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Campaign icon The Two-Year Plan Easy
The two-year plan
An Urgent assignment from Global Trust sends you to Site 13, where Thor Strindberg is in charge of supplying the company with valuable Raw materials.
The atmosphere on site is tense, as Production is stagnating and the Hydroelectric power plant isn't supplying enough Electricity.
However, the Global Trust board still insists on strict observance of the two-year plan.

NPCs Thor Strindberg, Engineer Peterson
Multiplayer not possible

The Two-Year Plan is the first mission in the First Chapter of the Campaign. In this mission, you help Thor Strindberg by building an optimized turbine for his Hydroelectric Power Plant.

This mission serves as an entry point into the game to provide the player with a basic tutorial of the interface. You are tasked with building a small settlement, producing building materials, providing food, and maintaining enough energy to support everything. During all of this, you will be helping to build the Turbine, which when completed, will finish the mission.

Although they start the player off with 50,000 credits, you will likely be running a deficit the entire time and should not take too long to complete the mission. Everything you build in this mission will carry over into the next mission.

Main Objective[]

The Quota's the Thing
  • ▶ Construct an optimized Turbine for Mr. Strindberg to increase Energy Production in Site 13.

Thor Strindberg icon "The current fluctuations are getting worse. I'll never be able to meet the Global Trust quota on time without an optimized Turbine."

  • Reward:
  • Career Points with the Tycoon faction 50 career points


Best Regards
  • ▶ Select your Commando Ship. It is anchored right in front of your Ark.
  • ▶ Use your Commando Ship to pick up the following at Mr. Strindberg's Warehouse in the north east:
    • Building modules 40t Building Modules
    • Tools 40t Tools
    • Fish 10t Fish

Thor Strindberg icon "The Building material Global Trust supplied is sufficient to establish the infrastructure needed for the construction of the optimized Turbine."

At the very beginning you will have a ship coming out of your ark and Thor Strindberg will tell you to go to his warehouse to receive some tools and building modules. He will even complain that they are in his way. These supplies are not floating in the ocean as flotsam crates nor are they in his ocean warehouse (in the middle of 3 oil rigs). They are in his warehouse on his island by the docks.

Simply move your ship north to his dock warehouse. Do not select your ship or his warehouse. At the top right corner of the screen, there will be a picture of Thor Strindberg, a paragraph asking you want to accept his tools and building supplies, and underneath it are 2 buttons. Press the "OK" or "Accept" button to receive the goods. The other button is "Cancel".

  • TIP: All mission objectives requiring you to accept or give materials should be done this way (by clicking "OK" or "Accept" once you move your ship close enough). DO NOT manually drag materials from your ship to their Ark or Warehouse; it will only give you money, not fulfillment of mission objectives. Once you drag items from your ship and give it to a warehouse/ark, you cannot buy it back to fulfill mission objectives; you must produce those goods again.
To Work
  • ▶ Move your Commando Ship to the Island in the south west and build the following on the beach there:
    • Warehouse-icon 1 Warehouse

Thor Strindberg icon "I don't have enough space for the Turbine Construction site in Site 13, but the Island in the south west is uninhabited. You can build your Base there."

Per the new quest, move your ship to the other Island. When it gets close to the shoreline, while it is selected, you will receive a pop out next to the ship's inventory for a Warehouse. Selecting this, will reveal an influence area that you may then place down the Warehouse. If you do not like the area that you may place it in, hit escape, move your ship, and try again. Go ahead and place it anywhere on the east shoreline. 

Skilled Labor Shortage

Found a City by carrying out the following:

  • ▶ Construct the following Buildings:
    • Tyco-ctr-icon 1 City Center
  • ▶ Construct the following Buildings:
    • Tyco-res-icon 8 Worker Barracks
  • ▶ Connect all of the Worker Barracks to the City Center using Roads.

EVE "Tycoon workers seem to be particularly skilled in designing technical equipment. Settlement of these specialists recommended."

At this point E.V.E. will contact you to let you know you need to found a city with a population. You should also notice a white arrow in the bottom right hand side of your screen. These will pop up during the tutorials to show you where things are in the sub-menus.

Click the City Center, and then place it somewhere in the middle of the island. Then click the Worker Barracks (again following the arrows to find it in the menus) and place them down. Houses must have a road connecting them to the city center or the people will be upset and leave. As such never build wider than 2 houses across.

  • TIP: If you click and drag you can place multiple residences at once.

Lastly, connect your houses to your City Center with a Road.


Found a City by carrying out the following:

  • ▶ Construct the following Buildings:
    • Granules 1 Basalt Crusher
  • ▶ Construct the following Buildings:
    • Building modules 1 Smelter
  • ▶ Use a Road to connect the Basalt Crusher and the Smelter to a Storage Depot or your Warehouse.

EVE "Build modules are essential to construct the City. Plans for the required Plants have been loaded into your Construction interface. Licensed for unlimited use."

Building Modules are the life of your early city. Without these you cannot continue to build anything. You may either build these near your Warehouse or you can place down a Depot to extend your influence area and place them there. In either case, make sure you place one of each, connecting them to each other and the Warehouse/Depot with a road. This will ensure that the Granules get delivered to the Smelter, and the Building Modules delivered to the Island storage.

  • TIP: Although the mission will not progress until all three buildings are connected by the same road, in the future, you could build layouts in such a way as to only make a road from your Basalt Crusher to the Smelter, and then a second road from the Smelter to the Depot/Warehouse.
Food Shortage
  • ▶ Build the following in Alesta:
    • Fish 1 Fishery

EVE "Humans only function effectively when adequately supplied with Food."

Follow the arrows on screen again to locate the Fishery, then place it in your harbor. The influence area will show you the limits of the reach of your Warehouse, but you can only place these against the beach or out in the water.

  • TIP: Warehouses have a flying drone from the beginning and can collect goods from any building without needing a road to connect them. As such your Fishery does not need a road in order to get goods out, but it is highly recommended if possible to connect as many things with roads since you only get one flier.
Discontinued Model
  • ▶ Take possession of the Turbine parts from Mr. Strindberg at your Warehouse.

Thor Strindberg icon "Here you have the offending article: the Turbine from my old Power plant. The performance output has to be doubled at the very least!"

Thor will show up with a ship by your harbor ready to give you the Turbine that needs to be improved. Just simply click the ship with the arrow above it to receive the item. Clicking this will create a building down on top of one of the mountains.

... Control is Better
  • ▶ Select the Turbine Construction site to find out more about the current problems.

Tycoon Worker "This Turbine Construction site may be new, but there are serious deficiencies in the Energy supply. I Can't work like this!"

This mission serves to progress the story, but also show the player a very important thing. Look for arrows over buildings to receive new quests. In this case they are giving you a quest to click the building but as you progress, side quests and such will show up, in which it is up to you to click the building to activate this quest.

So, go ahead and click the building to move on and you will hear about your Energy shortage issue.

The Electricity Must Flow

Improve the Power supply in Alesta.

  • ▶ Construct the following Buildings:
    • Coal 1 Rotary Excavator
  • ▶ Construct the following Buildings:
    • Coal-power-stn-icon 1 Coal Power Station
  • ▶ Use a Road to connect the Rotary Excavator with the Coal power plant and a Warehouse or Goods depot.

EVE "Calculations completed. A Coal power plant required to provide both the Turbine Construction site and the rest of the City with enough Electricity."

E.V.E. informs you that to solve the problem you must build a power plant and supply it with coal in order to provide enough energy. Energy is another important part of any Island. Although you will be provided with many other methods to produce power in the future, you always want to keep your power levels in the green.

Place both buildings down, and connect all three with one road to progress the mission.

  • TIP: One Rotary Excavator will produce just enough coal for one Coal Power Station. As such, in the future, you can place these off by themselves only connecting a road with each other, since there will be no need to deliver anything to the warehouse.
  • TIP: Only ever produce enough power to keep yourself in the green. Over production of power is a drain on your balance since it will cost money to keep these buildings running. Your Balance shows in the top left hand corner of the screen, and the maintenance costs for each build can be seen by clicking on the building.
Mail Inside Information
  • ▶ Read the mail that has just arrived in your mailbox.

EVE "Register information paradox! The message was not intended for you, but you are on the mailing list. Further investigation is recommended."

You've got mail! This quest serves to show you how to read new mail that you receive. Either click the announcement at the bottom of your screen or, if you missed it, press escape and click on your mail box at the top left corner of your screen. Read through the message and when you are finished return back to the game. This will complete the quest.

The Insider
  • ▶ Select the Hydroelectric power plant to contact Engineer Peterson regarding his disturbing mail.

EVE "My analysis: The insider information was leaked to you on purpose. Extrapolated truth content: 93.7%"

It appears that installing the new Turbine will over load the Dam and possibly destroy it. Move your screen to the Dam and select it to hear what the technician has to say.

One Last Try
  • ▶ Move your Commando Ship to Thor Strindberg's Warehouse to warn him about the impending danger of a Dam failure.

Lab Assistant "Mr. Strindberg must be convinced to postpone installation of the optimized Turbine! Otherwise we'll blow half the whole Dam to bits!"

The technician wants you to try to talk sense to Thor. Not likely, but do as he says, move your ship to his Warehouse again.

The Ostrich Policy
  • ▶ Use your Commando Ship to pick up the following at Mr. Strindberg's Warehouse in the north east:
    • Steel 1 Steel
  • ▶ Store the Steel in your Warehouse so that it is ready for the Turbine Construction.

Thor Strindberg icon "Construction of the optimized Turbine takes utmost priority! We must do everything in our power to ensure that it is ready as soon as possible."

Since he doesn't even take notice, do as he says. Take the steel (by clicking OK in the dialog in the top right of the screen) and bring it to your Warehouse. You will need to actually drop it into your Warehouse to move on.

Time is of the Essence
  • ▶ Build the following in Alesta:
    • Tyco-res-icon 15 Worker Barracks
  • ▶ Connect all of the Worker Barracks to the City Center using Roads.

EVE "All of the parameters verified. Completion of the optimized turbine using additional Tycoon workers is guaranteed."

We need a bit more population apparently to complete the Turbine. Add 7 more Worker Barracks near your City Center, and ensure they are connected with roads.

The Moment of Truth
  • ▶ Give Mr. Strindberg the optimized Turbine.

Thor Strindberg icon "Once the Turbine has been installed we can increase productivity by 46.8%, and it'll be a cinch to achieve Global Trust's two-year plan. And I... I will get all the credit!"

Click the OK button on the dialog in the top left hand corner to turn over the Turbine and complete the quest and this mission.

As predicted, the dam was unable to cope with the strain and bursts during a cutscene, paving the way for the next mission.

Side Quests[]

Transport Troubles
  • ▶ Pick up the following at Mr.Strindberg's Deep Sea Warehouse:
    • Crude Oil 1 Crude Oil
  • ▶ Deliver the requested Goods to Mr. Strindberg's Warehouse:
    • Crude Oil 1 Crude Oil

Thor Strindberg icon "I've Increased the Production volume to comply with the two-year plan. Once the required Tankers arrive, I will resume supervision of the Transport arrangements."

This quest can be picked up anytime after you build your Warehouse and before you turn over the Optimized Turbine. I recommend you do this chain, since it will teach you a couple very important things, including a little bit of combat!

First thing's first, send your ship over to his Deep Sea Warehouse (the one in between the two Islands surrounded by oil platforms). When you arrive you will get the dialog option to accept pickup of the Oil. Click OK in the top right hand corner of the screen.

Then take your ship to his main island Warehouse (same place you picked up all the stuff for the first quest). You will get another Dialog box to deliver the goods. Click OK. Do not try to "sell" the item to him, since this is NOT how you turn in quests. ALWAYS use the dialog boxes. It was said before in this, but it bares repeating.

Escort Time Limit: 15:00ESCORT
Urgent Delivery
  • ▶ Select the marked Ship to be the Escort.
  • ▶ Escort the Ship to the edge of the Sector.
  • ▶ Retrieve and return the Escort report that was left behind to Mr. Strindberg's Warehouse.

Thor Strindberg icon "Global Trust headquarters demands the immediate delivery of the Crude oil produced so far. As if I didn't already have enough to do around here..."

Your very first Escort Quest, and first Timed Quest! You have 15 minutes which is plenty for this. When you are ready to begin navigate your ship to the ship with the arrow above its head just outside of Thor's harbor. Then click the ship to start the quest. You will get a dialog box confirming that you want to start and click OK.

Follow the ship, since not too long after starting out you will be ambushed by an enemy ship. Make sure your ship is selected and right-click the enemy ship. You will fire and follow the enemy ship until it is destroyed. By this time the Escort has likely left the Sector and you can go to where it left the map and pick up the Report. It will be floating as crates in the water. Just right-click the crates and they will be picked up.

Return your Ship to Mr. Strindberg's Warehouse and turn the quest in, again by clicking the OK button on the dialog at the top of the screen.

Increasing the Quota
  • ▶ Use a Ship to explore the Islands marked on your minimap.
    • For each Island you will need:
    • Fish 2t Fish
    • 2 Islands Explored
  • ▶ Deliver the results to Mr. Strindberg's Deep Sea Warehouse

Thor Strindberg icon "The more Crude Oil deposits are tapped, the sooner I can meet Global Trust's quotas."

This is the last mission in this optional chain. Here you should learn the last major type of quest you will get which is exploration. These are always get X item and take it to Y Islands to "explore".

So grab up 4t Fish (2t for each Island) into your ship and send it over to the first Island marked on your map. You will see a circling blue pair of Binoculars, leave your ship there until those go away (usually in about 10 seconds or so). Then send your ship to the second Island.

Once you have surveyed both Islands take the results back to the Deep Sea Warehouse to turn it in.

Video Walkthrough[]

Video Walkthrough by YouTube user Leafonthewin