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Josh Steen icon Josh Steen the Eden Former
Josh Steen

Characteristics Friendly, in the missions rather stressed (because of the Former)
Personality Passive

"I know this experiment is risky. But it can be done... Can't it?"
—Josh Steen

Josh "The Ghost" Steen is the brilliant eco inventor of the Eden Former, an environmental relic that gives an Ecobalance bonus of +250 on the island.



The Eden Former

When Josh completed his first Former, he was attacked and the Former was destroyed. Josh was then suffering from amnesia and in the mission Ghost Hunter, you have to heal him and find his attackers. When Josh is healed, you assist him in the mission New development by delivering goods for a new Former that he is building.

In March 2070, however, some of the Formers broke down due to the heavy strain that was put on them by the corrupted environment. In the World Event The Eden Project, the player helps to repair all Formers. Note that Josh doesn't appear in the World Event missions themselves, but only in the introduction video.


Josh Steen is not available to play with in a Continuous Game, nor does he appear in the Campaign. In fact, he only appears in the two Bonus Missions and the World Event described above.

In the missions, he stays in his Ark Vortex (which is the same model Prof. Dr. Salman Devi has).

Bonus Content[]

You are able to use Steen's portrait as your in-game appearance by buying the "Development Package" in which the two bonus missions described above are also included.