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The Player Statistics are each player's unique, always-updated statistics, which are available in the player menu/overview.

The Statistics[]

The Statistics consists of several different main parts: your goods production, your total population, your total energy production, and your average ecobalance as well as your most efficient ecobalance building and worst environmental pollution.

Total Population[]

The Total Population page shows you your exact number of people you have settled during the time you have played the game. It also shows how long time you spent before attaining each population class. There is also an overview of the percentage each population class makes out of your total population.

Total Goods Production[]

Your Total Goods Production page shows you how many tons of goods you have produced. Everything from Fish to Carbon to Service Bots is written in updated amounts in this page. This statistics increases whenever you produce goods: the more you produce, the higher your statistics will become.

Total Energy Production[]

This page will show you how many units of power you have produced. It will also show all of your energy production, ranked after how many units you have prodcued with each of them. It will also show you the most amount of energy you have produced ever in a single session/game.


This page will show your average ecobalance. It will also show which buildings that are your most efficient ecobalance building, and which building that are your worst environmental pollution. As with the energy statistics, the ecobalance statistics will show you how many units of ecobalance you have been able to produce in a single session.

See also: Statistics Center (map-specific Statistics)


Theres a glitch with the statistics which sometimes make the game believe a player has attained more than a thousand Geniuses immediately upon activation of the Deep Ocean Expansion. The player will instantly receive an achievement for settling a given amount of Geniuses, even though the player hasn't settled them.

World Statistics[]


The World Statistics as they appear when you first open the menu, you need to click on each and every category to see the total statistics


The World Statistics opened. This picture shows the statistics from November 11, 2013

Excactly the same as the Player Statistics, only that this shows the total amount of goods, energy, ecobalance, and population worldwide with all the players in the ANNO 2070 Community combined. It's available by pausing the game, and click on the "globe" symbol in the upper left corner, which will lead directely to the statistics.