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Deep Ocean Expansion Required!
You require the Deep Ocean expansion to unlock this content.
Laboratory Instruments Icon Laboratory Outfitter SAAT logoDeepOceanOverlay
Construction Cost Credits1.500 · Building Modules 15 · Tools 10 · Carbon 8
Maintenance Cost Balance -80 · Energy -25
Size 3x4
Hitpoints 1000
Produces Laboratory Instruments from Iron Platinum
Unlock 1 Genius

The Laboratory Outfitter is a Tech production plant that uses Iron and Platinum, and must be built underwater. It produces Laboratory Instruments which satisfy part of the Geniuses' need for lifestyle. A single Laboratory Outfitter can provide Laboratory Instruments for 444 Geniuses.

Production Chains Utilizing this Building[]

Laboratory Instruments Icon Laboratory Instruments
SAAT logoDeepOceanOverlay
Credits-icon 5100  · Balance -195  · Energy -61  · Ecobal-icon -7
Building Modules 71 · Tools 50 · Carbon 18
Iron Ore
Iron Ore Mine
1 @ 100%
Cflow-D Iron
Iron Smelter
1 @ 100%
Cflow-C Laboratory Instruments
Laboratory Outfitter
1 @ 100%
Coal Mine
1 @ 50%
Metal Converter
1 @ 100%

  • The total energy consumption is split between land and seafloor: -6 / -55
  • The Coal Mine running at 50% can be replaced by a Rotary Excavator running at 100%.


These upgrades cannot be researched; they must be bought or found.  

Type Quality Icon Name Effect Description Costs 
Warehouse-slot-iconDeepOceanOverlay Gold star small Laboratory equipment itemProductivity Radiation sterilization Productivity: +25% Uses gamma rays instead of acid.

Warehouse-slot-iconDeepOceanOverlay Gold star small Laboratory equipment itemEnergy cost Aqua regia Energy: -25% Recycles Gold and Platinum reliably.


Warehouse-slot-iconDeepOceanOverlay Gold star small Laboratory equipment itemUpkeep cost Hardened molds Maintenance: -25% Try some more reusability!