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Gold Nuggets Gold Refinery Tycoon logo
Construction Cost Credits-icon400 · Building Modules 7 · Tools 12 · Steel 8
Maintenance Cost Ecobal-icon -6 ·  Balance -30 · Energy -4
Hitpoints 1000
Produces Gold Nuggets
Unlock 1 Tycoon Executive

The Gold Refinery uses a river slot and produces Gold Nuggets, which can be refined into Gold Bars at the Gold Smeltery.

Production Chains Utilizing this Building[]

Jewelery Jewelery
Using Rotary Excavator
Tycoon logo
Credits 3550  · Balance -170  · Energy -26  · Ecobal-icon -21
Building Modules 45 · Tools 41 · Concrete 33 · Steel 22
Rotary Excavator
1 @ 100%
Cflow-D Gold
Gold Smeltery
1 @ 100%
Cflow-C Jewelery
Jewelery Manufactory
1 @ 100%
Gold Nuggets
Gold Refinery
1 @ 100%
Diamond Harvesting Station
1 @ 100%

  • Instead of the Rotary Excavator, you can use a Coal Mine running at 50% capacity.
  • The total energy consumption is split between land and seafloor: -16 / -10


Most are Research Projects at the Academy.

Type Quality Icon Name Effect Description Costs

Ark Item Gold star small Gold refill iconResource refill Opto-electric Gold scale Resource Quantity: -20% Reliably measures even the smallest amounts.

Ark Item Gold star small Gold refill iconEco cost Fully automatic filter cleaning Ecobalance: -30% Avoids costly shutdowns.

Ark Item Gold star smallGold star small Gold refill iconMultiple effects Cumulative Gold dust scanner Ecobalance: -40% Resource Quantity: -30% Doesn't miss even a single atom of Gold.

Ark Item Gold star smallGold star smallGold star small Gold refill iconMultiple effects Gold filter residue recycling Ecobalance: -50% Resource Quantity: -40% Several filter passes increase the yield.