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Global Events are groups of three Missions that are made available to all Players for 30 days. Each event ends at 20:00 (8:00 PM) EST, with the following event becoming available a few days later.

Many Missions award linked Achievements upon completion. There are also rewards for the completion of each Mission: this reward ranges from new titles, colors and portraits to new Blueprints available at the Academy.

Completing a World Event Mission adds points to the Event's Worldwide Progress, which is a global track of points earned by all Anno 2070 Players, according to the Mission's Difficulty (1 point for a 1 star Mission, 5 for 2 stars, and 10 for 3 stars). There are four Milestones (at 25.000, 75.000, 150.000 and 300.000 points) that can be reached by the World Event's Worldwide Progress. When a milestone is reached, all participants are granted a Career Points reward (which equals to 50, 100, 150 and 200 Career Points, respectively).

Career Points are awarded for completing each World Event mission (50, 150, and 300 Career Points for completing the Easy, Intermediate, and Hard missions, respectively). These Career Points are only awarded the first time a given mission is completed. Note that the next time the World Event occurs (in approximately 5 months), the missions can be completed again for additional Career Points.

It is possible to load a saved game from an inactive Global Event's Mission and complete it, but no Career Points or Achievements will be awarded, unless the game was loaded before the event ended - in which case any attached Achievements will be awarded, but no Career Points may be awarded.

There are five World Events:

Recoded History of World Events:

Start End Event
EU: ?

US: 08/07/2017



Neo Skulls Crisis
EU: ?

US: 09/04/2017

EU: 29/08/2016

US: 10/01/2017

The Eden Project




Global Distrust




Nordamark Border Conflict




The Secret of the Ebashi Trench