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This page is all about how the game works. This information is based on actual gameplay and the game data files.

Story and Available Missions[]

"Status update. Earth. Current year: 2070. Continuously rising sea levels have changed ecosystems. Many coasts are floaded and more regions are endangered."
—E.V.E. in the Introduction Video

You have just graduated as an Ark Captain. That means you are one of the few who are allowed to settle new islands in a world where land is decreasing.

You are able to build your cities without any goals (Continuous Mode). You are also able to accept quests from different parties (Single Missions), or to compete with other Ark Captains (Multiplayer and Domination Mode). Sometimes, you are able to accept a temporary mission (Global Events). The last option is to accept a quest from Thor Strindberg to help him with the construction of a Advanced Turbine (Campaign). But be aware, that could be more dangerous than you would expect...


The game environment consists of a rectangular body of water with disconnected above-water islands and under-water islands. Areas can be either unexplored or explored, without a Fog of war. Explorable area is fixed on mission start.

In the start, only you and your allies' islands and water around your ships are explored. Water becomes explored within a ships vison range. An island becomes discovered when its part comes into a ship's vision range, the whole island is then explored. Only submarines can discover under-water islands.


To be able to build any other buildings on an island, player must build a warehouse first. Buildings need to be unlocked before a player can build them using the building menu or action buttons (e.g. farmfields when a farm is selected, from blueprints stored in warehouse, after copying the building icon to action bar or right-click menu). Unlock conditions are very diverse and include: faction options, number of inhabitants of a particular population level, research, etc.

All buildings need to be within influence radius of either warehouse, depot or city center. Different buildings have different influence requirements (e.g. a farmfield must first be built within the influence area of its farm). A building is within the influence area of a second building, if the distance between their centers is smaller or equal to the influence radius of the second building (measured in tiles).

Only flat areas of islands are suitable for building "normal" buildings. Only mine sites are suitable for building mines.

There are several building types:


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There are two factions you may choose to play in Anno 2070: the Tycoons, supporters of Global Trust Inc. and the Eco's, supporters of the Eden Initiative. Global Trust relies on polluting energy production methods as coal power and nuclear power. The leader of Global Trust is Skylar Banes. The Eden Intiative uses sustainable energy producing methods like wind mills and solar tower generators. The leader of the Initiative is Seamus Green.

Regardless of which faction you choose, you will later gain access to a third techs faction. Techs are the supporters of S.A.A.T., the leading international developer of research and science. Later in the game, you can buy rights to use S.A.A.T. technology including research, aircraft, and submarines. The leader of S.A.A.T. is the super A.I. F.A.T.H.E.R..

Needs and Ascension rights[]

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Inhabitants of residences require the player to build several buildings and produce or buy several goods to satisfy their needs. The more satisfied the needs of inhabitants are, the more happy they are and the more taxes the player collects.

A residence will ascend to higher level (e.g. from workers to employees to engineers to executive) if and only if:

  • The house is full
  • All the needs are satisfactorily satisfied (green levels)
  • Taxation for this particular population level is set to the lowest level (dark green)
  • Ascension rights are released or manually activated
  • There are enough goods on the island needed to ascend (displayed in a tooltip in city center when ascension is possible)
  • There is enough population of lower levels to support the ascension


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There are 3 types of production buildings - farms, factories and mines. Farms need to be built on an island with appropriate fertility, require farmfields to produce and their productivity is affected by ecobalance. Factories require 1 or 2 input goods to produce. Mines require appropriate raw material deposits on the island to produce.


Producing final goods that are depleted by satisfaction of needs or by trade, requires connecting various buildings to form a production chain. To create a connection in a production chain, buildings can be directly connected by a road. Each building can be connected to a depot or a warehouse on the same island (there is only 1 stock of goods on 1 island, all depots and warehouses are connected) or the required goods are transfered from different islands via a ship (mostly using a trade route).


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It is possible to sell and buy goods from / to NPC or different players. Passive trade with NPCs can be set up in a warehouse (1 passive trade setup for 1 island) and happens when NPCs visit the warehouse with their ship. Each NPC has a different buy / sell preferences. Active trade is done by loading a player's ship and visiting foreign warehouses.


Anno 2070 requires the player to manage various resources very carefully.


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Earned by taxes and trade, spent by building and maintenance costs. Global, absolute resource (for all islands, there is 1 absolute number that goes up or down [based on total maintenance costs] per tick). Negative absolute credits prevent construction of new buildings.


Arrow-right Main article: Power

Created by power plants, consumed by most other buildings. Island-bound, per-tick resource. Negative power decreases productivity of most other buildings, with exception of military buildings, that are completely shut down.


Arrow-right Main article: Ecobalance

Sum of all positive and negative ecobalance influences, created by island props as well as buildings. Island-bound, per-tick resource. Positive / negative ecobalance increases / decreases productivity of farms and happines of inhabitants (i.e. taxes).


Arrow-right Main article: Fertility

Farms need a given fertility type to be present on an island (naturally or in warehouse slot) to produce anything. Fertility affects the entire island, but only that island. As long as an island has a specific fertility type, it can always produce that resource. However, the ecobalance affects production performance.

Mines need some amount of a given raw material deposit to produce the respective ore, stone, coal, etc. Each island has varied amounts of deposits. Raw material deposits may be increased by the use of warehouse items researched at a Laboratory or purchased from other playing factions.


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Goods are created by production buildings and trade (buys), and consumed by satisfying needs and trade (sells). Each good has its own storage slot, the storage capacity is universal (and island-bound). Island-bound, absolute resource. Can't be negative. Zero storage of a needed good has negative effect on the need's satisfaction and overall happiness of the population group that needs the good. Amount is displayed in tons ingame, in kilograms in data files.


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You can live in peace with the other players, but you can also declare war. There are four methods to attack your enemy: using ships, using aircraft, using submarines and using missiles. Missiles are extremely expensive and are not very common.

You can defend your cities using vehicles and buildings. Examples of buildings are harbor defense turrets, flaks (against aircraft) and shield generators.

War is very expensive, so you require a solid income and many credits to win.