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Inital findings

Initial findings is the first mission in the The Secret of the Ebashi Trench Global Event.


Help Prof. Devi with his preparations.

The Ebashi Trench runs through this sector. This limits the available Construction sites and Raw materials. Follow Prof. Devi's and Hiro Ebashi's directions.


  • Settle 50 Lab Assistants
  • Deliver 15 tons of Carbon and 15 tons of Functional Food to Salman Devi. When delivered, Prof. Devi will give you "Nanoscopic Materials Structure" and tells you to deliver it to Hiro Ebashi.


User blog:Ken.finkel/Ebashi Trench

First build a city center, 1 eco house and 1 tycoon house, and 12 tech houses. Then get a trimaran from your Ark.

Buy building supplies and tools as needed from Dr. Devi. Don't forget the Increase Demand agreement. If you don't build anything you don't need, you should only need to buy him out 2-3 times on the building supplies, once on the tools.

Then settle the big underwater island. Give it power, build 1 or 2 functional food chains. You get a quest that gives you 10 carbon, so just buy 10-20 oil from Dr. Devi to make the other 5. And build 1 rotary excavator for coals. If you have shortage of powers, build 1 wind park. Shuttle everything around. Win.


  • Achievement "The Sea Covers 7/10 of the Earth's Surface, and the Sea Wind is Clean and Healthy" achievement