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Deep Ocean Expansion Required!
You require the Deep Ocean expansion to unlock this content.
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"What's this? Did you really think that any Tom, Dick or Harry can just walk in and try to take over my business?"
Vadim Sokow

With the Deep Ocean expansion, it is possible to buy Shares on Islands and Underwater Plateaus.


Share ownership in a city.

Shares are unlocked when you reach 1200 Engineers or 150 Lab Assistants. You are immediately able to buy Shares on all settled Islands in the Sector. Keep in mind though, that other Players are able to do the same. Shares are divided into three parts; your Shares, other Players' Shares, and unowned or neutral Shares. Looking at the picture below, we can see that on this Island, of the 5 Shares, 2 are owned by Tilda Jorgensen, 2 are owned by the Player, and the last one is a neutral Share. Neutral Shares are cheaper to purchase than Shares owned by other Players.

The price of each Share is listed, in this case 19,265 Credits

Shares 2

The player's, other players', and neutral shares.

Shares are a excellent source of Passive Income. The Income from each Share is calculated by the net worth of the Islands Infrastructure; the more developed your Island, the more Income, or projected Dividends, you will earn. A well developed Island with Executives can earn an easy 2000 credits at regular intervals in Passive Income. Another good way to increase dividends is items. Your primary Research Lab island will eventually generate tens- to hundreds-of-thousands of credits per minute in dividends if you keep producing and storing items and prototypes. An easy way to boost continuous games is to reach 150 Lab Assistants (or 1200 Engineers) then transfer stacks of these items from another continuous game via Ark Storage.  It is important to note that purchasing a Share in another Player's Island will not add to that Player's Balance; likewise, other Players purchasing Shares in your Island will not increase your Balance.

Another thing to keep in mind is that buying Shares will increase the price of the Share, making it more expensive to keep buying Shares in that Island.

The purchase of each Share is regulated by a 10 minute timer, so it is important to decide on which Island you want to purchase Shares. Purchasing Shares on your Islands prevent Hostile Takeovers, while purchasing Shares on other Players' Islands will allow you to take over their Island and provide additional Income. Be warned though, other Players don't appreciate you purchasing Shares on their Islands, and you will incur a negative relationship penalty by purchasing their Shares.

Note that the cooldown period can be reduced by using a 3-star Ark Item: 

Type Quality Icon Name Effect Description Costs 
Ark-iconDeepOceanOverlay Gold star smallGold star smallGold star small Icon 30 17 Deregulation algorithm Cooldown: -25% Circumvents the cubersome bureaucracy when buying Shares.



Hostile Takeovers[]

Hostile Takeovers can occur on Islands belonging to you or your competitors. They occur when a player has obtained the majority of shares in the island i.e. 60% or 3/5 shares. When you purchase the majority of shares on another person's island, you will start a 10-minute timer to give the other player a chance to raise the capital to buy back the share and once more become the majority shareholder. However, if they fail, you will be given an option to buy out the entire island. This comes at a much steeper cost than buying individual shares. It is important to keep in mind that you DO NOT need to own all the shares in an island to initiate a hostile takeover; 60% is the minimum.

Should you choose to do a hostile takeover, the original player will be completely removed from the island, leaving you a fresh, untouched island to colonize. You will also incur a severe diplomatic penalty for buying out another person's island. Note that when you perform a hostile takeover the environmental relics on the island are removed.

Hostile takeovers are quite useful if you have a large tax base and stable income, but don't want to field a navy or air force. They are also useful if you don't want to declare war; you do NOT need to be at war with someone to take over their island.

Note: As soon as you perform a hostile takeover, the previous owner of the island/plateau will immediately lose a significant amount of influence with you, but if you have a high enough influence, it is possible to avoid war.

Note: Buying shares in NPC islands always result in an influence loss with the current owner (-5, -10 when reaching majority).