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Bonus Missions icon Ghost Hunter Medium
The ingenious inventor Josh Steen was in process of delivering the first working prototype of an Eden Former to Yana Rodriguez when he was suddenly attacked by persons unknown. He miraculously survived the attack. However, the former itself was destroyed, and its inventor is now suffering from amnesia.
Objectives Help Josh regain his memory.
Find his attackers
Focus Quests
NPCs Rufus Thorne, Yana Rodriguez, Hector
Multiplayer not available

Ghost Hunter is the first bonus mission of the The Development Package. You are assigned to helping Josh Steen the inventor regain his memory after a sudden pirate attack.

Difficulty: Medium

Main Objective[]

Ghost Hunter
  • ▶ Help Josh Steen recover his memories of the former technology and make find the attackers.

Yana Rodriguez icon "The former is lost... after we sacrificed so much... for nothing ...?"

  • Reward:
  • Challenge Achievement Achievement: "Do you believe in ghosts?"
  • Title icon Title: "Ghost Hunter"

Primary Quests[]

The rescue
  • ▶ Recover 1 Castaway from the marked position at sea.
    • Castaways: 0/1
  • ▶ Take all the people you have rescued to your Warehouse in Terra Nova.

Yana Rodriguez icon "Hurry! Josh's distress signal is getting weaker and weaker!"

Eden Initiative icon Investigations
  • ▶ Recover 5 Crates Flotsam from the marked position at sea.
    • Flotsam: 0/5
  • ▶ Take the salvaged items to your Warehouse in Terra Nova.
  • ▶ Construct the following Building:
    • Port-auth-icon Port authority 0/1

Yana Rodriguez icon "A port authority would be able to inspect the wreckage... Maybe the attackers won't go unpunished after all."

Eden Initiative icon Lost memories
  • ▶ Take your Submarine to Yana's Ark and take delivery of the Searchlights that are ready for you.
  • ▶ Activate the Searchlights and use them to find the items required in the area marked on your Minimap.
    • Objects Found 0/4
  • ▶ Retrieve the Finds and deliver them to Yana's Ark.
  • ▶ Construct the following Building:
    • Hospital-icon Hospital 0/1

Yana Rodriguez icon "Maybe seeing the wreckage will ring a bell for him. But first we should let him calm down a bit."

Secondary Quests[]

Light into the darkness
  • ▶ Deliver the requested Goods to Yana's Ark:
    • Building modules 25t Building modules
    • Iron 25t Iron

Yana Rodriguez icon "We want to help you find the remains of the former..."

  • Reward:
  • Licenses-icon 250 Licenses
  • Trimaran-ocean-glider-icon 1 T 38 Ocean Glider
  • Diplomacy icon 10 Influence
  • ▶ Mr. Thorne is also interested in the Goods and asks you to deliver them there instead.

Rufus Thorne icon "Forget that former nonsense! Global Trust can make you far more lucrative offers for your goods..."

  • Reward:
  • Licenses-icon 250 Licenses
  • Viper-ship-icon 3 Viper
  • Diplomacy icon 10 Influence

Supplementary Quests[]

The following quest is made available (spawning the associated fleet) after building a Port Authority:

Over and done with!
  • ▶ Destroy the enemy Fleet marked on the Minimap. Ship fleet.
  • ▶ Recover and bring the Proof to Yana's Ark.

Yana Rodriguez icon "That wreckage helped your port authority identify the attackers! Time for some payback!"


Global Trust (Tycoons) / Eden Initiative (Ecos)[]

"May you humbly accept these 3 Vipers as a peace offering from the Corporation." - Rufus Thorne

  • Main Island (East of Ark): Standard fare. Ecos have the option of purchasing Vegetable fertility from an NPC and running the entire operation from one Island.
  • Burgers/Sushi Island (West): Vegetable fertility can be found on this Island for Convenience/Health Food production.
  • Plastics Island (North West): Crude Oil deposits for Plastics manufacturing can be located at this Island.
Recommended Structures (Tycoons):
1Tyco-ctr-icon 1Casino-icon 1Ministry-truth-icon 0Financial-ctr-icon
13Tyco-res-icon 38Tyco-res-icon 12Tyco-res-icon 0Tyco-res-icon
104 Workers 570 Employs 300 Engs 0 Execs
6Building modules 4Tools 2Concrete 0Steel
2.5Fish 3.1Liquor 1.4Convenience Food 1.1Plastics
Recommended Structures (Ecos):
6Building modules 4Tools 4Wood 0Glass
2.5Fish 2.4Tea 1.2Health food 1.4Communicator


"It seems this mission was over with before it had even begun!" - Yana Rodriguez

Essentially, 2 options are available to complete this mission:

  1. Select the reward from Rufus Thorne (3 Vipers), settle 300 Engineers (12 Apartments) to unlock Techs and buy a Trimaran at a cost of 15,000 Credits.
  2. Select the reward from Yana Rodriguez (T38 Ocean Glider), settle 750 Employees, upgrade to Engineers, produce 45t Weapons and 60t Iron, then build 3 Vipers.

Option #1 is a much simpler requirement to fulfill since option #2 requires actual production time. Either way, you will need to build 2 production chains, advance to the Engineering class and build a Hospital; so it's not worth squandering resources on Weapons (Ammunition) production.

  • Place the Port Authority on the South Eastern beach of the Main Island and a Repair Dock adjacent to it; although the latter is unnecessary when micromanaging the Vipers casually.
  • A shipyard is not strictly required. Once a Port Authority is built and the requested Goods delivered in exchange for Vipers, the original Warship may be used for trade.

"How long have I been unconscious? Is the mission over already?" - Josh Steen

Video Guide[]


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