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Chapter Three

"I used to be at the top; I've tasted power, I was intoxicated by it... I had influential friends, respect, even popularity... And then? A single wrong decision and I came tumbling down! But I'm not finished! Not yet..."
—Thor Strindberg

Challenge is the second mission of the third chapter of the campaign.

In this mission, you are building ships for the offensive against F.A.T.H.E.R. Tycoon buildings are available.

In the first place, you are building a merchant fleet to supply the army, and Thor Strindberg builds the war fleet. However, F.A.T.H.E.R. destroys Thor's fleet and you are asked to build another one. Thor is furious and he carries out little acts of sabotage. Ultimately, you will have to build a fleet of 3 Commando Ships, 2 Vipers, 3 Colossi and 3 Container Ships.

The mission starts immediately after the previous one finishes, so you have all the islands that were available to you in mission one, plus a few more. Notably, there is an island to the east with a couple of steel chains on it. This island also bears fruit fertility, truffle fertility and a lobster population. There is also an island to the south that bears wheat and truffle fertilities. If you build a warehouse away from the ruins (a bug scuppers this if the ruins are within the radius of the warehouse), you can pick up survivors. These can be delivered to Rodriguez for another juicy upgrade. Sadly, no island in this part of the map bears grape fertility. Once you have control of Strindberg's islands, you have access to uranium (needed for building essential Colossi and feeding an optional Nuclear Power Plant), sugar beet, more sand, more copper and more lobsters.


  • You will need to co-exist Tycoon and Eco technologies within the same locations, so take advantage of both and be ready to expand your shipping lanes. Explore and complete the peripheral quests early for warehouse technologies and ship-building materials. You will also have the opportunity to complete Bio Drink production during this mission for your Eco Engineers, with the discovery of a fruit-fertile island to the east.
  • You will eventually be given fully operational, completely dysfunctional Tycoon bases. Pick through the buildings of the first carefully to determine what you really need, shut down or destroy the rest. Shut down the Tycoon colony island completely to avoid having to spend hours fixing its issues.
  • Before Thor is relieved of command, you can sell on weapons to him at a tidy profit (your rice island is ideal because somehow it has unlimited iron ore). Once you take control of his islands, do a spring clean of your shipping routes and production chains because you'll need the balance that comes from keeping your subjects well catered for.
  • Is steel or concrete piling up in your warehouses unused? Sell it to Thorne for a nice profit. Same with glass and wood to Rodriguez. The large island to the southwest is almost perfect because it boasts an inexhaustible supply of iron ore and limestone. Regrettably, sand has to be sought elsewhere. Uranium Isle is a suitable place, as it's next to Thorne's Ark. (Arguably, your main island is also suitable because it's next to Rodriguez's Ark, but then the island to the southwest is also quite close.)
  • If you want Tycoon Executives, you can get them but you have to import either grapes or champagne.
  • In the "The Saboteur", which is the final assignment of this mission, you may not be able to find Thor Strindberg. Normally, he may be found among the pedestrians making their way through the streets of the city specified by the assignment; he will be a glowing blue person, as in the "Lost" assignment. He is fairly easy to spot, especially if you slow time (keypad "-") or pause "P" the game and then use the "X" and "Y" keys to manage your camera. However; if you create a building on top of Thor (or on top of his spawn point), Thor will be trapped beneath it and completely invisible. If you find yourself convinced that Thor is not present on the map, then save the game and then destroy everything on the island; he'll show up. Once you know which structure he was trapped under, restore from your save and then surgically destroy that one structure, capture Thor, then rebuild as may be appropriate.