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The large majority of the Anno players put a lot of time and effort into creating huge and wonderful cities. They also try to create new building layouts to help the other players.

Feel free to show your cities on this page. If you have built a mini-paradise, an island with terrible ecobalance, a city for your roleplayer profile or if you have tested and/or created new building layouts, you are welcome to post your pictures.

Tip: Show you cities also with different time variations: Night / Dawn / Dusk / Noon. See Lighthouse for more details. Also, when taking a photo of your city without using the postcard view, try pressing the "i" key to hide the tool bars. This way you will get a free view to your city when taking the photo. You can't move the camera with the mouse unless if you got the Scroll at the End of the screen activated in your settings (you can activate or deactivate this by going into your settings and scroll down to the interface tab), but you can move around using the arrow keys. This mode is very useful if you got a large city you want to take a photo off and don't want to include the tool bars.

Saar'Kai's Cities: Eden Prime and Omega[]

I've been playing for quite some time on map 01404. For nearly 4 days, I've been playing around here. I've built, then demolished several cities. Now, with the Judekw Mod, I've been able to create a true paradise on Earth. A very interesting addition in the Mod (apart from various additional buildings and Ornamentals) is the F1-Camera view (Postcard View). With this alteration, you can go as low as streetview level. The vanilla feature would only allow you to go slightly lower than Engineer Residences. But with this Mod, you can go as low as you can imagine. This is practically Google Streetview level.

The Mod adds tremendously beautiful lighting and improves textures greatly. Due to this, the Tycoon city is a true diamond in the moonlight. But also causes my GPU to fall behind slightly (too much lighting). So only Eden and SAAT Cities are present.

I present you Eden Prime, housing roughly 14,000 inhabitants. It's only a measly number compared to others, but I focus on beauty, not size and efficiency.


A beautiful view from one of Eden Prime's suburbs. In the distance you can see the Science Forum towering above the Executive Mansions.

Eden Prime 1

The Population Tab seen from the Leisure Centre overview.

As you can see in both Screenshots here, you are able to place the individual Road Props from the various factions on roads. In this Mod, the Faction Roads (ex: Green Boulevard) do not longer automatically place the various props, like hedges and benches. Now, you are able to place these yourself, as well as extremely detailed lighting.

The Boulevard leading up to the Leisure Centre has been carefully decorated with these Road Props.

Map 01404 L - L

This is a screenshot of seed 01404 with everything set to the highest/easiest value.

Eden Prime 2

A view facing the Leisure Centre. This is the East side of Eden Prime, with the Tech suburb to the left. A careful eye can spot the Congress Centre in the distance, right beneath the shape of the middle of three mountains.

Here is a picture of the map seed I used. Normally, any seed would do with the right values, but some have my personal favour. Other than 01404, I also favour 95555, 11062, and 77067. These 4 seeds are my personal favourites. They allow you to mass produce every single type of good on a seperate island/plateau. 

Now let's take a look at our Tech suburb, consisting of roughly 2,500 inhabitans. This suburb is solely placed to fit the needs of all citizens from Eden Prime, as the Leisure Centre does not grant full coverage. I figured placing one single Tech building would not match the landscape, so I built a small Tech suburb around it.

Eden Prime 3

A view from the South. You can see the Leisure Centre barely over the rock face to the right. This suburb has two Laboratories, but no Academy, as it is only a small settlement.


A stunningly beautiful view featuring the skyline of Eden Prime. The setting sun gives this view a tropical feel to it. But that should be no surprise with and Ecobalance of over 900. Ecological conditions on this island are truly impeccable.


Another view of the Leisure Centre in the setting sun. The green spotlights on the towers give it a magical touch, don't you think?

Now for some streetview level pictures. While the cities you build can be beautiful, the view from above can sometimes become a bit dull and boring.


Eden Prime at night.


A sideview from the Leisure Centre, down from streetview level.

Eden Prime 4

A beautiful sight in the morning sun. Truly a paradise on Earth.

Some pictures from down to street level. 



Not even the slightest bit of radioactivity from this Fusion Power Plant. This massive Power Plant costs you a million Credits, but it will provide your island with enough power to maintain a few dozen Tech Monuments, and even more. All that without even harming the Ecobalance.

A Power Plant seemed like the best idea to power this Metropolis. With nearly 20 million Credits, money is of no concern anymore.

Eden Prime 10

The Fusion Power Plant in the distance isn't ruining the landscape at all, I find. It really fits the picture. I'm sure the populace feels the same, or else ...

Omega 1

And behold, the foundation of Omega. This city has only settled itself just recently. With the few people today it will construct a Metropolis even larger than Eden Prime. Technological progress and prosperity is the only goal of Omega's citizens.

Koffiewolf's City[]


MidGar City is the main city in this region and counts a population of 31,745.

Midgar City is the main city in this sector. It counts 31745 residents.

MidGar 2

Asweti's Cities[]


My Research City with a Eco monument, and a smaller Tech settlement. Theres plans for moving the Techs to theyre own island, but currently theyre on this island.


My Record-breaking (At least for my previous record on 17000) Eco city with more than 18000inhabitants, where off 6740 is Executives. It took me more than 5hours to build it.


My main city during the third mission (Against The Odds) in The Eden Project world event. Not my best city, but its a city. Theres a uprise occuring too.


my record-breaking city with over 30000inhabitants, and sustainable.


My latest Tycoon City under construction.

Busy harbor

The World's bussiest harbor? More than 5ships are being processed in this harbor at all times, and more than 60ships visits it during theyre trade route. This include both trade ships and war ships.


I.C.R.D. International City of Research and Development. This is my record (Sustainable) Tech City with Geniuses. This city is still under construction. Thank you Koffiewolf for helping med find a name for the city :)!

Brianshere's Cities[]

2012-08-31 00003

This one right now took about 11 hours.

Dysnomio's Cities[]


My Tech city and capital, Nya Stockholm, containing 11,550 researchers.

Dys. Tyc

My biggest Tycoon city. The island is completely maxed out and contains 11,264 exeutives. South part

Dys. Tyc

West part

Dys. Tyc

North-East part


My biggest Eco city. Completely maxed out island and contains 11,308 executives. South part


West part


North-East part

As you maybe can see, I just replaced the tycoon buildings with eco ones instead. This was a real pain to do as it meant I dropped to a balance of -20,000(give or take) and I had to hurry to supply them with their needs to increase my income. Luckily I had bunkered up with a couple of millions before I did this. When I finally upgraded my last house to Executive level, I had roughly 500,000 credits left.

Still trying to come up with names for the cities though

Yance's City[]


C.L.A.M. by night

In C.L.A.M., negotiations never cease, so even at night it's bustling with activity. Notice the P.E.A.R.L. Harbor (no pun intended) in the upper-right corner. C.L.A.M. is up for renovation though, so stay tuned.

Dr Superbot's Cities[]


My latest city metropolis with 16k population

This is my latest city Metropolis with 16k population and still 3/4th finished. Use of ornamental objects can be seen....

City of Venera

This my latest city stil under construction.. It has got 11k residents and still expanding

Fishing harbor

My fishing harbour and health food Factories in background

Health food inc.

This island named health food inc. supplies health food(20 factories) and tea to 20k ecos it is powered by dam seen in pic..

Comm. inc.

only 13 comm. factories supply 20k eco pop. as they r working at 175% eco balance -112


View of monument at fully finished with 22038 population

Naval base

My naval base with all eco tycoon and tech docks

Zazamuth3's Cities[]

Large tycoon City

Large Tycoon City approx 23,000 population

Based on H2O transition. 7,656 Tycoon Executives. +760 Ecobalance. Powered by double Nuclear Powerplant and a +700 Hydroelectric Powerplant. Triple Guardian. Farms run 229%. Plants run on 154%. Satisfaction +15%. 0 Congress Centers and 3 Ministry of truths with Amplitude modulated carrier wave.


Small Research city for module Production

Nathadir's Cities[]

Nathadir Large Eco City Destiny

Large Eco city. 25,849 population, with 9320 Executives.

This city utilizes 3 Monuments to cover almost all residences advanced beyond Worker barracks, meaning I can use Nuclear power plants without repercussions due to revolts.

Shal5's cities[]


My pre-monument tycoon city, with production and a small harbour in the background.

Marlowe69's city[]

Claudio's city: El Dorado[]


Start-up Eco and Tycoon cities.

All three monuments and all three factions coexisting peacefully on a large island with high energy, high ecobalance, and no production facilities. Map seed is 55782, which comprises some of the best islands in the game. All settings on easiest.

I started by building two basic Eco and Tycoon cities on the same island using corridor layouts, just enough to get me to the 1400 executives required to build the monuments. Then I did the same with a Tech city, on another island, for 1250 Geniuses. Production chains for these start-up cities were hosted partly on the main islands and partly on the surrounding islands, but I made sure to only use the top half of the map and leave the rest for later. (NB: I ran a game with no opponents who expand -- Leon, Tilda, Vadim, Thor -- so if your game has these, be sure to colonize quickly and take all the space for yourself: you'll need it).


Early monument layout. By the end I would rearrange the roads almost entirely.


Finished monuments and slums.

Once my three factions were stable, my balance was around +3,000, and I had stockpiled on stuff, I began to build the monuments on El Dorado. Eco and Tycoon were built simultaneously; Tech later. Meanwhile, I began to plan and lay out the new city. You want to decide on your basic layout before you build the monuments, of course. I knew from the get-go that I wanted the Science Forum and the LC/HQ on two separate sides of the river, and I knew I wanted to connect them all to give the impression of peaceful coexistence despite ideological differences. But other than that, I went through several stages and changed my mind quite a bit about the rest of the island, which you can see in the screenshots.

As my monuments completed, I started laying out a crapton of houses and built some 20 fisheries. Fish is all they needed at this point, for I wasn't planning on upgrading any time soon. I pretty much carpeted the island with Eco, Tycoon, and Tech tier-1 residences, and as soon as the Tech monument was done I could fill out the remaining spaces (for it removes all building restrictions anywhere on the island).


Let the sunshine in! 15 solar power plants, 1800 energy.


Tier-1 supply chains for El Dorado, just across the strait.

Now the hard part: build all-new production chains for the new island. My chains for the start-up islands were overproducing like crazy, even after passive trade, but using the same chains for El Dorado would have created massive logistical problems: I would have had to split the goods among two or more trading routes and calculate exactly how many units each ship is going to take on board on each trip to satisfy the needs of two separate populations. That's a pain in the butt, especially since El Dorado still needed to upgrade and its needs would change quickly. In short, building new production chains was logistically easier, if more time-consuming and resource-demanding. This is when saving all those extra islands for later helped a lot.


Final stats: balance, energy, ecobalance, population, etc.

I decided to let El Dorado upgrade automatically for better skyline variety. That turned out to be a wise choice, for I really like how my city looked at the end. All goods were produced off-site: fish, tea, liquor, and energy drinks on the nearest island; sushi and burgers on the next one over; communicators and plastics on a small and horribly polluted island; and so on. As usual, executive-level goods are a pain to produce, and I didn't really need them, but I did it for kicks and giggles anyway. I used the start-up islands for some of these, especially the jewelry, which requires a lot of river slots. When I started the new chains for El Dorado my balance was around +5,000 with some 1.5 million in the bank. As soon as El Dorado hit engineer level, the balance skyrocketed and far outweighed the cost of executive-level production chains. As you can see, by the end of the game I had +31,000 and 10 million, virtually infinite money by Anno economy standards.


Fully upgraded and decorated El Dorado.

Energy production is a massive undertaking on this scale. My map had five dams, all of which were in use; I got five "alwinic anion catalyst" things, whatever that is, from Trenchcoat. I also used two of the four geothermal power plants (with bonuses to make tsunamis impossible) and I covered one large island entirely in solar panels. No nuclear and no coal, and not for any particular reason: I just didn't get around to it. Lots of energy transmitters, all feeding into El Dorado. Of course, high energy means high ecobalance, which is great for fertility and looks awesome.

This continuous game took some 28 hours and generated 2.8 million points. It was a lot of fun and not as stressful as I had imagined, especially with all the redundant chains and massive administrative costs. The final product looks amazing -- to me anyway. This map seed also had a bigger island, on which DirtyHoeTel build one of the most amazing Anno cities I have ever seen (screenshots here and here). I considered using that, but I liked the varied geography of this one and it fit my vision better. Perhaps next time!

Check out the rest of my screenshots from El Dorado here! :-)

Claudio's city: UniverCity[]


Fully upgraded city. Look at that beauty!


Starting layout with space for the monument.

This is a gigantic Tech research installment based on my Foundations for Large Tech City layout.

UniverCity has 2000+ assistants, 17000+ researchers, 5000+ geniuses, and most of all 48 labs and 32 academies, all running at 500%.

It is my go-to savegame for round-the-clock general research, which is needed to unlock all formulas and ark upgrades for use in other games. Module production is a secondary priority. (And before you say that that's "cheating," remember that the online Ark storage was designed exactly for this purpose: use it well and use it smartly).


Produce ALL the drinks!

Supporting such a large population was a honest-to-god nightmare, especially since I foolishly started this on a map with relatively few underwater plateaus. I eventually ended up destroying my executive-level Eco and Tycoon underwater production chains to make room for the Tech ones, which, as you can see in the screenshots, are massive indeed... I count 54 immunity drugs factories and 31 energy drink factories on the main supply island alone.



C-Buck's City[]


My longest Continuous Play, and pretty much my research/reserve/resource game. A little under 20,000 in population, all three factions reside happily on one single island. All three monuments have been built, and all production chains/requirements fulfilled, with slight overproduction. The layout is based on NanoSuitNinja's Deep Ocean tutorials on YouTube, allowing for spacious areas to plant trees, add gardens or other beautification items. The factions are built mainly around their monuments, but the Executives and Genius levels do mingle near the center, to add a more collaborative feel.

This island has no production, save for fisheries, and all other production is based on the surrounding islands. The main production Island is.. well, nasty. All resources are shipped to it from the surrounding islands and underwater plateaus, and then sent to the City. The city isle maintains a positive ecobalance of 600+, and power at 235. Tax income of 8500, give or take a few unhappy old folks.