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Single Missions iconDeepOceanOverlay Monumentality Medium
Face the greatest challenge and show how Ecos, Techs and Tycoons can together shape the world of tomorrow.
Objectives Settle 5000 Tycoon and Eco Executives; settle 2500 Geniuses, build all three Monuments

Focus Development, End Phase
NPCs Rufus Thorne, Yana Rodriguez, Prof. Dr. Salman Devi, Tilda Jorgensen
Multiplayer not possible

Monumentality is one of the three new single missions in the Deep Ocean expansion.

Difficulty: Medium (Gold starGold star)

Main ​Objectives[]


  • Because of the huge amounts of residences (656 without the increase for living space channel) you need to reach 5000 Executives, it's advised to build up the 3 factions on 3 separated islands. Doing this will also grant you the achievement "Homogenous Society", that enables both a portrait (Engineer Richard) and a title (Dictator) for your profile.
  • You need 280 Tech residences to house 2500 Geniuses (without the increased living space channel).
  • If you are having a hard time supporting the logistics chains for all 3 societies, you can try building your societies one at a time using the Slumming method.  This is a bit resource heavy to initially set up, but once completed will leave you with 5000+ executives at half maintenance/logistics costs, freeing up more room for production.
  • There are two places for geothermal plants on the map, with energy transmitters they can power the 3 required monuments. To minimize the risks of a Tsunami, you can use your Geniuses to produce ark upgrades which improve the geothermal plant.
  • Using +25% production upgrades will save you upkeep and construction space. The effect of these upgrades stack, and by reaching 1250 Geniuses, you unlock 2 additional island slots.
  • Having a positive/optimum Ecobalance will increase the productivity of your farms, and will again save you upkeep and construction space.
  • Trenchcoat doesn't visit this sector. You can only acquire prototypes through expeditions or as a byproduct from module production. Devi sells the most coordinates for expeditions.
  • Easy Tip for defeating Tilda and claiming the full map:  1) Explore map via starting submerged Sub so you do not meet Tilda or expose islands.  2) Tech up to just before Engineer on Eco's and fast forward game to bankroll 150k credits.  3) Finish teching to 1200 Engineers so that you unlock island share trading.  Buy out 3 shares on Tilda's only island - She will only have 1 as long as you never explored any additional islands.  She buys shares at a rate of 1/2, meaning she buys 1 share for every 2 you can buy, based on the timer.  Once you buy out her island, she is defeated and you have the full map to work with for the rest of your game.  I find this works well since I do not like to share resources. Alternatively you can skip the Eco's and go for Researchers on Tech Tree, once you hit Researchers share trading will unlock, so either way will work!
    • Alternatively, send your starting ship straight to Tilda's island and build your first Warehouse there (her island is at the north, a little to the right of center).  Send your ship to her Warehouse, then immediately declare war on her and destroy her Warehouse.  At the same time, build Depots around the edge of her island so that she has no place to rebuild her Warehouse (make sure to claim the last beach once her Warehouse is destroyed).  At that point, she is neutralized, with only a Town Center and some residences, and you may slowly buy the island's shares, get Choppers to destroy her Town Center, or just ignore her and build around her buildings.  Note that you will be spending money on the upkeep for the Depots, and her island doesn't have the typical tea + rice + coffee fertilities, so waste no time in finding a more suitable island for your first city and getting your finances back in the green!
  • Note that, unlike some other single missions, Monumentality requires you to fulfill all the objectives simultaneously to win.


  • ChAch "From up here everything looks so small" achievement at your player's profile.
  • 100 Career Points (you can determine for which faction you will use it)


You are not able to change the mission parameters or objectives.

Video Walkthrough[]


Anno 2070 Deep Ocean Let's Play Walkthrought Single Mission - Monumentality

Video Walkthrough by YouTube user Leafonthewin