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Campaign icon Secrets of the Deep Easy
Secrets of the deep
The Oil spill was stemmed with your help, bet there is nothing left of Site 13 after the total collapse of the Dam wall.
Just as Rufus Thorne is preparing to hand you over the management of the Reconstruction project, something unforeseen happens: E.V.E.'s systems suddenly detect some strange signals; and the source is very near you.

NPCs Rufus Thorne, Yana Rodriguez, Professor Dr. Salman Devi
Multiplayer not possible

Secrets of the Deep is the fourth mission in the First Chapter of the Campaign. In this mission, you help Professor Dr. Salman Devi recovering the data log from a sunken prototype Ark.

In this mission, the player meets the Tech faction for the first time. You don't have to settle tech inhabitants, but you will learn how to use Submarines and you make your first encounter with Underwater Plateaus.

This will be your last mission around Site 13, so everything you build here is not carried over to the next chapter.

Main Objective[]

Unknown source
  • ▶ Find out what the sender of the message wants from you.

Who could this be? "Qvr lventb vfg... the Prototype... nyyre urhgr rkvfgvreraqra... Arks... Vue lrefpujvaqra jne rva evrfvtre... Loss for S.A.A.T. ... Qvr Hefnpur vfg ovf urhgr hatrxyäeg."

Mysterious disappearance
  • ▶ Help Prof. Devi with his investigations into the Virago.

Salman Devi icon "The Virago is the Prototype of all the Arks that exist today. Its disappearance was a huge loss for S.A.A.T., and the cause remains unexplained to this day."



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Mandatory Quests[]

 Mission 4 starts off when you receive an encrypted signal that you cannot decipher.

The Source[]

The Source
  • ▶ Go to the source of the encrypted signal north-west of your island.

EVE "Error analysis of the corrupt message completed. Cause: electromagnetic interference. Recommendation: Reduce distance to the source of the signal."

You must investigate the source of the signal by bringing one of your boats to the island northwest of your home island. There you will find the Ark of Professor Devi from S.A.A.T..

Prof. Devi asks you to help him. He is here because of the Virago, an earlier Ark prototype that has been lost. F.A.T.H.E.R . believes it to be in this area. Prof. Devi asks you to help him search for it. In all his excitement, he forgot to bring the instruments he needs to investigate the area (the only reason he is there, you would think he would remember such critical details).

Organizational Talent[]

Organizational talent

Help Prof. Devi with the preparations for the search for the Virago:

  • ▶ Contact Yana Rodriguez owing to a 3D Locator
  • ▶ Deliver the requested Goods to Prof. Devi's Ark:
    • 3D locator placeholder1 3D Locator
  • ▶ Contact Rufus Thorne because of a Salvage Arm
  • ▶ Deliver the requested Goods to Prof. Devi's Ark:
    • Salvage arm placeholder 1 Salvage arm

Salman Devi icon "According to F.A.T.H.E.R.'s calculations, the Virago is here. But an effective search is out of the question without the correction search equipment."

You must collect a 3D Locator from Yana Rodriguez and a Salvage Arm from Rufus Thorne. Click on Yana's Ark, and she will tell you that she will help, but first you must deliver 5 tons of building modules and 5 tons of wood.

The 3D Locator[]
Eden Initiative icon REPAIRS
The 3D Locator
  • ▶ Deliver the requested Goods to Yana's Ark:
    • Building modules 5t Building modules
    • Wood 5t Wood

Yana Rodriguez icon "I am curious to know if the Virago is really here in this sector."

  • Reward:
  • 3D locator placeholder 1 3D Locator

You probably aren't making any wood at this point, so go to your home base and build a tree nursery and two or three sawmills within the small influence area of the tree nursery and connect these to a depot or warehouse.

The Salvage Arm[]
Global Trust icon REPAIRS
The Salvage arm
  • ▶ Deliver the requested Goods to Mr. Thorne's Ark:
    • Building modules 10t Building modules
    • Tools 5t Tools

Rufus Thorne icon "Help salvage the Virago. The Board is convinced that you will soon deliver the interesting information to us."

  • Reward:
  • Salvage arm placeholder 1 Salvage arm

While you wait for some wood to be produced, click on Thorne's Ark. He will also help, but needs 10 tons of building modules and 5 tons of tools. Both of these items must be delivered simultaneously, both onboard the same ship. Transport these to his Ark and he will give you the salvage arm (remember that when delivering quest items to NPC Arks, just drive your boat next to the Ark, you should not manually transfer the items).

Once you have enough wood, take that and the building modules to Yana's Ark. She will give you the 3D Locator. Take the locator and the salvage arm to Prof. Devi's Ark. Click OK a few times to acknowledge the completion of the quests.

Final Modifications[]

Final modifications
  • ▶ Hand over the following Vehicles to Prof. Devi to modify the Trimaran:
    • Hovercraft-icon Hovercraft
    • Commando-ship-icon Command ship

Salman Devi icon "The Trimaran is our standard underwater vehicle. However, I will have to make some modifications so that you can use it in this mission."

Prof. Devi now asks you to hand over both of your ships to him in order to ready the Trimaran (a kind of submarine). He will cannibalize your ships to build the Trimaran (you will no longer have access to them). You will now take command of the new Trimaran. Prof. Devi wants you to take command of it for a search expedition for the Virago. Select the Trimaran and select the dive button to dive beneath the water (note, you cannot dive near shorelines).

You will be given 3 locations to scout. Take the Trimaran to each one and click the scout drone button to scan it. One of the locations will have some "interesting anomalies". You will receive a document at each location. Return the 3 documents to Prof. Devi. You must surface the Trimaran first.

Prof. Devi will give you some undersea lights. Take your Trimaran, dive and go to the location where the Virago is. Click the undersea searchlights to start them. After a few seconds, Prof. Devi will gush with excitement, and the next logical course of action is to blow up some debris that is blocking the Virago.

You will need to pick up some explosives from Thorne's Ark, and some communicators from Yana's Ark. Take the explosives and communicators to Prof. Devi's Ark. He will give you an explosive charge. Take it underwater to the Virago. Once there, click the aqua detonator. After Prof. Devi's cheers of joy, he will ask you to scan the area with scout drones, do so now. You will get a "data log" which you should return to Prof. Devi's Ark.

Unfortunately the data log is damaged. This ends the mission and Chapter One.

Side Quests[]

When you have returned the three documents to Dr. Devi, two side quests should be available. You don't really need to do them. You won't retain anything you build or collect during this mission during the next part of the campaign. However, you can do them for fun and to get a better feel for the game.

There should be a boat near Yana's Ark with an arrow above it. There should be another boat near Thorne's Ark. Clicking on each boat will start each side quest. They both involve scanning some items underwater. Thorne wants you to salvage some results from site 13. At each location you will receive "production quotas" which you need to deliver to the boat where you started the quest. You will receive the "fast finishing" upgrade for your island (+25% tools productivity).

Yana's side quest involves scanning three locations with wildlife (sharks, mantas, and jellyfish). At each site you will receive Eco documents. Take the 3 Eco documents to the boat where you started the quest. You will get an "Ancillary Drive" for your Trimaran which will give you a +30% speed boost (nice!).

Video Walkthrough[]

Video Walkthrough by YouTube user Leafonthewin