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Eco Executive Manager Zack Eden Initiative icon
Eco executives

Personality Neutral

"We're satisfied here, but we could still achieve so much more, don't you think?"
—Manager Zack

Manager Zack represents the Eco Executives on any player-built island. He appears when an Eco Executive Mansion is selected.

He makes his own appearance in Mission One: Finding the Truth as the Eden Initiative representative offering an Eco settlement for building your research center. He disappears and leaves the island to you if his settlement is chosen. However, if you choose the Tycoon settlement, he remains as a third party and you could later take on a quest to trade with him to earn additional credits.

Manager Zack is the Eco counterpart of Manager Russel from the Tycoons.

You can obtain his portrait by attaining the "Master Diplomat" achievement, which requires reaching the highest career level for each faction.