Hiro Ebashi icon Hiro Ebashi ETO icon

Characteristics Introverted, tranquil
Personality Passive
Diplomatic Actions Lobbying, Price Dumping, Take out a loan, License trading, Technology Scanner
Influence Factors + Don't research a lot, don't settle underwater plateaus

- Research a lot, expand on underwater plateaus, build underwater depots

"The discovery of this trench changed my life. I still can't tell you what is down there. But one thing I do know; there are bigger things out there, truths that no one would have thought possible."
—Doctor Hiro Ebashi

Doctor Hiro Ebashi is a neutral NPC and the leader of the Ebashi Trench Observatory (E.T.O.). This low-key marine researcher likes to keep to himself. Anyone who enters his refuge quickly arouses his displeasure. Still, he will support responsible researchers. His nickname is The Hermit.

Sometimes he is credited as Ebashi-San, with San being a Japanese suffix used as a formal sign of respect, similar to Mr. Ebashi in English.

In the official Soundtrack, there is a track called The Ebashi Trench Mystery.


As revealed in the fifth world event by Dr. Devi, Hiro was once a member of the Science Council. However, he left S.A.A.T. due to disagreements about the direction S.A.A.T. was taking (according to Devi, most of the Science Council wanted to focus on profitable military research).

Hiro founded E.T.O., the Ebashi Trench Observatory, where he and a few other researchers examine the Ebashi Trench, a mysterious deep sea trench. In the fifth world event, Hiro Ebashi makes a trailblazing breakthrough at the bottom of this very trench and he and Dr. Devi bundle forces to build a prototype Geothermal Power Plant with your help.

In the Deep Ocean mini-campaign Miracle in Danger it's revealed that the Power Plant isn't as stable as it ought to be. It collapses and causes a tsunami, ruining Tilda Jorgensen's and Vadim Sokow's settlements. The whole mini-campaign, you help Hiro in rebuilding the settlements and eventually developing a technology which helps prevent the tsunamis.

By the time of Anno 2205, the incident is remembered as the "Ebashi Trench Disaster", which led to sudden and extreme swings in the global weather, and was one of the main causes of S.A.A.T.'s fall from grace. It also eventually caused the Eden Initiative to evolve into the Arctic Custodians, the ones who revived the Earth's polar caps.

He doesn't appear in the Campaign.



Hiro's base, E.T.O.

At his underwater base, E.T.O., Ebashi sells Submarines and various items. You can also sell submarines to him. He always offers one deep sea expedition item. Note that you'll need a submarine to trade with him and to complete most of his quests.

Interaction with other NPCsEdit

As they still haven't settled their arguments, you'll often get quests from both Hiro Ebashi and Dr. Devi to sabotage the other.


"Research without responsibility, knowledge without wisdom... That is most dangerous."
—Dr. Hiro Ebashi about rapid research

Being an advocate of careful, responsible research, Hiro's influence can be increased by increments of 10 by performing sporadic or no research, and by avoiding colonization of underwater plateaus. Rapid research by several academies or founding of underwater colonies may decrease influence by 10 points.

He offers the following diplomatic actions: Lobbying, Take out a loan, Price Dumping, License Trading and Technology Scanner. You can't declare war on him.

  • Price Dumping makes items bought from him cheaper.
  • Take out a loan offers you an immediate amount of cash, which will have to be repaid over the course of the next 60 minutes in the form of a temporary negative balance hit.
  • License Trading exchanges your credits in return for Licenses.
  • The Technology Scanner reveals one, two or three places on the map where Prototypes are hidden. But be aware, there are not unlimited places where you can find them. If you use his scanner many times, there will be no more places revealed.

Bonus ContentEdit

You are able to use Ebashi's portrait as your in-game appearance by gaining the achievement "The Latest Technology". You are also able to use his Player Color (Purple) by gaining the achievement "For Science!".

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