Anno 2070 Wiki
Flak-icon Flak EVE
Construction Cost Credits-icon700 · Building Modules 5 · Tools 3 · Weapons 6
Maintenance Cost Balance -20 · Energy -10
Size 3x3
Hitpoints 800
Unlock 1 Tycoon / Eco Engineer / Lab Assistant

The Flak turret is an anti-air building that attacks with 45/-/- attack power (9 DPS).

The Flak also has a high power consumption so if you have a large island to protect then it is important to build them wisely. Try to focus on protecting the most important buildings, such as residences (no inhabitants = no income = lost game) or important production chains. A single Flak can be easily taken out with four or more Choppers. Therefore, it might be a good idea to build more than one Flak in the same place to increase the damage dealt to enemy aircraft.

Like all above-water military buildings, the Flak can be moved by the nearest lifter to a new location, including another island. The Depot (only level 3 ones!) / Warehouse / Port Authority involved cannot be used for collecting goods with a lifter while the building is being transported, which may take considerable time.

There are upgrades available that significantly increases the attack range of the Flak, along with the Harbor Defense Turrets.