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Add-On icon Freefall Hard
Your Residents generate hardly any Tax income. There are a number of Trading partners in this Sector. Find out where to get the best deals.
Objectives Earn 100,000 credits from Trade (buying Goods increases this amount)
Settle 1,000 Tycoon Executives
Focus Economy, Trade
NPCs Rufus Thorne, Yana Rodriguez, Prof. Dr. Salman Devi, Hiro Ebashi, Thor Strindberg, Vadim Sokow, Trenchcoat
Multiplayer not available

Freefall is the third and final mission of the Global Distrust World Event. It is the most difficult mission in the event with a 75% Tax reduction, but numerous Trading partners offering premium rates.

Difficulty: Hard

Main Objective[]

Global Distrust - The great stock market crash

Demonstrate your skills and achieve the following objectives:

  • ▶ Earn Credits-icon 100,000 from Trade.
    • Earned to date: Credits-icon 0 / 100,000
  • ▶ Settle:
    • Tycoon Executive Tycoon Executives 0/1000
      in this sector.

Rufus Thorne icon The settlement program guarantees the new Residents substantial Tax cuts. Try to generate your profits through trading Goods.

  • Reward:
  • Career Points (with a faction of your choice) 300 Career Points
  • Icon 30 111Multiple effects Formulas: Energy Renovation
  • Challenge Achievement Achievement: "The bonuses are guaranteed"

Supplementary Quests[]

At some point, Vadim Sokow may demand that all Oil Drillers except 10 be destroyed:

Ultimatum Time Limit: 30:00ULTIMATUM
The oil baron

Satisfy the following demands to avoid Sokow declaring War on you:

  • ▶ Demolish the following buildings:
    • Crude oilResource refill Oil driller 0/8
  • ▶ Maintain this condition for the next 10:00 minutes.

Vadim Sokow icon "I do not tolerate competition! Just so that's clear!"

Preceded by the dialogue: "Vadim Sokow is not at all happy to see that you have built the following Buildings: Oil driller (10)" (Influence -25) 30/35 minutes in advance.


Freefall Map

Freefall sector map

The key to this mission is the over-production of Plastics and Luxury Meals, which can be sold to Rufus Thorne. Heavy Weapons may be sold to Thor Strindberg or Fuel Rods to Trenchcoat after advancing to the Executive class [needs verification]. Liquor can provide a massive source of early income when sold to Trenchcoat.

  • Main Island (East of Ark): Settle the island directly to the East and promptly commence Liquor production, which may be sold to Trenchcoat for an early income boost in quantities of 120.
  • Plastics Island (South East): This island should be used to produce Plastics (after buying an early Crude Oil Probe from NPCs) as soon as possible; before your initial funds expire. It may also serve for the purposes of Fuel Rod production.
  • Livestock/Lobster Island (South West): The South Western island produces Livestock/Lobsters (unaffected by pollution) and finished food products (Convenience Food and Luxury Meals) imported from the island to the South. Heavy Weapons may also be produced here, due to its ample supply of mining nodes, which the South Eastern (Plastics) Island lacks.
  • Farming/Champagne Island (South): This island produces Vegetables, Truffles and Grapes; purchase Sugar fertility from an NPC. Alternatively, make use of the island to the North East, purchasing Grape fertility instead. Although, this option is less efficient in terms of Trade and would necessarily decrease Ecobalance on the Main Island or the one with farms, depending on where you place the factories. Furthermore, it does not contain a source of Uranium.

Immediately scout NPCs for a Crude Oil Probe after advancing to the Employee class (or unlocking Plastics) [needs verification], cycling their items at 500/1000 credits constantly until one is obtained. Begin Plastics production ASAP, as this will become your main source of income (after Liquor to Trenchcoat).

  • Resource Probes: Besides the initial Crude Oil Probe, a Coal Probe will be required for use on the Main Island, while exporting it to the other 3 islands, as all 4 will grind to a halt. Basalt, Iron, Limestone and Lobster Probes will also become necessary after some period of time; grab them from NPCs when they become available. Uranium and Iron Probes for Fuel Rod and Heavy Weapons production are not necessary unless you plan to manufacture more than 773 units.


  • Make use of the Demand Quest feature via the Diplomacy screen as often as possible, starting immediately after completing basic construction, to supplement your income and gain the necessary Licenses to purchase Resource Probes. NPCs sell Ark and island modules/upgrades which reduce maintenance costs. However, do not prioritize these over the necessary Probes, or you may not have enough Licenses remaining to continue production; they are unnecessary to maintaining a steady income.
  • Trade is paramount. Leverage all available Trade options for maximum profit: Trade routes, Warehouse sales orders and manual deliveries. Sell excess Goods before Warehouses become full, preserving only 20t. As with the previous mission, sell all overflow Goods to Trenchcoat since he pays 4% less than the average sales order.
  • Be a minimalist: Build only the necessary structures for the current game state and additional chains only to allow you to reach the Executive class, denying citizens resources and modifying the Tax rate when appropriate. Make use of the Success Stories channel at the Ministry to reduce upgrade costs after advancing to Engineers, and increase Tax revenues as required. The hardest part of this scenario is avoiding bankruptcy, so keep your expenses at a minimum.
  • Two Transport routes should be established; one for Food, the other for Plastics. Both should carry Coal back to their respective islands. The Plastics route should Trade excess Goods to Rufus Thorne. Heavy Weapons and Fuel Rods may be traded manually, via a Warehouse sales order, or using a third Transport for the task.
  • Try to colonize 8 of the islands simply to deny them to the enemy or they will build larger navies [needs verification], or at least be more difficult to defeat. At some point, Vadim Sokow may demand that you destroy all Oil Drillers except 10. Do not accede to these demands; simply build a navy of your own and destroy him when he declares war on you instead. It isn't worth the effort maintaining good relations with Vadim Sokow, since the Goods he buys aren't worth much, the distance too great, and he will make the threat regardless of Influence level. 3 Vipers and 2 Warships or a comparable fleet will make short work of him and also make possible the completion of additional escort/destroy quests available in this mission.
  • The severe 75% Tax penalty makes higher level housing barely break even, if profitable at all. However, the lowest level workers will generate income using only Fisheries and Booze. Building obscene numbers of Barracks will provide roughly +1,000 credits per each major island. Although, Trade should be your major focus and source of income, not Tax revenue.
  • Hiro Ebashi offers several missions, sells Submarines for 5,040 credits and also buys Uranium at higher prices respective to the other parties. He may be located at the Eastern edge of the map.
  • Additional information is contained in the Walkthrough for the previous mission, Crisis Intervention.

Video Guide[]

The style and methods shown in these play-through videos may not represent all available options and are meant as a reference guide only.


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