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Oil Driller Sokow Transnational
Made by Sokow Transnational.
Construction Cost Credits450 · Building Modules 3 · Tools 3 · Concrete 6
Maintenance Cost Ecobal-icon -12 ·  Balance -30 · Energy -8
Size 2x5
Hitpoints 2000
Produces Crude oil
Unlock Blueprint in Warehouse.

The Oil Drillers of Sokow Transnational produce Crude Oil three times faster than standard Oil Drillers do. These drillers could be seen as a safer and cheaper alternative to the Oil Rig, which produces Oil at the same rate.

You are able to research the blueprint at the Academy, under the 'Oil Driller' tab in 'Production'. When you've researched the blueprint, you have to pay a small additional building cost to place the building. The blueprint itself requires 1250 Geniuses to be unlocked and 2000 Credits, 30 Licenses, 5t Carbon and 5t Microchips to be produced.

Note that the original Oil Drillers, which Sokow uses, have an ecobalance penalty of -50 instead of -12.