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Nine Ark upgrades: three technologies and six 'normal' items.

Basically, Items are everything else, what is no good, however you can put in the separate inventory of a warehouse or the inventory slots of a vehicle.

Items can be divided in the following types:

  • Quest Items
  • Usable Items
  • Prototypes

Quest Items[]

Quest Items are items which need to be transported for a quest giver from one point to another. They have no other function besides that.

Quest Items

The twenty icons of the quest items in their never used full-colour version.

Usable Items[]

Usable Items are the most common items. They are special upgrades for vehicles, islands or even the entire sector.

Usable Items can be divided in the following types:

  • Vehicle Items affect the vehicle in which it is socked. They have a blue mark.
  • Warehouse Items affect the island on which the warehouse is built. They have a yellow mark.
  • Ark Items affect the whole sector. They have a red mark.

How do I get those items?[]

You can get items in the following ways:

  • Items may be bought at NPC Arks for licenses. The higher your Influence Points with an NPC character, the rarer the items they sell.
  • You can get items from the flotsam left by sunken enemy ships.
  • Some quests reward you with items.
  • You can build your own Modules inside a Laboratory.
  • You can build your own Items inside an Academy, which is the process of researching.

How do I use them?[]

Ship Items

Option 1: Select the item to socket it.

All items are easy to use. First, put the item in the vehicle's / Ark's cargo or the Items tab of the warehouse. Then you have two options to place it in the Action Slot:

  1. Click on the Action Slot of the vehicle / warehouse / Ark and select the item that you want to be socked.
  2. Drag the item into the Action Slot (this is not possible in Arks).

If the item has to be activated in order to work, left-click it while it is in the Action slot. If the item doesn't require activation (if it has a passive effect), then it will begin working as soon as it is in the Action slot.

To remove an Item from the Action slot, right click it.

What can they do?[]

The Usable Items can do a lot of things. Some items have a temporary bonus effect on a vehicle or on the entire island, if placed in a warehouse. These items can be consumables which means they will disappear after being used. They need to be activated manually after inserted into an item slot.

Other items have a permanent bonus effect when activated. Ark items usually have a permanent effect in the whole sector. In addition they can be moved into the next game with the Arks inventory if the game settings allow this. Ark items have a rarity level from 1 star to 3 stars which only allows it to be inserted in the same level slot, and also gives a hint about the extent of effect it has and the resources and time it needs to be developed in the Academy.

There are also special items which do not grant some bonus, but after being activated in the respective item slot they perform some kind of special action. For example an EMP blasts onboard a ship or a Seed Item adds a new fertility to an island.


See Prototypes for the main page.

Prototypes can only be used for researching in the Academy, because the more advanced modules need one or more specific prototypes for development. There is no surefire way to obtain prototypes. All sources require a degree of luck.

All Anno 2070 Items[]


The sixteen prototypes.

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