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Hawk-aircraft-icon Hawk SAAT logo
Unit Type Aircraft
Construction Cost Credits 4,500 · Building Modules 5 · Carbon 20 · High-Tech Weapons 5
Maintenance Cost Balance -50  · Fleet 7
HP 1000
Cargo Holds 0
Item Slots 1
Attack Power 20/–/– (4/–/– DPS)

Special Ability Takeover Team
Build Time 2:30
Unlock 100 Lab Assistants

The Hawk is an aircraft, taking on the role of air superiority fighter. Only capable of firing on other air units, the Hawk deals less damage and is slower than the Chopper, but has more than three times as many hit points.

The Hawk has a special ability that allows it to take over enemy Depots. The Hawk will position itself over the structure and deploy a squad of 3 smaller flying vehicles which descend and encircle the building. The "takeover team" ability has a cooldown of 5 minutes and it takes 10 minutes to capture a depot. Only one Hawk can deploy its "takeover team" on one depot. Like other aircraft, the Hawk will (unless given other orders) attempt to return to its Airport when its remaining fuel will only be enough for the return trip. However, the Hawk can still use its capture ability even if it is unfueled, with capture and cooldown times remaining unchanged, it will simply suffer the same -75% damage and -50% movement speed penalty for all unfueled aircraft. Any enemy buildings entirely dependent upon the build area of that depot will immediately be destroyed when the depot is captured.

The Hawk is the only unit that can capture buildings.

The Hawk takes up two spaces on an airport. A single airport is able to field three Hawks.

One Hawk can be fitted on one Atlas, which uses up both pads on the Atlas.


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Most upgrades are Research Projects available at the Academy.

Type Quality Icon Name Effect Description Costs

Ark Item Gold star small Hawk itemFuel consumption Hawk Turbine optimization Fuel Consumption: -20% Increased standby time window.

Ark Item Gold star small Hawk itemDamage points Hawk Missile extension Attack Power: +10% Improved attack profile.

Ark Item Gold star smallGold star small Hawk itemMultiple effects Hawk Mission optimization Attack Power: +15% Fuel Consumption: -30% Extended operating parameters.

Ark Item Gold star smallGold star smallGold star small Hawk itemMultiple effects Hawk Battle optimization Attack Power: +20% Fuel Consumption: -40% Maximum military power.


  • In the Anno 2070 Artbook the Hawk is referred to as the Z1 Sky Spotter