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Campaign icon Black Sea Easy
Black sea
Thor Strindberg has been transferred for his unprofessional conduct. But before this, he will have to see how to transfer the management of site 13 to you.
No wonder Mr. Strindberg wants to hold you responsible for his plight.
But there's no time to worry about that now, because new problems are now cropping up at the damaged Site 13 Dam.

NPCs Rufus Thorne, Yana Rodriguez, Captain Lester
Multiplayer not possible

"The company wants someone trustworthy to handle this matter. Discreetly."
—Rufus Thorne

Black Sea is the third mission in the First Chapter of the Campaign. In this mission, you help Yana Rodriguez by cleaning the polluted sea.

In this mission, the player meets the Eco faction for the first time. You are tasked with building a basic Eco settlement and providing new needs Eco workers require. During all of this, you will learn to use several technologies used to e.g. extinguish fires on Oil Rigs and cleaning polluted coasts.

Everything you build in this mission will carry over into the next mission.

Main Objective[]

This isn't a dummy run!
  • ▶ Bring the Oil spill under control.

Rufus Thorne icon "Hecto-litres of oil on the sea... We must contain the spill before Global Trust incurs even more damages."

  • Reward:
  • Career Points with the Eco faction 50 career points


Strindberg was demoted and relocated, and now you're in charge of Site 13. Right at the beginning, a tanker will lose control and ram into one of the oil platforms, spreading pollution to the whole region and sinking the ecobalance to as low as -500.

Crew in Danger

Save the crew of the stricken Tanker at the Oil platform

  • ▶ Deliver the following to Captain Lester to repair the Dinghies.
    • Building modules 10t Building Modules
    • Tools 10t Tools

Rufus Thorne icon "Make sure that the entire Tanker crew is saved. We have had enough bad publicity already."

The first objective is to repair the tanker. For that, load 10 tons of both Tools and Building Modules into the command boat, and take them to the tanker.

Unpleasantly Oily

Make up for the consequences of the Oil spill on the Food production.

  • ▶ Select the highlighted house to get in contact with the Resident.
  • ▶ Build the following in Helios:
    • Fish 3 Fisheries

Tycoon Worker "If the Fisheries are catching fewer fish owing to the Oil spill, we'll just have to build more fisheries."

Afterwards, one of the residents will contact you. Select the highlighted residence and he will inform you that the pollution has diminished the fisheries' productivity, and resulted in a fish shortage. Build additional fisheries for the time being. The mission only requires 3 fisheries, but it is a good idea to build more in preparation for the next missions.

Eden Initiative
  • ▶ Take your Ship to Yana Rodriguez's Ark.

Yana Rodriguez icon "The Eden Initiative is everywhere there is an emergency to humankind. And it is obvious that your help is required in this sector."

As soon as the matter is dealt with, Yana Rodriguez will contact you offering help containing the oil spillage. Move the command boat to the newly-arrived Eden Initiative's ark and she will ask you to build housings for the Eco workers.


Settle Eco Workers, so that they can help fight the fire.

  • ▶ Construct the following buildings:
    • Eco-res-icon 10 Worker Barracks
  • ▶ Select the highlighted house to get in contact with the Resident.
  • ▶ Take the Fire Protection Experts from your Warehouse to Yana's Ark.

Yana Rodriguez icon "Some of the Eco Workers are specially trained to be deployed in catastrophes. We need them to put the fires out!"

As soon as the proper amount of barracks are built, select the highlighted one. The resident will inform you a fire protection expert has been sent to the warehouse. Load him into the boat (he can be found under the 'items' tab) and take the command boat to Yana's ark.

Panic on the Oil Platform

Find a way of extinguishing the fire on the Oil Platform.

  • ▶ Use your Hovercraft to go to the Oil Platform.
  • ▶ Active the Fire-fighting equipment and select the burning Oil Platform as your destination.

Rufus Thorne icon "The Oil Platform is burning and liters of Crude Oil are flowing out of the leaking pipelines into the sea. I will do everything I can to halt this catastrophe."

After the fire expert is taken to the ark, you will be given a hovercraft. Take the hovercraft to the platforms and use the fire extinguish equipment on the burning platform.

Degrees of Contamination

Use Analyzing Filter about your Hovercraft to explore the sea:

  • ▶ Take a water sample from near the Oil platform.
  • ▶ Take a water sample from near the Beach.
  • ▶ Deliver the water sample to Yana's Ark..

Yana Rodriguez icon "Crude oil is a highly dangerous environmental poison. If it is present in large quantities, the entire sector will be irreparably damaged."

Once the fire has ended, take the hovercraft to the selected locations (near the platforms and near the harbor) and activate the analyzing filter. The filter will generate water samples; take them back to Yana's ark to be analyzed.

Time is Running Out

The following condition must be fulfilled to settle the Technicians for the Oil Clean-up:

  • ▶ Fulfill the Need for Tea to at least 10%.
    • Tea 10% Tea fulfilled
  • ▶ Construction the following Building:
    • Concert-hall-icon 1 Concert Hall

Yana Rodriguez icon "I have asked the Eden initiative HQ for some specialists. Hopefully the will be here soon."

  • Reward:
  • Tools 15t Tools

You will now have to develop the Eco community you built earlier. Build tea plantations and a concert hall (you may have to build additional barracks to unlock the concert hall, if you haven't already).

A few side missions will also be triggered at this point, although not required, will reward you with some nice bonuses. No matter what you choose, it will not play any impact on the outcome of the mission or the story, they just make it easier.

Supply Shortage
  • ▶ Construct the following Buildings:
    • Liquor 3 Distilleries

Tycoon Worker "The Oil Spill has contaminated the ground. The yields from the Fields will not be sufficient to supply everyone."

  • Reward:
  • Liquor item 1 Solid Fuel Stills

You just need to build two more Distilleries to meet this quest requirements and you will be given an item which boosts productivity by 25% for all your distilleries.

  • ▶ Construct the following Buildings:
    • Tea 3 Tea Plantations

Eco Worker "The Oil spill has contaminated the ground. The yields from the Fields will not be sufficient to supply everyone."

  • Reward:
  • Tea item 1 Large Drying Cabinet

Again, build two more Tea Plantations and you will be rewarded with an item that boosts productivity for all Tea Plantations by 25%.

Energy Alternatives

Choose an alternative source of Energy:

  • ▶ Opt for sustainability and build
    • Wind-park-icon 3 Wind Parks

Eco Worker "Down with these stinking behemoths! The future lies in renewable energy!"

  • Reward:
  • Wind park item 1 Optimized Rotor Blades
  • ▶ Opt for the effectiveness and build
    • Coal-power-stn-icon 2 Coal Power Plants

Rufus Thorne icon "Our Energy supply must be efficient. The Eco Technology simply cannot compete with that."

  • Reward:
  • Credits-icon 2,200

You will have to chose between using Eco or Tycoon technology regarding the energy path. Building wind parks will reward you with optimized rotor blades, while building coal power stations will result in a money reward. The different rewards are the only consequences of choosing either path, and no will further impact on the mission nor the story. Keep in mind you already have one Coal Power Plant, and are still overproducing coal from the last scenario. Thus you will only need to build the one plant if you wish to go that route.

Back to the main quests:

Bring on the Volunteers!

Settle experts for the oil removal.

  • ▶ Construct the following Buildings:
    • Eco-res-icon 1 Employee House
  • ▶ Select the highlighted house to get in contact with the Resident.
  • ▶ Take the Technicians from your Warehouse to Yana's Ark.

Yana Rodriguez icon "There are many committed people among the Eco Employees. These specialists have also been trained for accidents such as this Oil spill, for example."

You cannot "build" the house, it is upgraded in similar fashion as house the tycoons were upgraded. Provide the required Needs, Ensure the house is fully populated, and make sure their tax bracket is set to the minimum level (dark green).

As soon as the first upgraded Eco house appears, select it and a bio technician will appear in the warehouse. Take him to Yana's ark and you will receive the special pump equipment.

Friend in Need
  • ▶ Rescue the oil covered dolphins at the Coast:
    • 5 Dolphins
  • ▶ Take all the rescued animals to Yana's Ark.

Yana Rodriguez icon "When such disasters occur, the Animals always suffer the most. Unfortunately the Eden initiative has to deal with these cases regularly."

One final side quest, which I do not know when exactly it appears is to rescue some dolphins. It is available at least by this point in the mission and you start it by moving your ship to just south of the Island. You will see a bunch of objects in the water with arrows above their head. Collect the Dolphins and bring them to Yana's Ark.

Costal Cleaning
  • ▶ Go near the Coast and activate the Special equipment on board your Ship.

Yana Rodriguez icon "This special equipment is the Newest piece of Green Tech from the Eden initiative. We can use this to clear the Oil from the whole area."

Take the hovercraft to the selected spots and activate the the new equipment. You will lose control of the craft while the automated cleansing process take place.


Use analyzing filter aboard your Hovercraft to explore the sea.

  • ▶ Take a water sample from near the Beach.
  • ▶ Deliver the water sample to Yana's Ark.

Yana Rodriguez icon "I hope our efforts pay off and that Nature will heal itself. The water sample will indicate the STATUS."

After a while the process will stop; take the hovercraft back to the harbor, activate the filer one more time, and deliver the water sample to Yana. She will confirm the situation has improved, thank you for your efforts, and the mission will end.

Video Walkthrough[]

Video Walkthrough by YouTube user Leafonthewin