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On Hostile Terrain

Chapter Three

On Hostile Terrain is the first mission in the Third Chapter of the Campaign. In this mission, you are rebuilding a base that was destroyed by F.A.T.H.E.R. You play as the Ecos.

You build up from a ghost base, destroyed by F.A.T.H.E.R. You have to bring the Ecobalance up to -50 on both usable islands in the sector. The second island can't meet this objective without using the Monitoring Station, so Eco engineers are required.

After cleaning the first island, you are given vegetable seeds and are required to deliver 1 ton of Vegetables to Yana Rodriguez for analysis. After cleaning up the second island you are given Durum Wheat seeds. Build a Grain Farm and deliver 1 ton to Yana to complete the mission.


  • You get 100% refunds in this mission. Feel free to demolish the structures you're given, and rebuild them into more optimal layouts.
  • Avoid overdeveloping production on your main island, as this will hinder your ability to make the -50 ecology goal. If you are within a few points of your target, try shutting off a few building material plants. You can go back below -50 once the objective has been completed without repercussion.
  • Take a warehouse worth of materials (3 and 2) to the two smaller islands in order to pick up survivors. Yana will have tasty rewards for you.
  • Consider relocating the initial Vegetable fertility to the second island, completing the Health Food production chain in a single location. Extra vegetables will need to be exported later for Pasta production.
  • Ensure that you eliminate F.A.T.H.E.R.'s patrol ship, attack it prior to clicking on the sub itself to activate the quest. His scout ship, being a T38 Ocean Glider, is the 2nd fastest vehicle in the game. The only ship faster without upgrades is the Eco warship, the Hovercraft. As soon as you find out when and where it will come from, revert to the last autosave and place your command ship plus two Hovercrafts in position to intercept. The reward is well worth it.
  • You can purchase veg and wheat seeds from Yana before you get given them. This might help speed things along. You can sell the ones she gives you back to her for the same price you bought the others for.
  • Yana will sometimes offer fruit seeds for sale. Yes, it would be nice to make Bio Drinks so you can get those Eco Executive buildings unlocked sooner (particularly the Ozone Maker) but that would be unwise, as Yana toys with you for a long time before she sells you 1t of wheat to your warehouse. Better to set your warehouse to buy fruit or Bio Drinks instead.