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Deep Ocean Expansion Required!
You require the Deep Ocean expansion to unlock this content.
Anno 2070 Deep Ocean Miracle in Danger intro

Anno 2070 Deep Ocean Miracle in Danger intro

The intro to Miracle in Danger

Miracle in Danger is the Deep Ocean expansion mini-campaign/tutorial. There are 5 missions in total. When you finish the first mission you unlock the next three, and when you have completed all of them you unlock the final mission.


The Story in ShortEdit

When one of Hiro Ebashi's Geothermic Power Plants collapses, a massive tsunami heads towards Tilda Jorgensen's and Vadim Sokow's islands. You first have to evacuate all people and to get Vadim Sokow's production running again. Then you have to help Hiro Ebashi by developing a technology which has to protect the Power Plants from collapsing.

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