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Introduction to Hijacking[]

With specific items called Hijackers, it's possible to use your warships to capture ships of factions you're at war with. To attempt to hijack an enemy ship, you must fit one of your warships with a Hijacker item in its Unit Slot. Then, you can activate the Hijackers by clicking on the item and then on the ship you wish to capture.

As your ship grapples the enemy vessel, special bars will pop up over both your ship and the enemy ship. These bars indicate the ship's strength. When one ship's bar runs out, that ship will be captured. Do note that if your ship runs out of strength before the enemy ship, your ship will be captured by the enemy instead of the other way around.

The ship strength depends on the following factors;

  • The level of the Hijackers item. More expensive Hijackers have an overall higher chance of succes.
  • The ship's overall statistics. For example, a Command Ship at full strength fitted with low level Hijackers will not be able to capture a Colossus at full strength.
  • The ship's condition. If your ship has low health, its chance to succesfully capture an enemy ship will be very low. However, this works both ways. If you severely damage an enemy ship it will not be able to fend off a hijacking attempt, regardless of the ship's model being superior to yours or not.
  • Trade ships have no defense against Hijackers and cannot win a hijacking attempt without support of allied Warships.

In general, sending a good ship to capture an enemy ship with high grade Hijackers has a high chance of success, depending on the circumstances.

How to obtain Hijackers[]

There are several ways to obtain Hijackers;

  • Hijackers can be bought with licenses from NCP's like Rufus Thorne and Vadim Sokow, with lower grade Hijackers being cheaper than higher grade ones.
  • Hector's Raiders may sometimes carry Hijackers. These can be taken after you destroy or capture the ship.
  • Sometimes you will receive missions to seize a ship. You will receive the highest grade of Hijackers item to complete the mission with. However, you can use this item to capture any other enemy ship. This will fail the mission but it basically grants you a new ship.

Hijacking 'Enemy Trading Ships' and 'Enemy Warships'[]

Missions to seize enemy ships can be exploited to obtain unique versions of regular ships. Please note that these tactics apply only to these specific semi-unique ships, not regular ships used by NPC's. These so-called Enemy Warships and Enemy Trading Ships use the same models as regular ships but they have very different statistics from their default counterparts. These ships are slower and have less firepower but they have more hitpoints, more unit slots and zero upkeep costs.


To capture these ships, you will need;

  1. A disposable warship. Any Warship will do, but keep in mind that you will sacrifice this ship.
  2. A Hijacker item of your own (equipped by one of your other Warships).
  3. A FireBird (recommended) for precision-bombing your sacrificial ship.


  1. You must first accept an NPC's mission to seize a ship. These generally pop up randomly but there's a small chance you get these missions by demanding a quest from Rufus Thorne, Yana Rodriguez or Salman Devi.
  2. You must load the mission item Hijackers on your sacrificial Warship. Upon obtaining the Hijackers, either an enemy Trading Ship or an Enemy Warship will appear on the map, usually accompanied by other non-hijackable Enemy Warships.
  3. Send your sacrificial Warship in to hijack the enemy ship. It's crucial that this attempt fails, either by your ship being destroyed or it being captured by the enemy. To make sure the attempt fails, you can use your FireBird to specifically bomb your ship without destroying the enemy ship.
  4. When your ship is either captured or destroyed, the mission will fail. However, the Enemy Trading Ship or Enemy Warship can still be hijacked. Send in your Warship to capture it before it leaves the map. Upon a succesful hijacking attempt, the Ship will be added to your fleet.

Enemy Trading Ships (Eco or Tycoon) fitted with 3x Cargomaster Software are extremely efficient on Trade Routes as they can carry a lot of cargo, have no upkeep costs and only count for a single point for the Unit Cap.

Hijacking Tips & Tricks[]

Since Hijacking depends on a lot of factors, here are several tactics and tips on how to best utilize your Hijacker items.

  • Hijacking is a good way to surpass the Unit Cap. It's basically an infinite source of additional Ships.
  • Enemy submarines can be captured whilst being submerged.
  • Aircraft cannot be captured.
  • Trade Ships can't equip Hijackers and thus, they can't hijack other ships.
  • It is possible to hijack ships in peacetime, which is done instantly. This is done by activating an ID-Anonymizer, and having Hijackers equipped by your Warships. For peacetime hijacks, the Colossus is the best use. You will need a Warship with 2 Unit Slots to be able to equip both Ship Items.
  • Vadim Sokow 's Oil Tankers are a popular target for hijacking. These ships usually travel in a convoy and as such, it's highly recommended to destroy the Vipers and Choppers accompanying the Oil Tankers before a hijacking attempt. Captured Oil Tankers are very useful on trade routes since they can carry the most cargo of any ship in the game.
  • Vadim Sokow 's Global Trust Inc. Trimaran's can be captured to provide you with free submarines with no upkeep. Keep in mind that these subs are extremely weak and are very easily sunk.
  • Having a lot of Hijackers can turn the tide against Keto since you will be using her own powerful Sharks against her.
  • Similarly, hijacking Hector's Raiders can rapidly provide you with cheap extra firepower to defeat him.

(Still working on Cargo Hijackers)