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You require the Deep Ocean expansion to unlock this content.
Add-On icon Forced evacuation Medium
Forced Evacuation
It is paramount that the disturbances caused by seismic activity in this sector are reduced to a minimum during the repairs. Ironically, Sokow Vadim has now started buying up the Islands and has begin drilling the first Oil wells. Tilda's intervention hasn't had any effects so far.
The drilling must be stopped immediately, but an open conflict is unthinkable. A war is the last thing this sector needs now.
Objectives Build a Financial or Congress center
Take over Sokow's Island
Focus Trade
NPCs Hiro Ebashi, Tilda Jorgensen, Vadim Sokow
Multiplayer not available

Forced Evacuation is one of the second-tier missions of the Miracle in Danger campaign. Hiro Ebashi tasks you with purchasing the majority of shares in Tilda Jorgensen's island, which is presently occupied by Vadim Sokow. The mission focuses on finances, and acts as a tutorial on island shares and hostile takeovers.

Forced Evacuation is a prelude to Saving a Miracle, which can be unlocked by completing the other second-tier missions, Shortage of Skilled Workers and Long-Distance Supply.

Difficulty: Medium

Main Objective[]

Forced evacuation

Stop Vadim Sokow's drilling for Oil by buying up his headquarters in this sector and returning it to Tilda.

  • ▶ Build a Financial-ctr-icon Financial center or a Congress-ctr-icon Congress center.
  • ▶ Purchase the following number of Shares in Flores:
    • Shares: 0/3
  • ▶ Take over of Flores.

Hiro Ebashi icon "There is a risk of aftershock in the sector. The slightest shock could be enough to trigger another tidal wave!"

  • Reward:
  • Career Points (with a faction of your choice) 200 Career Points

Each Share is progressively more expensive, with a 10 minute delay imposed between acquisitions:

Shares icon 1st Share Credits-icon 14,000 credits Unlocked by Financial/Congress center
Shares icon 2nd Share Credits-icon 21,500 credits
Shares icon 3rd Share Credits-icon 29,000 credits Declaration of War by Vadim Sokow
Ship-credits 3 Vipers Credits-icon 9,000 credits Recommended Fleet
Primary Objective Take over of Flores Credits-icon 60,000 credits Mission Completion
Credits-icon Total Value Credits-icon 133,500 credits

Primary Quest[]

Too much influence

Satisfy the following demands to avoid having Sokow declare War on you:

  • ▶ Do not buy more than two Shares in Flores.

Vadim Sokow icon "What's this? Did you really think that any Tom, Dick or Harry can just walk in and try to take over my business?"

Secondary Quests[]

This quest you receive from Sokow, although you will be betraying him eventually, is worth the extra credits:

Delivery Time Limit: 30:00DELIVERY
Business partners
  • ▶ Deliver the requested Goods to Sokow's Warehouse:
    • Fish 10t Fish
    • Coal 20t Coal

Vadim Sokow icon "Transnational Sokow is always looking for investors and business partners. That could be something for you ... Right?"

  • Reward:
  • Credits-icon 3,287
  • Licenses-icon 250 Licenses
  • Diplomacy icon 20 Influence

Both Vadim Sokow and Hiro Ebashi will continue to propose various quests, although offer no further credits in return, and Ebashi's also require the use of a Submarine to complete.

Supplementary Quests[]

These quests are not necessary for mission completion. You will receive no rewards except Influence with Tilda:

Savings program

Prepare yourself for the costly takeover of Flores.

  • ▶ Accumulate 50,000 Credits.
  • ▶ Accumulate 100,000 Credits.

Tilda Jorgensen icon "The takeover will cost you a pretty pile of Credits! Better make sure you're prepared!"

  • ▶ Command a Fleet comprising the following Ships:
    • Viper-ship-icon Viper 0/3

Tilda Jorgensen icon "Sokow will become suspicious soon! You should be prepared for the worst."

In the red
  • ▶ Reach a Balance of at least +100.
  • ▶ Maintain this condition for the next 05:00 minutes.

Tilda Jorgensen icon "Hey! How do you buy my Island back with a Balance like this?"


The governing principle behind this mission is to obtain an income of ~4,000 credits per minute by constructing a Financial/Congress Center. Which, over 30 minutes, amounts to ~120,000 credits and will allow you to purchase the required Shares in the allotted time.

Global Trust (Tycoons) / Eden Initiative (Ecos)[]

"This operation is too big to fail. Tax everything!" - Rufus Thorne

  • Main Island (North of Ark): Nothing to see here. It's an Island; my Island!
  • Plastics Island (South): Produce stuff made from black residue here.
  • Buy a set of Bricks (Building Modules) from the Ark and commence construction of 6/7 Basalt chains, 3 Fisheries, 4 Distilleries and a Casino (or Concert Hall). After advancing to the Employee class, build 3 Tools chains (6 Workshops) and 4 Concrete chains (or Sawmills), with 1 Limestone Mine on the Plastics Island.
  • Populate 750 Employees. In the meantime, construct 2 Convenience (or Health) Food and 2 Plastics (or Communicators) chains, building 1/2 more of each in due time, as required.
  • Upgrade 1 Employee residence to an Engineer, followed by a Steelworks (or Glassworks); disable 2 Tools Workshops. Acquire 15t of Steel (or 25t Glass), then demolish that, build 2 Ammunition Factories and produce 45t. Destroy those and produce 60t of Iron; build a Shipyard only after constructing the Financial (or Congress) Center, and 3 Vipers 4 minutes before the onset of War with Vadim. Then demolish the Shipyard, always minimizing maintenance costs.
  • Continue upgrading Employees to Engineers. Reach a population of 1,200, raise their Taxes and set the Ministry's (or Education Net's) channel back to increased income (instead of reduced upgrade costs). Your income should now exceed 3,000 credits per minute. The closer it is to 4,000 the better, in order to purchase Shares as quickly as possible. Optimal layout is key; place the Financial (or Congress Center) right next to the City Center, otherwise another City Center will be required to reach complete coverage. Trade all excess Goods to Tilda/Vadim.
  • Maintain 15,000 credits in reserve to purchase the 1st Share after building a Financial (or Congress) Center. The mission pursuant to this now depends primarily on maintaining an income above 3,500 credits per minute, supplemented by Trade. You must buy the island 10 minutes after purchasing the last Share. This assignment can be completed in under 1.5 hours if expenses are minimized and Taxes prioritized over Trade or expansion.

"Congress ought to start passing those Corporate Tax rate increases." - Yana Rodriguez

  • Eden Initiative (Ecos): [needs revision; Eden Initiative unrepresented]


"We can't be friends any longer, if you don't buy my Island back for me!" - Tilda Jorgensen

  • It may be possible to gain enough Influence with Hiro Ebashi, if you buy a Submarine to request a loan in the future, or demand credits from Tilda instead [needs verification].

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