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It is possible to achieve 1250 Tech Geniuses playing Ecos without building a Tycoon city in your map. 1250 Tech Geniuses are needed if your want to add the Defense Platform and or the Tech Monument (Science Forum). The Tech Monument can be finished at 1250. This method presumes you don’t load a save with a slot of suits or other supplies, but that’s fine if you want to take your time building & want to keep the Tech’s in the green. Note the Tech Monument also requires concrete and steel, over time you can purchase enough through Rufus Thorne.

You will need:

  • NPC Rufus Thorne (for Omega Acids)
  • At least one underwater island supporting part of the required production chain for Bionic Suits. This includes the second part of the Bionic Suits Production Chain, without the Fat Factory. The Fat Factory being a Tycoon building unlocked at 1200 Tycoon executives.
  • Key element is the Omega Acids produced from the Fat Factory.

Suggestion – As soon as your Tech population can support 600+ Geniuses this will unlock the Bionic Suit building chain. Immediately start a trade / buy Omega Acids (60t+) at your underwater island that will support the second part of the chain (Lithium Production Facility x2 with Omega Acids (Fat Factory x2) > Oxidation Facility x1. This will entice Rufus to sell the Omega Acids from his trading ship. It is also prudent you have a **+ influence with him. A good supply of Omega Acids is key in case his trade ship skips a round or your trade for Omega Acids is to low. Otherwise this will fail. Start building on the rest of the Bionic Suits production chain. Hint: if a nearby island has the Corn Farm Fertility (x2) you can set up the Biopolymer Factory (x1) there, and bring Aquafarm – Algae (x1) there by trade route. Then route the Biopolymers to your island where you place the Hydraulic Plant (x1), and the Bionics Factory (x1) unless you have all that production on another island.

Note: according to the wiki a single Bionics Factory can support 1481 Geniuses.

Side note: this seems to work well if you’re on a medium map, medium islands for example or just don’t want all three factions for build up. Maybe you have island item slots filled with +influence items and just like the way the Tech Monument looks in your city. Or you want to be annoyed by F.A.T.H.E.R. instead of Seamus or Skylar. Go for it good luck & have fun I say. If you just need 1250 Geniuses fine, your city should be making gobs of credits by now anyway but if your after more credits / trade then consider adding the proper Tycoon faction build up to “deal with this problem”.