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Missile-pad-icon Missile Launch Pad Tycoon logo
Construction Cost Credits-icon20,000 · Building Modules 50 · Tools 35 · Concrete 36 · Steel 36 · Heavy Weapons 20
Maintenance Cost Ecobal-icon -50 ·  Balance -500 · Energy -50
Size 5x5
Hitpoints 5000
Produces Two Missiles icon
Unlock 1400 Tycoon Executives

The Missile Launch Pad allows Tycoons to build and launch devastating Long Range (trans-island) Missiles. These Missiles cause 7500 points damage at the center of the impact zone and minor damage to all buildings within its impact zone, which is about the size of the influence area of a depot. The Launch Pad is the only playable object in the game that is capable of causing the same devastation as a Nuclear Fallout.

The missile is capable of destroying all buildings, except for a finished monument which has a staggering 8000 hitpoints. However, the missile will cause a Blaze, and if the monument isn't extinguished by a Fire Station or the fire units of a repair dock, it will eventually burn until it is destroyed (like all other buildings).

The damage at the edge of the blast can be slightly, and even completely mitigated by shield generators. Each generator is capable of withstanding up to 5000 points in its shield area, and since the missile causes a damage of 7500, two generators will be capable of completely protecting buildings inside their influence area, as long as they are protected by each other's shields. It should be noted that roads are not protected by the shield generator.


Missile launch pad launch console


Launched Nuclear Missile

One missile costs:


  • If you are building launch pads, do not build them together. If the enemy has missiles, it's a good bet that they will fire them at your silos, so keep them away from each other.
  • It may also help to build more silos than what your actually using to build missiles as the exces ssilos will make it less likely that your enemy is able to take out a silo that you use for building missiles, thus saving you unwanted costs.
  • Protect them with flaks and Shield Generators when available.
  • Control as much uranium as possible, since without it you cannot build either the pads or the missiles.
  • 10 Uranium Mines are required to provide materials for constant production(plus careful management of Explosives production), although a single Fuel Factory is more than sufficient for two pads.
  • Metal Converters are your best bet for obtaining large amounts of Uranium. The Uranium variant works twice as fast as conventional Uranium Mines, making them ideal for running a large nuclear program. This will likely require Uranogenic Chemicals to be built from the Academy. This does not count if the Deep Ocean Expansion is activated in the session in which you can harvest Uranium from any Black Smokers.
  • The Missile Launch Pad is very expensive. Another less expensive option is the mid-range missiles of the Orca and the Erebos submarines.
Missile attack

A city under attack by a nuclear missile.

Missile Shields[]

Along with the Deep Ocean Expansion, NPCs will sometimes have the rare Missile Shield item for sale. The Missile Shield is the Missile Launcher's worst nightmare: it reflects the missile, sending it back to the exact same location as it was launched from. Very useful for the player who saves his/her island, not so useful for the player who gets the missile sent back.


The last warning a Tycoon player wants when a missile is send to the enemy's island...


ANNO2070, nuclear missile impact.

A production city under attack by a nuclear missile. The missile got the highest sound effect in the entire game, right next to the explosion caused by a Nuclear Fallout.


The target in target mode