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Ozone-maker-iconEco cost Ozone Maker Station Eco logo
Construction Cost Credits-icon3,000 · Building Modules 20 · Tools 30 · Wood 12 · Glass 20
Maintenance Cost Ecobal-icon +100 ·  Balance -120 · Energy -60
Size 4x7
Hitpoints 3000
Influence Radius 12 tiles
Unlock 1 Eco Executive

The Ozone Maker is an Eco building / airship used to reduce the pollution level and improve the Ecobalance of an island. Due to its tiny influence radius this is an extremely powerful ecobalance building.

However, if one wanted to raise the eco-balance by 300 for example, ark-upgraded Weather Control Stations are actually better. Twenty of said buildings will do the job for around 120 credits, where as three Ozone Maker Stations will cost 360 credits to maintain. Ozone Makers notably cannot be upgraded in order to reduce cost. However, this does not consider the space that Weather Control Stations take up (although it is reduced of course due to the upgrades), River Sewage Treatment Plants or Guardians (and upgrades for those), and the amount of ark storage space taken up by said upgrades.

The airship is also seen in the end of Chapter 2, Mission 3 as part of the Eden Initiative battle fleet.

Leon Moreau has a similar building called the Ozone Generator Station. It raises the ecobalance by +125, unlike the Ozone Maker Station, which generates +100.


Type Quality Icon Name Effect Description Costs

Ark Item Gold star small Ozone Maker station itemEnergy cost Solar energy supply Energy: -30% ... uses the sun's rays. Credits-icon 13,500 · Licenses-icon 250 · Carbon 30 · Microchips 40 · Filtration Plant 1 · Generator 2

Ark Item Gold star small Ozone Maker station itemInfluence radius Artificial Oxygen photolysis Influence Area: -10% ... accelerated molecular cleavage. Credits-icon 6,500 · Licenses-icon 150 · Carbon 15 · Microchips 15 · Control Module 1

Ark Item Gold star smallGold star small Ozone Maker station itemMultiple effects Recombination acceleration Energy: -40% Influence Area: -20% Improved molecular bonding process. Credits-icon 30,000 · Licenses-icon 600 · Carbon 60 · Microchips 90 · Control Module 5 · Generator 2 · Solar energy supply 2

Ark Item Gold star smallGold star smallGold star small Ozone Maker station itemMultiple effects Molar ozone reaction enthalpy shift Energy: -50% Influence Area: -30% Reduces Energy loss to almost zero. Credits-icon 40,000 · Licenses-icon 800 · Carbon 80 · Microchips 120 · Trendsetting molecular motion sensor 2 · Recombination acceleration 2


  • The Ozone Maker flies at a fairly low altitude. Thus, if it really did what its name suggests and produced Ozone gas, then it would in fact be damaging the environment. Ozone is only beneficial in the upper atmosphere. The animation makes it look like it is scrubbing pollutants from the air so it might just be passively increasing Ozone in the upper atmosphere.