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Deep Ocean Expansion Required!
You require the Deep Ocean expansion to unlock this content.

Anno 2070 Deep Ocean Introduction Movie

The intro to Miracle in Danger

Miracle in Danger is the Deep Ocean expansion campaign, which acts as it's tutorial, too. There are 5 missions in total. Upon finishing the first mission you unlock the next three, and upon completing all three of these, the final mission is unlocked.

The first mission rewards the players with an achievement and 100 career points, all second stage missions worth 200 additional points per mission. The last mission gives 500 points, a Formula (Extended Sensoric Interface) and an achievement as a reward, bringing the total amount to 1200 points.



When one of Hiro Ebashi's Geothermic Power Plants collapses, a massive tsunami heads towards Tilda Jorgensen's and Vadim Sokow's islands. Your first task is to evacuate all inhabitants and to get Vadim Sokow's production running again. The second task is helping Hiro Ebashi by developing a technology, which will protect the Power Plants from collapsing.

Anno 2070 die tiefsee 45

City struck by a tsunami