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Finding the Truth

Chapter Two

Finding the Truth is the first mission in the Second Chapter of the Campaign. In this mission the player arrives at C.O.R.E., the headquarters of the Techs and aids Professor Dr. Salman Devi and his assistant, Doctor Tori Bartok.


C.O.R.E - the S.A.A.T Research Center. The most brilliant Scientists live in the main city of the Scientific Association of Advanced Technologies to develop ground-breaking new Technologies under the leadership of the supercomputer F.A.T.H.E.R..

Main Objective[]

MAIN Main Objective
The Data log
  • ▶ Decrypt the data from the Data log and solve the mystery of the sinking of the Virago

Icon 27 128 "It was right to come to C.O.R.E. with the data log of the Virago. Your assistance will be very helpful in decoding the program."


Preparation of the base
  • ▶ Pick up the Plans to build a Research lab from Dr. Tori Bartok in C.O.R.E.

Tori Bartok icon "F.A.T.H.E.R. wants to give you your own Research lab. I have the Construction plans here ready for you to collect."

Initial decisions

Select one of the options:

  • ▶ Take the Data log to the warehouse in the south-west to build your Research center with the Eden Initiative's support.

Eco Executive "The Eden Initiative is requesting your full cooperation. Our generous funding will make your task much easier..."

  • ▶ Get the Data log to the warehouse in the north west to build up your research center with efficient Tycoon methods of Global Trust

Tycoon Executive "Global Trust is prepared to provide generous financial support for your Research work."

NOTE: The choice you make here will stick with you for the ENTIRE chapter. Both the Tycoon and Eco islands are roughly the same size and have the same amount of resources, so difference in difficulty won't influence your decision. Initial wealth is also the same. If you're at an early stage in your career or are close to the next promotion with either faction, this will likely be your deciding factor.

Falling into bad repute with the faction you didn't choose can be alleviated by clicking on their warehouse a few times to pick up two or three quests.

The Research center

Get everything ready for the arrival of the Tech Researchers in Delta Complex:

  • ▶ Build the following in Delta Complex:
    • 1 City Center
  • ▶ Build the following in Delta Complex:
    • 10 Assistants' Domicile

EVE "Situation analysis completed. Tech Population for research work required."

It is important to not get carried away with the momentum built by the quests. For the ones that are not timed, complete them in your own time to make sure your goods infrastructure is sound so you can stay in the black.

You can build a small Eco or Tycoon community for tax and resource reasons if you wish but this is not essential. Make sure you leave gaps of 4x4 for a laboratory, 6x5 for an academy and 4x6 for a hospital either side of your Tech community centre, as they will need to serve as many of your Tech population as possible. Don't just build 10 Tech residences like EVE asks - go for 20 but make sure they are well catered for. It should be easy enough to create six 4x2 blocks of houses around your central services block, plus 5 or 6 residences along the top and bottom each.

Also, build at least 3 fisheries (go for 5 if you built over 40 residences) and manually ferry surplus fish to your ark (you'll see why this might be beneficial at the end of this mission). When your ship isn't ferrying fish, it should be sourcing Functional Food (processed algae) and Functional Drinks (energy drinks).

Unfortunately, the interface for configuring shipping routes is unavailable right now. However, you can set goods for import and export at your warehouse. The usual rules apply - upgrade your warehouse to the highest level possible, overproduce what you can to sell on (highest price per ton where you have a choice of goods) and import what you can't produce (or can't produce enough of) but you/your citizens need, allocate a certain amount of good exportable to remain on-island. So long as you keep producing goods to sell without too much of a manufacture cost (overall building maintenance for each chain), your exports should keep your imports from plunging you into a red balance.

It might be an idea to overproduce building modules, tools and either wood (Ecos) or concrete (Tycoons) to trade with, both actively (with your ship) and passively (at your warehouse). All your trading partners should accept whatever goods you offer them with your ship at their warehouse, even if they don't list that good as wanted in their warehouse. You get a better price depending on where you sell. Someone will want a certain good more than another.

The Research Laboratory

Accomplish the following in Delta complex:

  • ▶ Transfer the Blueprints for the laboratory from your ship into the Warehouse at Delta complex.
  • ▶ Activate the Blueprints for the Laboratory in your market house or warehouse and then erect:
    • 1 Laboratory

EVE "Definition Construction plan: Allows the one-off Construction of Buildings that are not available in the Construction Menu.(In accordance with S.A.A.T. guidelines dated 2059)".

Data rescue

Select your Research lab in Delta complex and do the following:

  • ▶ 1 Repair data log

Tori Bartok icon "The Research lab will become the focal point and linchpin of the Research. You can repair the Data log here."

Did you see how expensive it is to research? That's why you need to build up capital now. You'll need it later. Don't bother researching anything you're not told to in your lab for now; the modules produced only affect gameplay temporarily anyway. :(

Access denied?
  • ▶ Deliver the following item to Dr. Tori Bartok in C.O.R.E.:
    • 1 Repaired data log

Tori Bartok icon "At first glance the Data log matrix seems to be intact, but there must be an active firewall that is prohibiting access."

At this point, EVE will report unauthorized access to her systems. Don't panic, she'll pull through! Upon delivery of the data log, Bartok will give you her Trimaran to visit Devi. The submarine dives by pressing "T" in deep water or the dive button on the right of the interface. At this point, the Trimaran is the fastest vehicle available, so use it for marine haulage.

Into hiding
  • ▶ Deliver the following item to Prof. Devi's Warehouse:
    • 1 Repaired data log

Salman Devi icon "Prof. Devi is supervising the decryption of the Data log in his underwater Laboratory; he's bound to disable the firewall."

You didn't think it was going to be THAT easy, did you? Don't roll your eyes at me!

Every second counts

Follow E.V.E.'s emergency plan to save Prof. Devi:

  • ▶ Load your Trimaran with
    • 20t Building modules
    • 9t Tools
  • ▶ Build the following on a free site on the underwater plateau:
    • 1 Deep sea warehouse
  • ▶ Provide an Energy supply by building the following:
    • 1 Marine current power plant

EVE "Recommend emergency measures: restore the Energy supply, activate the Oxygen supply, ensure the survival of the research team."

Contrary to the quest name, there is no time limit. You may settle the underwater plateau by diving your submarine and placing a Deep Sea Warehouse on it. It is advisable to load up with as many building modules and tools as you can. You'll see why in a minute.

  • ▶ Take your Trimaran to the underwater laboratory and receive the following item from Prof. Devi:
    • 1 Unsecured data log

Salman Devi icon "I disabled the firewall, but something is worrying me: these security mechanisms weren't programmed by S.A.A.T...."

They weren't!? How scandalous!

Brain food

Build the following Building in Pardus and connect it by AquaRail-Connection to your Deep sea warehouse:

  • ▶ 1 Aquafarm
  • ▶ 1 Functional food factory
  • ▶ 6 Algae farm field

EVE "Taste preferences of the Assistants has been analyzed. Result: Functional Food satisfies the Food requirement most effectively."

AquaRail-Connection is basically the underwater road type. They can be built using the hotkey "S" when underwater, right-clicking to get the Context Menu and picking the road icon or selecting any type of road (basic road, highway, Green Boulevard or Banes Avenue).

Don't just build one Functional Food chain - build two or even three if you can (but you will have to refill your ship's storage). You'll need to add an extra marine current power plant or two in order to cover the extra demand.

Automated efficiency
  • ▶ Take your Trimaran to the underwater laboratory and receive the following item from Prof. Devi:
    • 1 Auto pilot
  • ▶ Activate the Auto pilot in your ship to access the Strategic map.

Salman Devi icon "The auto pilot will ensure that your Ships find their way independently while you devote your time to the Research."

You can now design shipping routes! Further information on the Strategic map can be found here: When you have created your trade route, it should look something like the Strategic Map screenshot below, added by Quadrilus.

Even though you needed a submarine to place the warehouse on the plateau, you can use your command ship in the trading route, as building the undersea warehouse placed a linked depot on the surface. You will need to keep your Trimaran free for the other quests you'll get given, as some of these will use the scout drone and/or require submerging.


Strategic map

On the trail of truth
  • ▶ Select your Research lab in Delta complex and do the following:
    • 1 Decode data log

Tori Bartok icon "I find Prof. Devi's supposition worrying. Is the Data log really responsible for these strange occurrences?"

Scientific input

Reach at least:

  • ▶ 100 Lab assistants

EVE "The complexity of your research is directly proportional to the amount of human resources you require."

Each Assistants' Domicile can house up to 5 Lab Assistants, so you need at least 20 houses now. If you've been following this walkthrough to the letter, these should already be in place.

BLANK Quarantine alarm

Select the Assistant quarters marked in your Settlement:

Lab Assistant "I'm feeling so ill, that I can't concentrate on the decryption of your Data log. And I'm not the only one feeling so terrible..."

Health cross indicators will appear across your town. These show sick houses. Bonus points if the virus gives you an achievement (make many citizens unhappy simultaneously, normally achieved by removing City Centers).

Medical supplies

Build the following in Delta complex:

  • ▶ 1 Hospital

EVE "Data manipulation registered. Fish was deliberately contaminated. Perpetrators: unknown. Medical treatment required."

Make sure to place your hospital where it will cover all affected homes, i.e. right next to your City Center (hopefully you saved a space for it). Do this as soon as you can to avoid the departure of disgruntled citizens.

The secret of the Virago
  • ▶ Select your Research lab in Delta complex and do the following:
    • 1 Analyze data log

Tori Bartok icon "I find Prof. Devi's supposition worrying. Is the Data log really responsible for these strange occurrences?"

F.A.T.H.E.R.'s verdict
  • ▶ Deliver the following item to Dr. Tori Bartok in C.O.R.E.
    • 1 Interpreted data log

Tori Bartok icon "Maybe F.A.T.H.E.R. can find out whether the computer virus was a programming error...or if it was a deliberate act."