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There are many ways to expand Anno 2070. That can be done with a simple DLC or a large Add-On.

Those extensions are usually made by the game developer, Ubisoft in this case. But often, players of the game have also their own ideas. For those ideas is this page. Feel free to add your own dreamings and maybe Ubisoft use them in the future!

Note: to make this page not too long, please add here just a link to a blog post if you've made a very long expansion.

See also Player Cities.

Players' Add-Ons[]

The Community's Add-On[]

Humanity's End[]

The Troposphere[]

War Change[]

Licence to Kill[]

The Underground[]

Global Trust-Reinassance Package[]

Add-on Idea by Shal5[]

New Playable Factions and Sub Factions[]

Players' DLCs[]

DLC: "Special Edition"[]

Some will recognize it: you buy the normal edition of Anno 2070, you love the game, you want the bonus content, but there's no way to buy it, except from buying the game another time. To avoid that, I've designed the "Special Edition" DLC.

  • Nanotechnology Package - Includes: Portrait: Breona Ibori
  • Marine Mammals Package - Includes: Formula: Sound Wave Modulator; Formula: Biosphere Generator
  • Sea Leopard Package - Includes: Commando Ship: "Sea Leopard" Look
  • Special Edition Complete Package - Includes: Nanotechnology Package; Marine Mammals Package; Sea Leopard Package

Tom Moore DLC by tbm1986 (includes a campaign and new goods/production chains/buildings)

Players' Elements[]

This is a public section. Anybody can edit this, but please use the available layout to prevent confusion.



Oil Power[]

Oil Power is generated from Fuel. The Fuel Factory is now also available to Tycoon Employees: you don't need Techs anymore. The Oil Energy Station produces 80 Power with 22 Ecobalance amount of maintenance. It is 4 x 5. Requirement: Tycoon Employees.

Gas Power[]

Gas is produced from Methane, a natural resource. It is mined with something like an Oil Driller, but is is 2 times as large and 3 times the output, at 1.5 times the costs. It produces Methane, and an Enricher (Oil Refinery with.75 the balance/eco, ~1.33 times the power and 4 x 4 space) turns that Methane into Gas. Gas can be used in a Gas Electricity Station. The Gas Electricity Station has 20 balance cost, 120 power output and 35 ecobalance cost. It uses up 5 x 5. Requirement: Tycoon Engineers.


Biofuel is sown on 4 3x4 fields and does not require any fertility, as it is sown with trees. The fallen leaves are pressurized and turned into fuel. The fuel is then burned in a Bioburner, producing 25 power for 15 balance, but 2 ecobalance cost because of some tiny amounts of (smokey) output. The Oak Pressurizer takes up 10 balance and 3 power. No eco costs. Requirement: Eco Workers.

Land Geothermal Power[]

The Land Geothermal Generator is placed anywhere, and only takes 8 radius. It has a balance of 40, but is quite large, 8 x 6. It produces 60 power, and when Inhabitants are in it's influence radius, it will reduce it's balance, as if the Inhabitants were to pay taxes for the hot water. However, the island must have Geyser Fertility. Requirement: Eco Employees.

Tidal Power[]

The power of the waves can be harnessed using Tidal Generators. They generate 20 electricity for a 3x2 harbor area building without influence radiuses. The balance is 30. Requirement: Eco Engineers.

FotR - Hydropower[]

Unlike the much larger Hydroelectric Dam, the Flow-of-the-River Generator can be build on any river site and produce 60 power with 10 balance and 2 ecobalance. When not using River Sites, it is an ecofriendly alternative to the Coal Power Station. Requirements: Lab Assistants


Using the Hydrogen Electrolyser described below, one could make Hydrogen, a good which can be transported over islands. In every island Hydrogen is present, the H2O Generator can produce up to 120 power for every ~.67 Hydrogen Electrolyser producing Hydrogen for it. The H2O Generator takes up a 3x6 floorplan and costs 28 building modules, 13 tools and 17 carbon to build. It has a -85 balance effect and is as good as eco-neutral, even though the extra added water may or may not pick up about .0004 grams of slightly toxic materials from the machines, rating it -2 ecobalance. Requirement: Researchers.


The marvelous power of Atomic Fusion has finally been brought to play by the LFG, the Laser Fusion Generator. While still being slightly unstable, one could now harness the power of the Atom and get enormous profit with no damage to the environment whatsoever. The Harbor-based Hydrogen Electrolyser (3x4, 20 power, 50 balance) can produce Hydrogen for one LFG. The LFG one it's turn (12x18, 120 balance) can, at 100%, produce 2000 power! But there is a catch: as it is not stable yet, it can explode violently, wiping everything to ashes in a 64 tile radius. The Ecobalance will be permanentle damaged: -500 ecobalance, due to the irredusable radioactivity generated. The chanches of this happening are .01%. Are you brave enough? Requirement: Geniuses.


The Lightning Generator is a building that attracts lightning. That is a 5x5 building that can make 4 3x4 fields and each of them will create 20 power each. The costs are for building: 20 building modules, 20 tools and 10 carbon, 50 credits per minute upkeep and no ecobalance effect. Requirement: Researchers.



This building is a Tycoon speciality. It's 18x24 and consists of an overviewing dome with a quarry beneath it. One can expand the quarry to be able to mine more coal simultaniously, but it does go at a cost for balance, power and ecobalance. Basically, every new layer dug costs 25 maintenance, 35 power and 20 ecobalance to maintain and it costs 80 tools and 30 steel to open the new layer up, a process which takes 1 minute. However, the advantage is that it will never require more space in the width. There are versions for Granules, Coal, Iron ore, Copper, Limestone and Uranium. Warning: If you have the Underground beneath it, the 150th layer will cause the entire quarry to cave in the Underground. No refund. You basically have a 18x24 hole in the ground you can't fill in.

Strip Mine[]

My take on the above player's idea. A 6x6 "building" that produces coal, iron, copper, or limestone (each a different building, like Deep Ocean metal converters) at the standard rate of a mine. Relatively cheap to operate. Huge eco damage. It is "indestructable" in the sense that it can never be destroyed through damage, and that destroying enemy strip mines is not required to defeat them. The player can voluntarily demolish it, but doing so costs 50 building material and 20 tools to fill in the hole. Putting the strip mine on sleep / pause mode reduces the power requirement to 0.

Fisherman's Ark[]

This is a ship basically, that you can send out on Expeditions to harvest fish. It consists of a floating dome of about 9x9, costing 80 balance to keep up, and power, which can be accomplished using the Eco way or the Tycoon way: install windmills costing an additional 20 balance, or give the Ark some coal before you send it off. The Expeditions send the Ark outside the map, but the costs still drag on. It will spend 10 minutes there, before coming back with anything between 120 tons to 250 tons of fish and 12 tons to 18 tons of lobster. If you're lucky, the fishing drones find a prototype or two as well. Initial construction costs 7500 credits 250 bricks, 150 tools, 75 carbon and 3 minutes.

Dam Filter[]

The Hydro-electric Dam can be upgraded with Sand and Gold filters. These half the power output and double the ecodamage, but they harvest the Sand/Gold on an Island, depending on your choice of Filter. The deposits are being depleted in a halflife of one hour. This means it will take very long to get the last few deposits, while the first are gathered at lightspeed. The Filters cannot be installed in the same dam at the same time. Installation and destallation take 3 minutes each, in which the dam does not produce any power and the ecodamage is doubled.


This building is 12x15 and produces oil at the rate of 15 Tycoon Oil Drillers from the islands deposits. It costs half the total of those Drillers in running costs but ecodamage, which is equal to 15 Drillers. It costs 5000 credits, 180 building modules, 120 tools and 30 concrete to construct.

Green Tower[]

This building is an Eco speciality. It's 18x24 and consists of 4 high spires in the corners. It is basically a stack farm: you build a farm on top of another farm. Each layer has the output of 3 farms of the type of tower you have chosen, and the costs are equal times 3.5. A new layer costs 50 maintenance, 35 power, 10 ecobalance, 80 tools, 30 glass and 1 minute. There is a Green Tower for every plant farm in the game on dry land. Warning: The 150th layer will cause the tower to collapse. No refund.

Chimney Park[]

This building is a speciality of the Tycoons. It is an 24x32 area in which you can place factories for 2x2 each without need for roads or depots and maintanance is cut by half. The ecodamage is doubled, though. It costs 500 credits, 30 building modules, 30 tools, 15 concrete and 8 steel.

Circle of Life[]

This building is a speciality of the Ecos. It is an 24x32 area in which you can place factories for 2x2 each without the need for roads or depots and ecodamage is cut by half. The power required is doubled, though. It costs 500 credits, 30 building modules, 30 tools, 15 wood and 8 glass.


This building is a speciality of the Techs. It is an 24x32 area in which you can place factories for 2x2 each without the need for roads or depots and power requirements are cut by half. The maintanance is doubled, though. It costs 500 credits, 30 building modules, 30 tools and 25 carbon.

Building Area Expansion[]

Mountain Annihilator[]

This building is placed on a mine site, and after 30 minutes, the mountain it was placed on has been reduced to building area. Costs: 5000 credits, 200 tools, 60 maintenance, 40 power, 60 ecobalance. The ecobalance damage will remain after the mountain has been annihilated. It produces 70 tons of a mix between Granules and Sand.

Artificial Plateau[]

This building is an 15x15 area to be filled in next to an Underwater Plateau. It costs 2500 credits 120 sand, 80 granules, 50 tools, 160 maintenance and 60 power to run it, for the first 10 minutes, that is. When it is complete, the Plateau you've placed it next to has an new 15x15 area to expand upon. It will collapse back into seafloor when a tsunami/earthquake appears, though.

Floating Island Mass[]

This project enables the player to create floating islands which move gradually around the sector, these islands require the ark to be holding 2000 Building Modules, 1200 Tools, 500 Oil, 300 Iron Ore and 300 Coal Ore and cost 50000 credits to make. Floating islands take 30 minutes to build and provide a circular 60x60 area, these islands have a starting eco-balance of -50 which can be improved. These islands can only provide 3 fertility and no Mining Sites, this means they can only have Eco based Power. The Island can have beach buildings but only on the coast, they cannot be built off-coast without a Quay connecting to the island. The Island can be stopped by building the Island Anchor at a 5000 credit cost and 500 Steel and 100 Glass to construct, this Anchor allows for the island to be stopped anywhere.

Be aware that a floating island can crash into a stationary island forming a large landmass however destroying all buildings in the influence of the collision.

Seismic Project

This project allows the player to build underneath an island and allows the same space as the above section of the island. Below ground there are no fertility however there are two mining sites underground for everyone above ground one, this underground section also directly connects to the above ground so transport of goods is instant, it also shares the eco-balance and income. The underground civilization suffers 3 Disasters, the first is Flood, similar to a Tsunami this is a water influenced disaster. It causes the entire underground section to become flooded destroying any buildings underneath, it requires Bulk-Head Plates to stop the flooding spreading to the above ground section of the island, and then needs a Draining System Building Built to remove the water. The second disaster is Cave-In which will full destroy the island both under and above ground except for a ring around the outside of the top of the island where the coast is. This can be prevented by building Hyper-Tensile Support Beams to hold the "roof" of the underground section up. The third and final disaster has benefits as it is the volcanic crack. The Volcanic Crack can occur on any island in a sector with Geothermic Activity. It will create a pool of lava in a random area of the underground section which may begin as big as a 10x10 area. The Lava will expand unless a Fire-Proof Barrier Wall is put in place. Once this is done the Lava can be used as another source of energy. The underground section to an island increases its item sockets by 3 to compensate for the disasters. It also is more likely to have rarer metals than its above ground equivalent.

Aerial Project

Another project involving expansion on an island that does not affect width or length is the Aerial Project. This builds a glass Section above the island allowing for further development. This can be done a total of three times so in combination with the Seismic Project can create a 5-Level Island. The Sky Sections do not have fertility or Mining sites to begin with, however by using buildings to connect the land to the sky this can be done. To create river fertility a Sky Pipe is needed, this connects to a dam on the base island and creates a new dam on the level above, this can be repeated for all levels, the player then must construct a river path which leads either into the ocean of the rivers on the level below. To get plant fertility Helium Soil is needed, this can be created in an Academy and each one created will allow for one of the base islands fertility to be used on the above levels. The last fertility available is the mining fertility which requires Snow Mountains on the base island. The Seismic Shift Device available at the Academy is used to push the mountains up however based on the size of the mountain this can only be done a maximum of 2 times. There are also several ores unable to be pushed up to these levels. They are Uranium, Coal and Gold (River). There are also Disasters that can affect the Sky Sections to an island. The first is the Hurricane Winds, when a Tornado cuts through a sector if it gets close enough to the island then it may force the sky section to be launched off, this will only happen if there are no Mountains attached to the sky section. There is no way to prevent this other than the regular ways to prevent Tornadoes. The second disaster is the Shatter Fall. The Shatter Fall occurs similar to a Nuclear Meltdown in which its chances increase over time. Shatter Fall causes all buildings to fall due to supports failing an any building which falls will destroy the buildings beneath it. This can be lowered by creating Hyper-Tensile Support Beams similar to the Cave-In. The Sky section can support defensive turrets and Airports as well as general buildings such as Residential and Production.


The Manta[]

At their 3rd level of population, the Tech faction gains access to the Manta, a medium sized submersible aircraft carrier that can refuel and repair aircraft. It has two slots, which means it can host up to two Choppers or a single Hawk.

Dolphin Rider[]

A population 1 Eco vehicle. Essentially a man in a scuba suit on a trained dolphin. Excellent speed make them a good scout, but extremely low HP. Has the ability to attach a mine to an enemy vessel: the mine does 50 damage and inflicts an EMP paralysis effect for 1 minute. 5 minute cooldown.

Scramble Drone[]

A population 3 Eco aircraft. Built from the normal eco shipyard. These fast robotic fliers do 0 damage and have only 1 HP. However, they have a radius of static charge. Any building within the radius operates at 50% effficiency, and any ship within their radius has its attack power and speed reduced by 50%. Your own units are shielded against your own scramble drones so there's no danger of harming yourself. Requires 0 fuel to remain aloft.

The Storm Cloud[]

A population 4 Eco aircraft. This is the militarized version of the ozone blimp. They are built at an airfield that looks similar to the Ozone Maker Station's landing pad; each airfield supports only one Storm Cloud. About as slow as a FireBird, but armed with extremely long-range heat guns that do decent damage over time and can generally outrange most anti-air defenses (unless they have had their range ungraded with items 2 or 3 times). Requires 0 fuel to remain aloft. Low HP though, since it's supported by a gasbag, so it doesn't take much damage to down it.

Strindberg-class Fighter[]

A population 3 Tycoon aircraft. These are very fast aircraft, faster than a chopper even, and represent modern fighters. They can only attack other aircraft, but they are very effective at it. However, they only have enough fuel to remain airborne for roughly a minute, and any fighter without orders will return to base immediately. Their special ability is to go "on alert"; this will allow any Alert Beacons to call them to intercept enemies; see below. On Alert is an on/off toggle with no cooldown or other associated cost.

As the name implies, these fighters are produced by Thor Strindberg, and are being leased to the greater Global Trust military forces.

Precision Bomber[]

A population 4 Tycoon aircraft. As with the fighters above, these are engage-and-return style bombers. Much, much faster than a FireBird. Their payloads do effective damage, and repeated bombing runs can yield real results. Because of their speed, they can be difficult to engage and destroy without serious anti-air protection. However, they do cost a lot of fuel to operate, and each time they rearm it requires 1 heavy weapon item.

Tycoon Airfield[]

A modern airfield with a long landing strip but many hangers. Has 8 "slots", but eacy Tycoon aircraft only takes 1 slot.

Alert Beacon[]

Not a vehicle, but a building desinged to work with Stindberg-class Fighters. These 1x1 towers have a very low upkee and power requirement and a large radius. If any enemy aircraft enters their radius, they call Srindberg-class Fighters that are have their On Alert ability active on the same island to take off and automatically engage and attempt to destroy the intruders.

Nanosuit Ninja[]

An assassin able to be hired from Ebashi or Trenchcoat who grants you control of an warehouse or depot. 3 minutes of running in a nearby ship to accomplish the task. The Nanosuit Ninja disappears and starts to take over depots nearest to the took-over depot, 3 minutes per depot, until the entire island has been conquered, after which he disappears permanently. He can also take over ships, aircraft or submarines, or destroy them. Also disappears after action here (but only after every enemy ship in the vicinity has been conquered/destroyed. He has Ark upgrades, allowing faster takeovers, and a chance of loyalty for a second task of 20%. He also has a chance of failure, though, 5%. You can also hire an Nanosuit Ninja for defense, who will assasinate the enemy Nanosuit Ninja and has a 60% chance of succeeding. A tribute to NanosuitNinja.

Nanosuit Brotherhood[]

A batch of 5 assassins, much rarer than the already very scarce Nanosuit Ninja discussed above. They, however, won't fail, do 5 depots/ships simultaniously and remain loyal for eternity. When fighting another Nanosuit Brotherhood however, they will have the same chances as was for Nanosuit Ninjas. They can defend too.

Tycoon Titan[]

A powerful vehicle which doubles as an Aircraft Carrier and a Fishing Ship. This ship is very slow and has a 6, 50t Cargo Holds. It can deal 10dps to Aircraft, 7dps to Ships and 3dps to Submarines. Its special attribute is the Financial Warhead which releases a Nuke for at the cost of 60000 credits. It gathers fish 6 times as fast as a regular Fishing Warf and can hold 2 Choppers or a Hawk.

Eco Titan[]

This relatively fast ship allows for a miniature Warehouse and also is a plant growth center. This ship moves quicker than its Tycoon counter-part however has 4, 70t Cargo Holds. It can deal 5dps to Aircraft, 10dps to Ships and 5dps to Submarines. It can grow two different plants at 3 times that of their respective facilities. It has the special attribute Green Sun which increases the production of the plant facilities on it by 50% for 5 minutes. By functioning as a warehouse it can trade goods with other ships instead of going to the arks or warehouses, it can also order goods similar to the Ark.

Tech Titan[]

The Tech Titan is the most expensive of the three Titan Class ships and functions as a Ship, Submarine and Aircraft, is capable of producing Glass, Steel and Carbon over time and can settle on underwater plateaus without the need for any construction goods. It has the largest Cargo holds of the Titan classes with 8, 100t Cargo Holds. It can deal large amounts of damage to all vehicles by dealing 9dps to Aircraft, 8dps to Ships and 9dps to Submarines. Its special ability is Research Tower, this changes the ship from producing Steel, Glass and Carbon to a Research facility where it can research 3 Technologies before changing back automatically. It is also able to change from a Ship to a Submarine or an Aircraft. This changes how much if any damage it takes from enemy ships however it takes approximately 30 seconds for it to change. Lastly it can settle on Underwater Plateaus however once it has done so it cannot be undone and all items and goods will be stored in it. It functions similar to a port authority as it cannot be upgraded after this however still has a connection to the surface for trade.

Lander Ship[]

The lander ship is like a commando ship but can roll up onto the shore. you unlock it with level 3 techs and is built in an Eco or Tycoon shipyard. it dose 7dps to aircraft and 9dps to ships. When you roll onto shore it can launch missiles at buildings and if it has building modules and tools stored can build walls and turrets to help attack.


Luna Solaris[]

A Project of all Tech and Eco parties to construct an giant solar power plant on the moon, to provide extremely much power. It consists of much dedication and investments of time, resources and credits. After completion, those who have an Lunar Reciever will enjoy the benefits (what would be 1000 power per map). One could also build a shuttle in the academy to be send to the moon where it will construct one more batch of solar panels for you, providing 20 more power. It is expensive, but the benefits will remain for eternity (until Luna Mars, which is to be found on my blog post (Kered_14)).

Media Control Tower[]

This Project is available for Tech and Tycoon Factions. It attempts to create the first Mind-Control device, by doing so it will enhance residents sector-wide with decreased needs as well as increased Tax Income. It requires large amounts of Both Tycoon and Tech Production Goods as well as researched Technologies and a colossal amount of credits. Upon Completion it decreases all needs for all residents on all islands in the sector by 50% and also increases Tax Income by 25%. It also covers the need for Information among all Factions in the sector. It can finally make expeditions in the core of the Earth. By Doing so it will be able to increase Tax Income by 1% each time, this will eventually lead to the Syndicate of Media known as Max Information Corp. which provide residents with Participation and Entertainment needs as well as decreasing the other needs down to 25%. (Serperion555)

Hyper Center[]

The most expensive project in the game costing multiple hundreds of millions of credits. This combination of Eco and Tycoon will allow for the Production of all Buildings to increase drastically as well as decrease Energy consumption and Eco degradation. It will also supply Tools and Building Modules over time as an added bonus. The costs however are far greater than Luna Solaris and Media Control Tower combined. The island it is built on requires Warehouse storage exceeding 1000 tons. It needs Building Modules, Tools, Concrete, Wood, Steel, Glass, Carbon, Kerosene, Ammunition, Heavy Weapons, Uranium, Gold, a large quantity of Technologies, and a huge sector population (50000+). Once completed Production for all other buildings in the sector increases to 300%, it also allows lowers Energy Consumption for all other buildings by 50% if the building has energy consumption, thirdly it removes Eco degradation on all islands including natural occurrences such as Nuclear Power Plants and Nuclear Missiles. There are several post-construction costs however, the building itself costs several thousand credits to run as well as a massive Power need itself (2500+) and causes horrible Eco Damage to the Island it is on, lowering it to -999 excluding external influences. Is it worth it, well for the icing on the cake this building allows all fertilities in the sector to be available from the completion, this means there is no need for Seed items to be bought. overall the building itself makes it very prone to being destroyed from ecological disasters unless large amounts of Eco-Balancers are placed on the same island. (Serperion555)

Time Manipulation Device[]

What happens to an Anno Game when you run out of things to do? You've defeated all your opponents and your cities are just pouring in the money, so where to go? The Past! or the Future? The Time Manipulation Device a machine which allows the user to transport Cargo into the past or future, now you might think "Wouldn't this cause a paradox or rip through the space-time continuum, well yes but here is where it compensates, the Time Manipulation Device does not just go to the Past or Future but also into a Pocket Dimension which contains untouched Islands, the bonus to this? Well for each upgrade you make to the Time Manipulation Device it creates an additional Portal to another Pocket Dimension allowing for up to 10 separate Pocket Dimension. But what does this have to do with Time Travel? Well each Dimension runs on different time intervals meaning you can place a building in a pocket dimension and go into its future where you can collect the resource, now here's the snag with taking things from a Pocket Dimension's past, they cannot be touched ever again but you can however still obtain untouched resources. There is one last thing which must be explained before getting to the costs, you cannot under any circumstances travel through the hub Time Manipulation Device's dimension's timeline (The starting dimension) because of legal formalities with the directors of Space and Time but that's another story so the costs. To build the machine itself in its initial state will require the research of several technologies, first is the Dimensional Rift Capture Device which costs 100 tools, 50 Gold, 5000 Credits and 20 Platinum, the Second technology is the Time Flux Stabilizer which costs 125 tools, 30 Uranium, 100 Oil and 50 Coal. Lastly is the Gateway which costs 250 Tools, 100 Building Modules, 20 Platinum, 20 Gold, 50 Iron, 30 Uranium, 100 Oil and 10000 Credits. Together these three Technologies can be used to create the Time Manipulation Device which aside from the three technologies also costs 85000 credits and 200 building modules. Each upgrade acquired for the Device requires the following; 100 Tools, 100 Building Modules and 80 of two of the following resources (Wood, Steel, Glass, Concrete, Kerosene, Oil, Coal, Platinum) chosen at random. Lastly is the post-construction costs, after completion the device will not instantly open a portal to another dimension but requires time to gain energy this can take between 1 and 20 minutes based on how much spare energy the island it is on has. Once charged it can be used to transport the Ark as well as 5 Ships to a pocket dimension. A word of warning some pocket dimensions aren't always free-range there may be some poor lost soul who fell in a temporal anomaly and has settled here so expect potential competition. (Serperion555)