Anno 2070 Wiki

Online features and thus Multiplayer games require an active broadband internet connection, as well as one active Ubisoft account per PC with its own respective serial number.

For strategies you can use when playing against other human players, see Combat (how to attack a enemy city)  and Defenses (how to defend your own city).

For help (an effort) to find contacts for multiplayer you can check out the Friend Finder here.

Player Profile[]

When you play Anno 2070 for the first time, you will be asked to create a player profile. To do this, select the portrait with which you want to appear in the game and enter your player name. From then on the Central Menu will be shown first whenever you start the game.

Note: Your player name is final and is linked to your Uplay account, it cannot be changed afterwards.

Contact List and Profile[]

Contact List

Your Contact List is opened in the bottom left corner of the main screen, and it's your main tool for getting in touch with the Anno community. Typing a Player's name into the searchfield will add Contacts to your list. Note that you are able to add any player, except yourself.

Clicking Find Contacts opens the "Friend Finder" tab, where you can look for online players according to player type, preferred game difficulty and Anno experience. This page also allows connecting to Facebook and finding online Mentors, players who volunteer to help out others with the gameplay.

Clicking the "My Profile" tab allows you to set your own preferences as you would like to appear to others, as well as who you choose to appear to.

Contacts Profile

You cannot add yourself to your contact list.

Multiplayer mode[]

Game Settings Third Parties

Multiplayer games are accessed from the Mission Map ("Join Multiplayer") or created via the "Start as Multiplayer" option when creating Continuous or Single Mission games.

Up to four players can simultaneously immerse themselves in one game. Available as Vs. or Co-op mode, you can invite other players from your Contact List as opponents on the game creation screen, or by adding a Co-op slot you can play with them as allies.

"Allow Open Access" opens your game to the public, and it will appear for other players in the Mission Map "Join Multiplayer" list.

An alternative contact method has been started on the Wiki, see Friend Finder for details.

The Ark[]

When players play multiplayer in a continous game, it is possible to bring goods into the game by using the Ark. The players need to load the Ark with goods in one of their own games before entering the Multiplayer game to do so. Reaching higher levels on the Career Ladder increases the amount of goods the Ark is able to load.

Tips for Co-op mode[]

Co-op is great for when you don't have a lot of time on your hands. In case a player leaves an open game, the game AI takes over for them, so nothing is risked when you leave and you can continue playing long after other players have left.

Working as a team allows for fast and vast city expansion at the start of the game as well as increased efficiency when dealing with tasks in the game.

  • Communicate (Type,Skype,ts3 or Discord).
  • Familiarize yourself with Production Chains. Print a copy, it's always handy when referring to it whilst in game
  • Use layouts from the Building Layouts page to keep order and avoid confusion amongst fellow players. Print a copy, it's always handy when referring to it whilst in game
  • Focus on your own task. When your people want convenience foods then you focus on that and only that. Let the other players worry about the needs assigned to them, discussed in Tip 1.
  • Don't interfere whilst someone is building. This creates confusion and halts production when you need to talk it out halfway through construction.
  • Ships have different names and each player controls different ships. Agree upon which ships you and the other players will use. This avoids a calamity later on.
  • Routes should be named after the goods it's trading.
  • Teamwork is of utmost importance!

Collapsing Multiplayer Sessions[]

Even though they say "Experience the new robust multiplayer mode" in the online trailer of the game, the multiplayer mode is far from "Robust". Anything that puts strain on the data stream is enough to make it collapse. There are different ways of avoiding a session collapse, and possibly the most important thing is to deactivate the autosaver during the session. If the game saves automatically or any player quicksaves, the datastream caused by the savefile could be enough to make the session collapse. It does not matter what kind of internet connection the different players have, if one data stream is too powerful, the session is doomed. The classic sign of a doomed session is that the players receive multiple warnings that one or more players are blocking the session. If this occurs, there are two options: wait several minutes for the connection to recover, or quit the game, and then load the saved file in multiplayer, adding all the original players.