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Single Missions icon Free Market Economy Medium
Free Market Economy
On behalf of Global Trust you are to open up new Markets in a barren sparsely populated area of land. Build up a prosperous Economy and use all the possible Trade opportunities to do so.
Objectives Earn 100,000 Credits through trade; attain Wealth of 150,000 credits

Focus Trade, Diplomacy
NPCs Rufus Thorne, Yana Rodriguez, Professor Dr. Salman Devi, Dr. Tori Bartok, Trenchcoat, Hiro Ebashi
Multiplayer possible

The goal in Free Market Economy is to generate 100,000 Credits exclusively through trade, and a total of 150,000 credits to complete the mission. This goal, although seemingly easy, is made more difficult by the fact that only several small islands are available, and the player must compete with Dr. Tori Bartok for the islands most needed by the player. It is unclear whether the map is fixed, but NPCs are more than likely to be. At the end of the scenario, the player is awarded with 150 career points for Global Trust, and the achievement "For The Company" is accompanied by the title "Financial Expert".

Difficulty: Medium (Gold starGold star)


Choose the Tycoon faction. Settle any island that has oil on it and build a small city. Upgrade to employees and build a massive oil driller/oil refinery complex. Tori Bartok will buy an entire ship full for more than 10,000 credits, making this a very short mission with enough oil refineries going.

Video Walkthrough[]

Video Walkthrough by YouTube user Leafonthewin