • The FireBird will take four spaces in an airport, thus each airport can only support one FireBird.
  • In the Anno 2070 Artbook the FireBird is referred to as the B13 Condor