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"Global Trust must secure its position as a global market leader. Merger with other companies, smashing of competitors... these decisions must be made. That's how it is in business: eat or be eaten."
—Skylar Banes about Global Trust
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Global Trust Inc. is a powerful industrial syndicate; the most important energy supplier and employer worldwide. Based on never-ending capital and a remarkable energy monopoly, Global Trust has managed to claim important raw material deposits for themselves. Their main competitor is the Eden Initiative.

The leader of Global Trust is its CEO Skylar Banes, a candidate who players can vote for to be World President. Rufus Thorne is the spokesperson for Global Trust, and can be elected to be leader of the senate. If a game does not begin with the tycoon blueprints, Global Trust can sell them after reaching executives.

Known Tycoons[]

Appraisal in the Campaign[]

Chapter One[]


Propaganda Global Trust

In the campaign of Anno 2070, Global Trust is in the process of constructing a new hydroelectric dam in Site 13, as part of the Two Year Plan. The plan is an energy target set by the company, and supervised by the once respected Thor Strindberg. Site 13 is a vital crossroad in trade and oil extraction. The installation of the turbine will increase the dams power efficiency by 46.8%, allowing the target to be reached.

Due to poor foresight, delays, and a lack of testing, the dam breaks putting the entire operation at risk. After seeing that the area was destined for destruction, Global Trust attempts to resecure the island but abandons it after efforts become futile. After this failure, Strindberg is suspended from operations and replaced with a new hotshot.

Despite one disaster having already occurred, a runaway oil tanker collides with an oil platform. This causes the platform to explode violently and an oil spill to form on a neighboring island. After receiving word of the oil spill, an Eden Initiative Ark with Yana Rodriguez enters the sector, and begins the cleanup efforts. After the spill is cleaned, a mysterious S.A.A.T. Ark with Prof. Dr. Salman Devi arrives in the sector. Global Trust agrees to help find the Virago, under the condition they gain insight on the technologies used onboard.

Chapters Two and Three[]

Global Trust sends Manager Russel to offer financial support in the research of the Virago, however this ended in disaster. Upon hearing of the destruction of C.O.R.E., Global Trust sends Rufus Thorne to the sector to negotiate with Prof. Dr. Salman Devi and his associate. After learning that F.A.T.H.E.R. had stolen nuclear missiles and uranium from Global Trust, the company agrees to declare war against the infected AI. Global Trust support the fight with a war fleet.


Tycoon Logo (old)

'Old' logo

The original logo of Global Trust is based on a burning candlestick. That 'old' logo was modernized to the one used in 2070, but can still be seen on underwater rubble.

After Anno 2070[]

It is revealed in Anno 2205 that Global Trust began a campaign to colonize the Solar System, however was unsuccessful at building one on Mars. For unspecified reasons this colony was left to die. Subsequently, Global Trust went bankrupt and sold its shares to Lei Sheng Electricity and Usoyev Inc.


  • Global Trust Inc.
  • Global Trust Lane 512-543
  • 66699 Smoke Valley