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Characteristics Aggressive and Militaristic
Personality Aggressive
Diplomatic Actions Civil Defense, Shipping Agreement
"You are the target. Nothing more, nothing less."

Keto is a non-expanding NPC that appears in Continuous Games (should you choose to add her) and in some Single Missions. She is part of Westgate Security, and her job as a mercenary is to eliminate expanding parties. Her nickname is The Raider.


"Used to be in the Military. It was tough at first... My "nice" colleagues thought they could give me a hard time. But it was soon clear just who was gonna give whom a hard time around here. [Laughs] All of a sudden I had lots of friends..."

Almost nothing is known about Keto. She doesn't appear in the Campaign.

"That Strindberg asks me almost daily to get rid of you! Well… unfortunately I can't say at present if I have accepted his assignment..."

Or does she, indirectly?



The Anaconda

When you start the map, a timer will appear on screen. When this timer reaches zero, Keto will appear with the Anaconda (her flagship) and a large number of unique warships: Sharks. The time limit depends on her difficulty level, as do the hitpoints and attack power of her flagship.

  • At easy, she arrives after 4:30:00 hours, with 50/50/50 attack power and 4.500 hitpoints.
  • At medium, she arrives after 3:30:00 hours, with 75/75/75 attack power and 10.000 hitpoints.
  • At hard, she arrives after 2:30:00 hours, with 150/150/150 attack power and 20.000 hitpoints.

She will not colonize any islands, but her sharks will immediately start attacking your harbour and ships, and, if there are other human players in the sector, she will also start to attack their harbours. Her flagship is immobile, but defeating it is the only way to end the shark raids and shut down Keto for the rest of your game.

Keep in mind: if you attack her, do it well. Keto is able to replenish her Sharks over time, so destroying just a few of her ships and losing all of your ships is just wasting your time. Another thing to keep in mind is that if theres other human players in the sector, joining forces with them and attack her all at once may be a cost-effective strategy.

Defeating her grants you the ability to build Sharks. Bear in mind however that this is restricted to the game that you defeated her in. The ability to build Sharks does not transfer to other games.

Interaction with other NPCsEdit

As a matter of fact, Keto doesn't interact with any other computer players on the map. As she's paid to destroy you, she will totally focus on that.


Keto isn't influenceable. She offers the following diplomatic actions: Civil Defense and Shipping Agreement. Indeed, you can't make peace with her.

  • Civil Defense stops Keto firing upon your Harbor buildings. Turrets however can still be attacked.
  • Shipping Agreement prevents Keto from firing upon your unarmed ships.

How to DefeatEdit

"That's what my client meant when he said you were capable of anything."
—Keto when destroyed

There are several methods to defeat Keto. Here, one is described to defeat Keto on the Hard difficulty level.

As you are probably aware it takes 2:30 hours for Keto to arrive and destroy you on the hard difficulty setting, and "booming" to get subs, nukes or aircraft can prove a challenge, especially to newer players.

The best strategy found was working with the Tycoons. The trick is to build a large population base of Tycoon Employees and Tycoon Workers over as many islands as possible (As these population types can be provided for by a self sufficient island). While in the process of amassing a large population, you should try and max your relationship out with Rufus Thorne, Yana Rodriguez and Professor Dr. Salman Devi - all of whom can provide auxiliary fleets for the final battle.

The large population base has two benefits:

  • Large tax income to draw upon.
  • Huge fleet capacity: more people = a bigger military.

Industrial production other than for building modules and tools should be focused almost entirely on armaments production, which leads on to the last part of this plan - the expensive part.

Once you have a large population, you hopefully have maintained a large budget surplus which is where the final bit of the plan kicks in. Commando ship spam. Ideally you should have 3 or 4 shipyards, depending on how close to Keto's arrival you plan to build them (1 Commando ship/min). If you have any licences left, check with the NPCs for ark or ship combat upgrades - they will come in handy.

Hopefully a fleet of 30 above commando ships can be reached before she arrives, push your ship cap to the very limit and then call in your preferred auxillary fleet from one of the NPCs (Rufus, Yana or Salman). Build harbour turrets to distract Keto's attack fleet aswell, make sure you have lots of things she can shoot at.

When Keto arrives, do NOT engage her sharks. Keep your fleet ideally in the centre of the map and outflank all her sharks to the best of your ability, although you may win an initial battle against her you will lose the war. The advised strategy is to flank her sharks and let them attack your cities and sink your trading ships - if you see them doing this, this is a good sign. Upon a successful flanking engage her battleship directly and fire everything on it, even if she brings sharks back to defend when they run out of things to blow up. If all goes well she will sink. This strategy is proven - it probably will work for you as well.

Good luck!

Final Note: Although possible in Single Player, it is recommended to do this with a friend, where it is easily possible.


  • In versions 1.0 and 1.1 of Anno 2070, Keto's ship could be destroyed with a single EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse). This was however fixed later.
  • If Keto is defeated in the Power Games mission and the player then starts a hard continous game where she's pre-added to the session, he may occur a glitch which makes it possible to add Keto twice to the session instead of just once, further described in the Exploits article.
  • Its possible to spawn commando ships in unlimited amounts from the Ark by repeatedly buying a ship and than quickly move the Ark to another location. This is proved to work with up 32ships (2fleets @ 16ships), and can make it possible to spawn much more ships than this. This will however not be the most ideal strategy when Keto's on hard difficulty, so its recommended that you use another more effective strategy like the one described above.

Bonus ContentEdit

Defeating her on hard difficulty grants an achievement:

Which in turn gives you acces to her portrait, the player colour Rose and the title "Mercenary".

Its also worth to note that if several players plays a continous game with Keto on Hard, and one of them defeats her, they will all receive the above achievement along with Keto's portrait and color.


  • In Ancient Greek mythology, Keto was the goddess of the sea monsters.
  • The name "R.A.GEARISBURG" is painted on the side of Keto's flagship; this may be it's original name, or related somehow to her background or to Westgate Security, or possibly some Easter Egg reference to the member of the programming team who made or textured the battleship model.
  • "Sic transit gloria mundi" is Latin for "thus passes the glory of the world." It is used in the inauguration ceremony for Popes, and more generally as a reminder that worldly power is fleeting.


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