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Deep Ocean Expansion Required!
You require the Deep Ocean expansion to unlock this content.
Add-On icon Long-distance Supply Medium
Part of the analysis consists of material tests, but the complex tests required tremendous amounts of Energy. Since the handling of that amount of Energy in the immediate vicinity of the tests would be too dangerous, Hiro Ebashi asks you to use Energy transmitters to run the tests from a safe distance.
Objectives Build two Laboratories and an Academy
Transfer 1500 Energy via Energy transmitters
Focus Development, Energy
NPCs Hiro Ebashi, Rufus Thorne, Yana Rodriguez, Prof. Dr. Salman Devi
Multiplayer not available

Long-Distance Supply is a mission in the Miracle in Danger campaign. Hiro Ebashi tasks the player with producing large quantities of Energy and transmitting it to a remote island for further experiments. The mission tutors the player on energy transmission.

Long-Distance Supply is a prelude to Saving a Miracle, which can be unlocked by completing the other second-tier missions, Forced Evacuation and Shortage of Skilled Workers.

Difficulty: Medium

Main Objective[]

Long-distance supply

To perform the cleanest possible test, supply Photano with Energy solely by Energy transmitter.
Maintain the following condition in Photano for at least 03:00 minutes:

  • ▶ Do not erect any Energy generating Buildings in Photano.
  • ▶ Accomplish the following in Photano:
    • Attain Researchers:0/50
  • ▶ Build the following in Photano:
    • Academy-icon Academy 0/1
    • Lab-icon Laboratory 0/2
  • ▶ Accomplish the following in Photano:
    • Energy:0/1500

Hiro Ebashi icon Ensure sufficient Energy transfer to test the Energy transmitter I developed.

  • Reward:
  • Career Points (with a faction of your choice) 200 Career Points

Primary Quests[]

This quest provides a +15% energy generation upgrade to Coal Power Stations:

Picture Puzzle Time Limit: 20:00PICTURE PUZZLE
  • ▶ Someone is wanted in your city [City Name].
    • Find: 5 Policemen
    • People: 0/5
  • ▶ Deliver the following to Mr. Thorne's Ark:
    • 5 Policemen

Rufus Thorne icon We can always use able workers!

  • Reward:
  • Coal power station itemProductivity 1 Robust firebox

This quest provides a +20% energy generation upgrade to Coal Power Stations [needs verification; time limit, unlock with Engineers?]:

Blockade Time Limit: 20:00BLOCKADE
In the way
  • ▶ Smash the Blockade in front of Mr. Thorne's Ark.
  • ▶ Recover and bring the Proof to Mr. Thorne's Ark.

Rufus Thorne icon These competitors have completely lost their minds!

  • Reward:
  • Coal power station itemProductivity 1 Control room upgrade

[needs verification]

Search Time Limit: 50:00SEARCH
Scientific expedition
  • ▶ Find the Islands marked on the minimap 1 Object.
    For each Island and search you will require:
    • Carbon 8t Carbon
    • Functional food 6t Functional food
    • Salvaged Finds: 0/1
  • ▶ Take 1 Object to Prof. Devi's Ark.

Salman Devi icon [needs verification]

  • Reward:
  • Hydroelectric power plant itemConstruction plan 1 Blueprint: Hydroelectric power plant


Note: This mission can be accomplished using the traditional method (constructing a Hydroelectric Power Plant), by building up a settlement in order to support advanced development. However, using a minimal setup such as described, although considered an advanced method, will allow for much quicker mission completion.

Global Trust (Tycoons)[]

"The obvious choice when large amounts of power generation are required." - Rufus Thorne If you view this mission from a different angle, the requirements are as follows:

  • Buy a Submarine (5k credits), order some materials from Ark/NPCs (7k credits).
  • Build 18 (3x6) Worker Barracks and upgrade 1 unit to Employee.
  • Build 1 Power Station/Excavator, 3 Fisheries/Distilleries and 6 Basalt/Tools chains (10k credits).
  • Build 1 Deep Sea Warehouse and 1 Functional Food chain to obtain 5t of Food (3k credits).
  • Create buy orders at 2 Warehouses for 5/10t of Functional Drinks (3k credits).
  • Buy 46t Carbon from Prof. Devi (7k credits).
  • Build 30 (3x10) Lab Assistant's Domiciles and upgrade 2 units to Researchers (2k credits, 6t Carbon).
  • Build 2 Laboratories and an Academy (20k credits, 40t Carbon).
  • Build 23 Coal Power Stations... (8k credits)
  • -300 credit income losses over 30/40 mins (~10k credits)
  • Total: 75k credits (incl. 46t Carbon, 286 Bricks, 332 Tools)
  • Take out a few loans?

Regarding Carbon, Credits and quests: "If we enact a Carbon Credits Tax or Trade, the Planet cannot fail!" - Prof. Devi

  • The easiest way to obtain Carbon is to complete a quest for Dr. Devi, increasing Influence to 30. Buy his current stock, then Demand an Increase in Goods via a Diplomatic action and buy the remaining units needed. Building a production chain for 46 units is costly and inefficient.
  • The easiest method of obtaining Credits is through completing at least one quest for Yana and Rufus by demand and requesting 2 loans in the final stages of construction. Failing a quest will result in a much longer time to completion; or render it impossible due to bankruptcy using these methods.

A general construction plan proceeds as follows:

  • Rush 50 Lab Assistants after constructing Tools chains and build a Deep Sea Warehouse immediately to start collecting Functional Food for Researchers. 1 Functional Food Factory can support twice as many Techs; as a last resort, the excess may be sold to Prof. Devi at a premium.
  • You will then need to rush 150 Assistants to build a Laboratory, with your last 5,000 credits before running out of cash. When you reach 30 Researchers, request 2 Loans from Yana and Rufus (21k each), construct another Lab, an Academy and drop 23 Power Stations in quick succession. You should reach both targets simultaneously.
  • In order to supply 23 Coal Power Stations, you will require an initial hoard of ~200/240 Coal (to maintain the condition for 3 mins). This can be accomplished by building 6 Rotary Excavators early (after Tools chains) and either dumping the excess Coal overboard as flotsam crates or constructing Harbor Depots for +40t capacity at a cost of 1k credits each. Additional Coal may be gathered by demolishing Iron Smelters once you have the necessary Tools for construction. You must acquire the Robust Firebox (+15% energy generation) upgrade by accepting a mission from Rufus Thorne.
  • Note: This has been tested and completed in 30/40 mins while using the Island to the West as Main, not the one with the Energy Transmitter, which is used only to build the final Power Stations, as I'm not exactly sure what -500 Ecobalance would do to the population... (although I suppose it doesn't matter). See the associated Image Gallery below for recommended minimalist setup.

Eden Initiative (Ecos)[]

"Join the cause if you enjoy pain and suffering..." - Yana Rodriguez

  • [needs revision; Eden Initiative unrepresented]
  • Submit to defeat and go for Tea break? I know... place 104 Wind Parks? Use a bigger Wind Park? Land reclamation is the answer! Build 40 Basalt chains and expand the Island by dumping it into the sea.


"You think -175 Ecobalance is bad? Wait till you see what 23 Coal Power Stations can do!" - Vadim Sokow

  • Coal is scarce or in very short supply, but this is only an issue if you're taking the "long way around"; in which case a Coal Probe may be purchased from NPCs in exchange for Licenses.
  • Constructing the Hydroelectric Power Plant project, Nuclear Power Plant or 13 Solar Towers takes a massive amount of time and effort, while each one only generates 120 or 500 Energy.
  • Do not place buy orders for Bricks, only Functional Food (5/10t) and a few Tools (20/40t), then cancel them later. You will have so many Bricks that you'll be tempted to throw them at things; several quests offer them as a reward. You will be swimming in Bricks.
  • In order to begin transferring Energy to the Island of Photano, select the Energy Transmitter on the Main power-generating Island, click on the 'No Island' drop-down and select a destination, then drag the slider over to 100% on the right.

Video Guide[]


Anno 2070 Deep Ocean Let's Play Walkthrought Miracle in Danger - Long-Distance Supply

Video Walkthrough by YouTube user Leafonthewin

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