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Tech-res-icon Geniuses' Residence SAAT logoDeepOceanOverlay
Construction Cost Tools 6 · Carbon 2
Maintenance Cost
Size 3x3
Hitpoints 1400
Unlock Upgrade from Researchers' Apartment

The Geniuses' Residences are level 3 Tech residences that are upgraded from Researchers' Apartments. An adequate number of inhabitants is essential for surrounding Laboratories and Academies to function at their full capacity.

Residences must be connected, by road, to buildings in order to be recognized as fulfilling their needs.

Each Geniuses' Residence holds 50 residents (56 with the "Space-Saving Tips" channel in effect), the largest amount of residents that could be held in one building in the whole game.

Geniuses unlock third level Tech buildings at the following population levels:

Unlike Eco and Tycoon Executives, Geniuses will move in even if their need for Laboratory Instruments or Bionic Suits are not satisfied, however with 600 Geniuses Neuroimplants will only satisfy 15% of the Lifestyle Need and 15% is the limit to stop Geniuses from emigrating.


  • The Geniuses' Apartments appearance can always be switched between 5 types with "C" button, allowing players to make the city of their dreams.


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