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Population is a measure of how many Residents inhabit your current game. Global Population (all Islands) and Military size are summarized while hovering over the Population-icon.png Population icon in the upper-left hand corner of the display; as pictured on the right.

Global population.png

Total Global Population may also be located at any Warehouse, Depot or Port Authority in the upper-right hand corner, without associated summary or details. Population warehouse.png

Population island.png

Population is also broken down on a per Island basis. Selecting a City Center or completed Monument brings up an info panel (as shown) displaying Global Tax Income at the top and Local Island-centric information thereafter.

Information is detailed according to Population, Tax income and Residences, which include fractions representing the current/maximum allowable number of Residents or Residences per level, ie: (3,250/5,000). At the bottom of the display are 3 separate tabs for Population, Ecology and Energy.

Note: Whenever Ascension Rights are Denied (set to Manual) and every condition to advancement is met, minor up-arrow icons will appear next to the appropriate Residence types, accompanied by a number indicating the amount of buildings which may be upgraded. These icons must be pressed manually to advance Residences to the next level.

There are a total of 11 Population Groups in Anno 2070 across 3 playable Factions: 4 for Ecos, 4 for Tycoons and 3 for Techs (2 without the Deep Ocean Expansion). Each Population Group in Anno 2070 allows for expanded construction options, but also imposes greater demands on the City's infrastucture.


Residences are 3x3 building complexes in which your Residents dwell. These units are upgradable over time and will become more populous, advanced and visually impressive as their Inhabitants prosper.

Unlike other buildings, Residences can be rotated (hotkeys:,.) and their building model changed (hotkey:C) after being built. Upgraded Residences of the same faction and level link together when built adjacent to one another.

Residences are an essential part of Anno 2070. Residents consume Goods while supplying Credits through Taxation in return and are subdivided into ranks called Civilization levels, dependent on the Population of the rank below them (if any). Accordingly, the Eco Population settles in the Eco Worker Barracks. Tycoons inhabit the Tycoon Worker Barracks and Techs begin with the Assistants' Domicile. When the Population enters into decline so too will its Residences. If a house is left completely abandoned, it will be replaced with a Residential ruin.

Needs and Desires

Needs indicate a requirement to satisfy the Inhabitants of your City. As a player, your primary challenge is catering to the Needs of your Population, which are quite simple at first, but will gradually become more complex as the Population advances to new Civilization Levels. Failing to provide for these Needs will cause Citizens to become dissatisfied and eventually leave the City, forcing Residences to decline until they inevitably become ruins. Care should be promptly taken or an out of control Deficit may lead to a Bankruptcy situation.

The several Needs which must be provided for include; Food, Drink, Lifestyle, Community, Activity, Information and Participation and may be divided into two categories -

Those which are satisfied by Goods, and those satisfied by Public buildings:

  • Food.png Food, Drink icon.png Drinks and Lifestyle.png Lifestyle are all satisfied by Goods made available through an Island's Warehouse and must be produced. When these Goods become depleted, the satisfaction and Tax levels of a certain Population Group will decrease, limited to the Goods in question. If it is a genuine Need, and not a Desire, that section of the Population will grow discontent and start to leave the City.
  • Community.png Community, Activity.png Activity, Information.png Information and Participation.png Participation are all satisfied through Public buildings. As long as a Residence lays within the Area of Influence (Radius) of these buildings, and both are connected via Road, their Needs are satisfied. The minimum number of Residences required to advance to the next level is governed by the Needs for these buildings, which may occassionally trigger Ultimatums when their Population targets are exceeded.
  • Note: Any completed Monument provides Community, Activity, Information, and Participation for all Inhabitants, regardless of faction within its Area of Influence, but a Monument foundation only provides Community.

These can be further classified as genuine Needs - necessary to maintain satisfaction - and Wants or Desires, which may be denied, by clicking on the Needs icon, through the corresponding Residence type's panel. This prevents Citizens of that class only from consuming the associated Goods, but also decreases Tax revenue generated by them. Generally, Needs consist of the Desires of the previous class, ie: Tycoon Engineers need Plastics, but Employees only want them; although need them to advance to Engineers.

In order to advance to the next Civilization level, all Needs and Desires of the current level must be fully satisfied and enabled.

Health-icon.png Emergency Services

Residences have an unlisted Need for Emergency Services, where both the chance of a Disaster occurring, and the necessary cure are unlocked simultaneously:

Every affliction has a chance to spread to nearby Residences and become more severe, depending on difficulty settings. Burning Residences will lose health until they are destroyed, while those affected by disease or crime will become dissatisfied, resulting in them moving out.

Population Groups

The following tables describe each Faction's Needs and Desires, Construction and Upgrade Costs, Ascension Rights and Population data. The first levels of Civilization start with only 2 Needs: Community.png Community and Fish.png Fish.

Note: "Pop" is the number of Inhabitants per Residence, "Res" is the number of Residences belonging to that class required to meet the "Unlock" Population, and "Ascension Rights" denotes the percentage of units which may be upgraded from the previous tier, ie: 80% of Workers can be upgraded to Employees, 60% Employees upgraded to Engineers, etc...

Eden Initiative (Ecos)

Eco logo.png Eden Initiative (Ecos)
Ascension Rights Cost Pop Category Res Unlock Need
Level 1.png
Eco Worker 60px.png
Worker Barracks
Building modules.png 2 8 Community 0 0 Eco-ctr-icon.png City Center
Food 1 1 Fish.png Fish
Drink 8 60 Tea.png Tea
Activity 18 144 Concert-hall-icon.png Concert Hall
Level 2.png
Eco Employee 60px.png
Employee House
Tools.png 1 15
Food 24 360 Health food.png Health Food
Lifestyle 40 600 Communicator.png Communicators
Information 50 750 Education-net-icon.png Education Network
Level 3.png
Eco Engineer 60px.png
Engineer Apartment
Building modules.png 2
Tools.png 2
Wood.png 3
Food 10 250 Pasta dishes.png Pasta Dishes
Drink 38 950 Bio drinks.png Bio Drinks
Participation 48 1,200 Congress-ctr-icon.png Congress Center
Level 4.png
Eco Executive 60px.png
Executive Mansion
Building modules.png 1
Tools.png 3
Wood.png 3
Glass.png 4
Lifestyle 1 1 3D Projector.png 3D Projectors
Lifestyle 30 1,200 Service bots.png Service Bots

Global Trust (Tycoons)

Tycoon logo.png Global Trust (Tycoons)
Ascension Rights Cost Pop Category Res Unlock Need
Level 1.png
Tycoon Worker 60px.png
Worker Barracks
Building modules.png 2 8 Community 0 0 Tyco-ctr-icon.png City Center
Food 1 1 Fish.png Fish
Drink 8 60 Liquor.png Liquor
Activity 18 144 Casino-icon.png Casino
Level 2.png
Tycoon Employee 60px.png
Employee House
Tools.png 1 15
Food 24 360 Convenience Food.png Convenience Food
Lifestyle 40 600 Plastics.png Plastics
Information 50 750 Ministry-truth-icon.png Ministry of Truth
Level 3.png
Tycoon Engineer 60px.png
Engineer Apartment
Building modules.png 2 (1*)
Tools.png 2 (1*)
Concrete.png 3 (2*)
Food 10 250 Luxury meal.png Luxury Meals
Drink 38 950 Champagne.png Champagne
Participation 48 1,200 Financial-ctr-icon.png Financial Center
Level 4.png
Tycoon Executive 60px.png
Executive Mansion
Building modules.png 1 (1*)
Tools.png 3 (2*)
Concrete.png 3 (2*)
Steel.png 4 (2*)
Lifestyle 1 1 Jewelery.png Jewelery
Lifestyle 30 1,200 Pharmaceuticals.png Pharmaceuticals

S.A.A.T. (Techs)

SAAT logo.png S.A.A.T. (Techs)
Ascension Rights Cost Pop Category Res Unlock Need
Level 1.png
Lab Assistant 60px.png
Assistants' Domicile
Building modules.png 3
Tools.png 2
5 Community 0 0 Tech-ctr-icon.png City Center
Food 1 1 Fish.png Fish
Food 10 50 Functional food.png Functional Food
Drink 20 100 Functional drinks.png Functional Drinks
Activity 30 150 Lab-icon.png Laboratory
Level 2.png
Researcher 60px.png
Researchers' Apartment
Building modules.png 1 (5)
Tools.png 4 (4)
Carbon.png 4 (3)
Drink 1 1 Immunity Drugs icon.png Immunity Drugs
Lifestyle 20 600 Neuroimplants Icon.png Neuroimplants
Information 20
Info-ctr-icon.png Information Center
Level 3.png
Genius 60px.png
Geniuses' Residence
Tools.png (6)
Carbon.png (2)
Lifestyle 1 1 Laboratory Instruments Icon.png Laboratory Instruments
Lifestyle 12 600 Bionic Suits Icon.png Bionic Suits

* Bonus Population (# of Inhabitants) gained via Executive media channels (Living Spaces) or Cost reductions with "Success Stories" enabled at the Ministry of Truth.
Tech Population data for the Anno 2070 - Deep Ocean Expansion; also required to unlock Geniuses, Immunity Drugs, Neuroimplants, Laboratory Instruments and Bionic Suits.

Ascension Rights

Ascension Rights constitute the right of a Residence to upgrade to the next tier. This right is automatically assigned by default, allowing the Residence to upgrade once all Needs have been met.

The Rights of Ascension may be manually managed on a per Island basis by selecting any City Center or completed Monument on that Island and pressing the Icon 27 403.png Ascension Rights icon to Ascension Denied.png Deny Ascension Rights, which applies to all Residences of that particular Island, regardless of faction.

It is also possible to Deny or Allow Automatic Ascension Rights to a particular Population class by selecting a Residence belonging to that class and pressing the Icon 27 403.png Ascension Rights icon to deny them those rights.

Residence Ready for Ascension
Ascension Rights button with visible residences ready to Ascend
Any residence which has met the criteria necessary to Ascend will display a green upward arrow over the building, but only if that particular class of Residence has Automatic Ascension Rights disabled. Select the building and use the Upgrade.png Ascension button to manually upgrade it to the next tier (hotkey:U). Upon upgrading, the Residence will develop additional Needs to advance to the next tier.

The following criteria must be met in order to Ascend a Residence:

  • Taxation is at "Euphoric" (lowest) level
  • Occupancy is at full capacity; maximum number of Inhabitants
  • All of the Residence's Needs and Desires are satisfied and in the green
  • Public buildings exist to service the Needs for Activity, Information and Participation
  • Sufficient housing units of the previous class exist, as governed by the Ascension Rights percentage
  • All Upgrade materials are available at a local Warehouse

The minimum number of Residences required to advance to the next level is governed by the Needs for Activity, Information and Participation, which are all satisfied through the construction of Public Buildings. Furthermore, the total number of housing units of a particular class is restricted to a percentage of the previous class (as in Anno 1404). If there are insufficient Residences of a lower tier, no matter how well the Population is administered to, upgrading more units will be impossible.

To quickly upgrade a large number of Residences, use the City Center's Population tab and click the Ascension arrow next to the corresponding tier (holding the Shift key upgrades all Residences of that type). Note that the arrow will not appear if there are no houses eligible for upgrades.

Unit Limit (Military Size)

Inhabitants increase the amount of Military Points available (also named Unit Limit and Military Size) based on their Population, Level and Faction. Points added by each type of citizen are rounded down before being added to the total Unit Limit. Eco and Tycoon populations are counted separately and the base Unit Limit is 10.

Attack-power-icon.png Population and Military Unit Limits
Population Class Residents per Unit Point Inhabitants per Residence Full Residences per Unit Point
Workers 30 8 3.75
Employees 50 15 (16*) 3.33 (3.13*)
Engineers 73 25 (28*) 2.92 (2.61*)
Executives 100 40 (44*) 2.50 (2.27*)
Lab Assistants 18 5 3.60
Researchers 95 30 (33*) 3.17 (2.88*)
Geniuses 133 50 (56*) 2.66 (2.38*)

* "Living Spaces" increase enabled at all Information Needs buildings.

Why won't my City advance to the next tier?

Common reasons the Population fails to advance to the next Civilization level are that their Needs have not been satisfied, they are being Taxed too high, or the correct proportions of each class are not present.

The number of Level 1 citizens limits how many Level 2 citizens you can have and so on. If you have met every required condition for advancement but your Residences still fail to advance, try building more Level 1 Barracks/Domiciles in order to increase the limit on higher Population Groups.

Eco/Tycoon Executives will refuse to immigrate to the City once their population reaches 800, until their first Executive Lifestyle Need is met, then again at 1,200 until their final Executive Need is provided for. These Needs may be disabled at will, without causing Citizens to leave the City, but they are necessary for Population growth. Tech Geniuses have no such requirement.

Note also that the Needs of Tycoons are more drastically affected by the availability of Goods than other factions, which experience a brief delay before becoming discontent.

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