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Single Missions icon Power Games Hard
Power Games
Scarce Resources, poor Soil, harsh competition. This inhospitable sector clearly separates the wheat from the chaff; so which will you be?
Objectives Defeat all other players; build the two Monuments; attain 5,000 Tycoon and Eco Executives; attain 2,500 Researchers; accumulate 1,000,000 Credits

Focus Organization, Military, Trade
NPCs Vadim Sokow, Thor Strindberg, Hector, Keto
Multiplayer possible

"My scans reports strong neutral present and bases of all factions in this sector."
—E.V.E at the start of the mission

Power Games is the hardest scenario in the basic game. It is, in the basic game, the only mission that has three difficulty stars (Gold star smallGold star smallGold star small).

Main Objectives[]


The mission starts with Vadim, Thor and Hector present on the map. Keto arrives at 2h30m into the game.

The player starts at peace with Vadim and Thor, and at war with Hector and Keto.

It is possible to keep bribing Hector into perpetual peace. It is not possible to do the same with Keto, though you can buy a Civil Protection from her which will keep your cities safe from attacks but it will also prevent you from attacking her base as well.

Vadim and Thor will occasionally present ultimatums. Failure to comply leads to war, and to attacks on the player's island(s).

Upon completion, you receive 300 career points to which ever faction that you choose.

Walkthroughs and Strategies[]

Strategy 1[]


The best strategy for this mission (and same for any Continuous game with Keto + expanding AI players) is to simply "lock" the map by settling all the uninhabited islands at the beginning of the game (somewhat of an exploit), without discovering/revealing the AI players' main islands. Once you have done so, proceed to build up to Firebird bombers.

This strategy's merits are:

  • It prevents AI players from expanding/settling new islands, because AI players will consider any island settled by the human player to be "unavailable". This not only limits their military presence, it also makes wiping them out later in the game a lot easier.
  • It prevents accidental "discovery" of AI players when they settle an uninhabited island that you previously discovered.
  • It prevents any unwanted interaction between you and the AI players. AI players will simply pretend you do not exist as long as you do not find their starting island. Therefore, if you lock out the map by settling all the islands at the beginning of the game without discovering the AI players, there is no way for Thor or Vadim to declare war on you for any reason. This allows you access to all the resources you want and build as many weapon factories as you want (having to deal with Thor is basically playing with a handicap)

Step 1: Settle your island. Your starting location is random, but the best island to start on is the bottom-left (with top-left being the worst since you'll encounter Hector right away). The bottom-left island is ideal because it is located away from Hector (which buys you some valuable time for "locking" the map), and has river slots for building Flour Mills and Sand Extractors (the bottom-right island has no river slots). This is simply a matter of convenience, however - since you are locking the map out anyway, you have access to (almost) all the islands on the map and all the resources you require.

Step 2: Build up! You are on a very tight time table. I have beaten Keto twice on this scenario and timed my progress - ideally you should reach the 3rd level of civilization (Engineers) at 1hr30min before Keto's arrival, unlock the Tech faction, and reach Researcher status at about 1 hour before Keto's arrival. This will give you ample amount of time to build up your Firebird fleet. Do note, however, that keeping this time table can be very difficult - you don't have a lot of time to toy with building placement or making your settlement neat and pretty. SAVE OFTEN! It is always a good idea so you can undo your mistakes.

  • Dealing with Hector: Although Thor and Vadim won't be an issue, Hector will discover you sooner or later (considering you are sprawled across the map). Unlike other AI players, which require your ship to be within the vicinity of their island to discover them, Hector will begin interacting with you as soon as one of his scout ships come near an island you settled. Fortunately, Hector generally does not attack your warehouses - he seems to do so only if he happens to destroy one of your ships near a warehouse (which leaves his warships in the vicinity of the warehouse). For the very early part of the game, I recommend switching to freight ships as quickly as possible and forego the Commando ship (Hector will periodically chase your Commando ship down, even across the map). Since you can use Writ of Protection with Hector immediately upon discovering him, he won't be able to touch your trade ships. This also means your warehouses are safe since his warships won't linger near their vicinity. Build up your economy quickly, though, so you can start bribing Hector for peace as early as possible.
  • Demand quests: Discover the three neutral parties (Yana, Rufus, and Devi) as soon as possible so you can start demanding quests from them. With the pressure of keeping up a tight time table, and rushing to progress your civilization level, you will find yourself constantly in need of credits - and oftentimes doing quests will provide you just the money you need to, say, unlock the Tech faction at 1:30, or buy your precious submarines - not to mention all those expensive Tech buildings.
  • Establish a solid economy: You will be paying a decent chunk of money to Hector for maintaining peace, and when money gets tight you may have to take out loans from the neutral parties. So have a decent tax income!

Step 3: Tech faction! Once you have unlocked the Tech faction (ideally 1hr30min before Keto's arrival), start making Carbon and Fuel immediately - you will need a lot of it. It also doesn't hurt to lay out the basic infrastructure for High-Tech weapon production (Chip factory, iron smelters, etc.) when you are close to unlocking researchers. I personally do recommend that you establish Functional Drink/Functional Food production rather than buying them/saving them for temporary Researcher upgrade then demolishing the Researcher residence (like specified in some guides). The reason for keeping the Researchers around is so you can purchase Carbon and High-Tech Weapons from Professor Devi in case you didn't produce enough in time (the Increase Demand ability for Devi comes in very handy in this case). If possible, advance to Researchers 40min to 1 hour before Keto's arrival. You should at least have 2 Firebirds out 20 minutes before Keto's arrival (this shouldn't be difficult if you keep using Devi's Increased Demand ability to buy up the Carbon and High-Tech Weapons you need) - these two Firebirds are on a special assignment: Destroy Hector.

Step 4: Time for Hector's beddy-bye! 2 Firebirds pack just enough firepower to instantly destroy Hector's base with their Bombing Run ability. Hector's destruction is essential to your fight against Keto, because when Hector's base is destroyed, all his Raiders sink and leave behind valuable items you will need! Among these are typically several white flags, a bunch of miscellaneous unit/ark upgrades, and most importantly, a large amount of cloaking devices, which are the key to destroying Keto. You want to eliminate Hector at least 10 to 15 minutes prior to Keto's arrival so you can make your preparations (i.e. fuel up your birds, collect the items from Hector's ships, etc.)

Step 5: Keto arrives! By this time, it is very important that you have at least 3 Firebirds (preferably with the 4th already built or on the way to being built). Why is this? Because Keto is on Hard mode, which gives her flag ship has a whopping 20,000 hitpoints. Each Firebird can do 3000 damage on a bombing run - so do the math: 3x3000 = 9000, which isn't enough to destroy Keto's ship even with two bombing runs. You need at least 3 Firebirds on the first bombing run and 4 on the second bombing run. Provided that your income is solid, however, having 4 Firebirds 10 minutes before Keto even arrives can be very easy (hint: Professor Devi and Increase Demand...) What is so good about the Firebird strategy, you ask? Here's the beauty of it: You can destroy Keto without taking a single hit from her. Here's how:

  • Have all of your sea-going ships equipped with a White Flag. You shouldn't have more than 3 or 4 ships at this point, and Hector should have dropped enough white flags for all of them. (If you do have a lot of ships but have a strong economy though, losing a few ships won't break you)
  • Have all of your Firebirds equipped with a Cloaking Device. You will need at least 7 Cloaking Devices to defeat Keto (for aforementioned reasons: Minimal of 3 Firebirds on the first bombing run and 4 on the second). Hector dropped 9 Cloaks when I defeated him - of course, you can always save right before you bomb Hector to make sure he drops enough Cloaks.
  • Save your game about 30 seconds before Keto's arrival. This way you can see where her flag ship appears (in a random corner of the map). Ideally you want her ship to be close to the island where your Firebirds are (so they can bomb her as soon as she shows up). It is recommended that you reload a few times until she spawns at an ideal location - or at least have your Firebirds in place at her anticipated arrival point.
  • Once Keto anchors her flag ship, her Sharks will immediately start going after your settlements. This is why if you want an easy fight, you want to have your Firebirds arrive at her flag ship as early as possible. Activate the Cloaking Devices on your Firebirds, and then have them do a Bombing Run on Keto's flag ship. Being a ability, The Bombing Run will not break the cloaking field!
  • Immediately after bombing Keto, go to the diplomacy menu and enact "Civil Defense" from Keto (the cheapest option will do: 4000 credits for 10 minutes of Peace). Make very sure you enact Civil Defence after your bombing run, not before - since bombing run will break the truce. Civil Defense will prevent Keto from attacking your settlements, which is important (since if one of your warehouses burn down, Thor or Vadim may potentially come and settle the unoccupied island - and preferably you don't want to have to deal with them just yet). After activating "Civil Defense", Keto's Sharks will turn around and go after your ships instead. So make sure you activate White Flags on those ships you really don't want to lose. As the result, Keto just took a devastating attack from you, and is then barred from attacking your cities and ships!
  • Have your Firebirds return to base, fuel up, and wait for their Cloaking devices to expire. When they do, equip them with new Cloaks, and send the bombers out to Keto again (the Bombing Run ability has a 5 minute cooldown, same as the Cloaks, so by the time you can equip new Cloaks on the Firebirds, their Bombing Run ability is done refreshing as well)
  • As before, activate the cloaks, bomb Keto, and enjoy your victory without taking any casualties yourself!

Step 6: Defeating the other players. Once Keto is gone, the rest of the game is very easy. Thor and Vadim are locked away on their corners of the map, and are unable to interact with you or declare war on you, so you pretty much have all the time in the world to get your military strength up to full. I personally prefer a large air force (mass choppers) plus a small squad of Sharks, which you gain access to after Keto's defeat. Sharks in my opinion is the best and most versatile warship in the game (three module slots + very low upkeep, and can attack all three unit types - air, surface ships, subs).

When you feel ready to confront your opponents, go and discover their starting island. Vadim is an easy target since he doesn't build any air force and doesn't build much defense on his island either (he also doesn't upgrade most of his depots to the third tier, which makes wiping out his buildings with choppers very easy). Thor usually has a good number of air units and will split his choppers up to raid your warehouses or cargo ships, so IMO it's essential for you to have a large air force in return to chase after his choppers. The Sharks are mostly there just to hunt down subs - since your choppers can deal with surface ships just as effectively.

And keep in mind, your sub's EMPs are your best friend!

Strategy 2[]


This strategy is for if you wish to go to war with Thor before Keto's arrival. It requires that you be ready for war with Strindberg at about the 1 hour 45 minutes of play time in this mission.

Settle your island

I picked the Tycoon faction to start this mission and I started right next to the island on the top right of the map. I took this island and did not look to settle any further islands on the map. I immediately found Devi and Yana. That was all of the map that I uncovered, revealing three or four more islands. Do not uncover any more of the map: demand quests from these two NPCs only. Do not search too far for the other NPC - you want only a small portion of the map uncovered for this strategy to work. You will want to buy vegetable seeds from one of the NPCs and save the rest of your licenses to buy one limestone refill bit and one iron ore refill bit, you do not need any other refill bits yet.

Build up

I immediately set up one building modules chain, and then I set up my city center and built a couple of houses. Then I set down one more depot, one coal extractor and one coal power station, followed by four more building module production chains.

I demanded a quest from each of the NPCs, refusing quests that would expose any more of the map. As quickly as I can I set up one fishery, then set down two more depots, then I set up enough building module production chains to make a total of 9. Then I set up 2 distilleries and built 2 more fisheries. I bought all tools from these two NPCs to get to the next level as fast as I can. I then built one casino and denied my people automatic access to advancement to manually advance them myself.

I advanced one house up to the next level, and built four tool production chains and two concrete production chains buying more tools as needed. I then bought my vegetable seeds from one of the NPCs so I am ready, when I upgrade enough houses, to unlock the convenience food production chain. I then advanced enough houses to unlock this production chain and built two complete convenience food production chains. Then I advanced enough houses to unlock the plastics production chain and built two of this production chain. To support my growing population I built 5 more distilleries and three more fisheries.

I next built one information center for the tycoons and left space for one executive center later. I built 3 waste compactors to keep my eco balance from dropping too low. Next I advanced up to the Engineer level so that I can buy the Tech faction building plans. This was about 1 hour and 30 minutes into the game.

Start Tech faction

I then grabbed one other island nearby that had sugar and built 2 sugar plantations on this island. I built 2 coffee plantations and one energy drink factory and denied my lab assistants access to energy drinks to build up about 30 energy drinks. I borrowed some money from Yana to build one Laboratory. I shipped in just over 30t of sugar through about three runs and turned off these factories as I do not need them any longer.

I waited until enough energy drinks had been made to advance to researchers, allowed my lab assistants access to energy drinks, and advanced enough lab assistants to researchers to make all my own refill bits and to make my own invisibility items. Strindberg now discovered me: I know now that I have only a couple of minutes before he will declare war on me. I am right he declares at about 1 hour and 45 minutes of play time. Luckily I have already set up 2 high-tech weapons factories and one weapons factory; I also had three airports already up.

Initial defence

Strindberg immediately sends his ships and air force to my island. I slowed down the game and advanced as many depots as I could to level 3. I advanced almost all of my depots to level 3, only a few where still level one. With my level 3 depots I kept his air force from completely destroying me long enough go to the diplomacy menu and pay him not to attack my city, which he honours. He is still attacking my fisheries and my depots, but I am able to replace them all and re-upgrade my depots to level 3. I kept an eye on the diplomacy menu and in a couple of minutes the cease-fire displayed which I immediately paid for and he accepted. This now gave me about 30 minutes to rebuild everything that he destroyed, which I did.

I now built a couple of flaks to protect my three airports. I then built three more airports in preparation for Hector. 30 minutes later Strindberg re-declared war on me and a couple of minutes later Sokow declared war on me also. Trying to keep my fisheries up is not easy. A couple more minutes and Sokow asked for peace which I immediately accepted. Strindberg was still attacking me when Keto showed up. Yes Strindberg had re-declared war on me before 2 hours 30 minutes of play time expired. I decided to ignore Keto for now to keep up with Strindberg’s second attack.

I was at this time watching my resources like a hawk so any resource that got low I had enough money to make that resource. I had 2 laboratories now, so I set up to make about 6 or 7 invisibility items. I will only need four though. I kept an eye on the diplomacy menu so I can get the ‘no city attack’ thing again, which I did. I immediately paid that money so that Strindberg would not attack my city. I was able to replace and upgrade all depots that he destroyed to level 3: all depots on my island are now level 3. A couple of minutes later the cease-fire came back up which I immediately paid, this time peace came up a couple of minutes later which I had the money for and also paid.

Bomb Hector

I now have about 60 minutes to knock off Hector and Keto. I have about five Firebirds ready for Hector. Through the diplomacy menu I got Keto to agree to 10 minutes where neither side could attack the other which I have no attention of honouring. I immediately fly all Firebirds to Hector’s island to attack. I do not use my invisibility items because I am so close to him and I can afford to replace any units that I lose. I knock off Hector after about two runs losing two Firebirds. I immediately replaced one; I only need four for Keto.

Bomb Keto

Now I install my four invisibility items that I have already waiting, activate them all, and send all four Firebirds straight to Keto. After a first bombing run by all four I recall them to refuel and wait for the bombing run cooldown to reset. My four Firebirds are sent back to finish Keto off.

Kill Strindberg

Now I destroy all four Firebirds and all but three airports; I destroy my copper mines and switch over to making 2 more weapons factories. I add one more fuel factory for a total of two. I now have five convenience food production chains and five plastic production chains to support my population of just over 4,000. I set up for 16 choppers as fast as I can make them. Strindberg now re-declares war on me for the third time in this game; now it just a matter of me watching my resources correctly so I can keep Strindberg at bay. I have a couple of choppers ready for his fleet now which I promptly send to the bottom of the sea. Now it is just a matter of building up to 16 choppers and keeping my resources from running out (which is not easy, I tell you, but I do it). Now I just pick off each of his ships and aircraft once they reach my island. I now focus on destroying him on one island at a time. He has five islands now. By careful management of my resources, and keeping my choppers at 16, I started to whittle him down one island at a time. After destroying all his buildings on one island at a time I then headed back to my main island for refuel and repair. This took a long time. Next up was his city island, which is well protected with flaks. I focused first on the depots not protected by flaks, then recalled the fleet for refuel and restock. Now I destroyed his flaks, but this costs me the whole fleet which I promptly replaced. Strindberg now cannot keep up with my production: it is now a war of attrition.

Next up is to re-attack his city island. He has replaced a couple of flaks but not all of them. I again focus on the depots not protected by any flaks followed by the ones protected by flaks - again I lose my entire fleet but I can now replace them all quickly, which I do. I now sink any ships that he has around my islands and once again attack his city island to finish it off. I recall the remaining chopper fleet and replace all destroyed choppers. Next up is his bottom right island: again the same tactics as before, focus on his depots not protected by flaks first then the ones protected by flaks. Rinse and repeat. With this island cleared he now starts colonizing another island which I promptly attack and destroy. He is now down to one island. Again, focus on the depots that are not protected by flaks first; recall the fleet for refuel; then focus again on the ones protected by flaks. Again the entire fleet is destroyed, but it is now just a matter of time before he is done. I replaced the entire fleet, again attacking depots not protected by flaks first then the ones protected by flaks. Replace all lost choppers; repeat attack - all buildings on this island now destroyed. He settles one more island. I fly the choppers back for refuel and to replace any losses, and then I attack his last island and destroy all remaining buildings. Now all he has left is 2 submarines. I build my own submarines and destroy these two submarines, now Strindberg is eliminated (dead). I fly my remaining choppers back to home to refuel and replace choppers back up to 16 for Sokow.

Kill Sokow

Sokow has four islands including one underwater island. Once 16 choppers are ready I immediately declare war on him. First up is his underwater island. Once this is destroyed next up are his two lower islands on the map as these are not protected by any flaks. Once these two were destroyed I sent my fleet back to refuel. He settled another island which I promptly destroyed all his buildings on.

Now to his island at the top of the map in the middle which is protected by some flaks. I focus first on his main warehouse and depots not protected by his flaks; next I attack the ones protected by his flaks. By the time I completely removed him from the game I had only one chopper left, but he is now dead.

Late game

I now destroy all but one of my airports, all flaks and any other defensive structures that I have: I do not need them any longer. I build five more choppers now - this fleet of six choppers will be used for any quest from a NPC that requires me to destroy a fleet. Now Power Games for me is a giant sandbox: all enemy players are dead, Hector first, Keto second, then Strindberg third, leaving Sokow for last.

I am now about 34 hours and 30 minutes into the game and I have three islands including one underwater island for Functional Food and one island for my Techs. I have yet to move my convenience food, plastics and liquor production chains, but I now have all the time in the world to complete this mission. I am in no rush now that all enemy players are dead: I can make all the required refill bits on my Tech island which has 4 Laboratories and 1 Academy. I bought coffee seeds from one of the friendly NPCs and planted that on this island (I already have sugar on this island). This is the island in about the middle of the map which Strindberg was on earlier in the game before I removed him from it.

Strategy 3[]


This strategy will work with even a very slow progression level and focuses mainly on a two island strategy. The aim is try to reach Engineers by 1 hour before Keto arrives and Researchers by 30 minutes before but it's not required. Avoiding Thor Strindberg is the main emphasis and to do so, you should settle every land island you find. If at any time Thor discovers you, lobby him up and request a Grace Period.

Settle your island

This mission can be completed with either faction so the choice is up to you. Ideally you would like to start in the bottom left corner or the bottom right corner. The bottom left already has the sand needed for your concrete/chips/glass chains but the bottom right has an island right next to it with (usually) vegetables and sand. Don't go exploring too much / too early since you do not have a tool production to settle every island you find. Later on, with a sub you can explore the whole map underwater without risk of finding Thor.

Build up

First of all, place down 2 extractors/crushers to start producing some basalt and then place down the city center + some houses. Then build a fishery and 2 building block plants. Order 40 tools from the ark for 5k and build 2-4 more building block factories (with extractors/crushers). Keep building up your city until you can build a tea/liquor plant and a casino/concert hall. As soon as you have reached your first employee then change the workers' tax rate to light green so that they will not advance any more.

As soon as you have employees, set up a tool production chain of 2 tool factories and if you have the tools to spare, 4 tool factories instead. After that is done, load up your commando ship with 3 building blocks and 2 tools and go explore your first island. As long as you settle the land islands you discover then Thor will be unable to do so and you will not discover him at all, unless you click one of his units. Doing so, only hector might discover you. If you did not manage to find vegetables on the first island, then go back and get some more tools / blocks. Keep doing so until you find an island with vegetables. Saving before going out is advised, so that you do not accidentally discover Thor.

While your ship has gone to find vegetables you can change the workers back to euphoric (green) so they can start to advance again and set up a few more block plants so that you have 6 full building block chains working. Also set up either 4 wood cutters or 2 concrete plant chains to provide the building materials needed for now. After that, keep building up your city by adding more houses and fisheries/tea/liquor plants. You're aiming for 2 full city centers of inhabitants for the income.

If you found an island with vegetables, then build up your spice/vegetable farms and create a trade route with the commando ship. Build all the other buildings on your main island instead. Preferably have 1 more veg/spice farm than needed so that you have a surplus on your main island. Also, deny access to the health food / plastic before you have enough by clicking the employee house and clicking on the needs wheel there. Build up the other chains, 4 more wood/2 concrete, the information centers and advance to engineers.

If Hector manages to find you and starts attacking your ships then request a trading route writ of protection to stop him from harassing your ships. If it runs out then you can request a cease fire the next time he attacks you. Rotating those two, or even requesting peace, will make him a non-threat.

Start Tech faction

When you reach engineers you can unlock the techs and, most importantly, the sub! The sub is awesome since it can dive and explore the whole map with no danger of discovering Thor. If you did not find all of the arks earlier, don't worry: you can do so now.

As soon as you can, unlock both the techs and the sub. After unlocking techs, set up a buy order for functional drinks and sugar on your main island. Send out the sub for a scout mission very close to your island and find an underwater island with algae. That island is going to be your gold mine for cash even if you fail to kill Keto/Hector in time!

After finding an underwater island, then go back to your main island with the sub, load up as much tools / blocks you have and settle the underwater island. Build up preferably 3-4 functional food factories and 2-3 oil rigs. It's expensive to build but way worth it. In case you have too few materials, then just build 1-2 func factories - don't worry about the oil as much. Set up a trade route selling all the functional food (Devi buys 40 food for 10k+ cash).

With the underwater island built up and ready (or at least started) start exploring the map with the sub when it is underwater. If you wish, then you could go to the center of the map to find Hiro (he is usually somewhere in the middle part of the map) so that you can buy 1 more sub that you can place on the trade route from the oil rig / main island and new ones if Keto sinks your commando ship/subs. Search the map until you find all 3 NPC arks and then return home and continue the building of the underwater island.

While the sub is out discovering the map, start building up the tech population. 1 more fishery, city center and enough tech houses to reach at least 150 assistants. ALSO, it is very important to deny drinks to the lab assistants at the start. If you have the materials to spare, then can even place down the buildings needed for 2 carbon factories, 1 kerosene factory and put them on pause if you don't have the oil.

Don't worry if there are just 15 minutes left until Keto arrives if you reach this point. It doesn't matter: as long as you have 18-24k cash you can buy a 1 hour long civil defense and do what you want in that time with no fear of being destroyed. If you do not have that cash, you can take out a loan from Devi, Yana or Rufus! You don't even need to bomb Hector before to complete the mission.


If you set up a buy order as soon as you reached techs then, as long as Devi or Rufus has visited you, you can instantly unlock the tech faction. If not, then set up a buy order for sugar and functional drinks now and keep on expanding your tech settlement. Build 4 airports but don't connect them to a depot yet via roads. Build up the infrastructure needed for the high tech weapons. If you do not have enough free mine slots on the main island, use the second island to get the copper / iron needed. You can still build depots/roads even if you have not unlocked the researchers.

Depending on the time left until Keto arrives when you unlock researchers you can choose 3 ways to beat her:

If the time left until Keto arrives is more than 30 minutes then upgrade just one lab assistant to researchers. Instantly when he advances, change the researchers' tax to yellow so no more move in and deny access to drinks to the lab assistants. Then you can remove both the drinks and sugar trade import and pause the coffee / drinks factories. 5 tons of drinks last for hours with just 5 researchers. Go into diplomacy and ask for increased demand from Devi. Take a sub to him (via underwater moving) and buy the high tech weapons / carbon while using the increase demand. Return home, build up 2 firebirds, request a cease fire from hector and bomb him to the Stone Age. Pick up the cloaks. When Keto arrives, instantly request a civil defense for 1 hour. With that time, build 2 more firebirds and equip all 4 firebirds with cloaks. Using a cloak, fly to her and bomb her with the 4 firebirds and return them home to refuel. Attacking her will break the civil defense and she will attack your warehouses. Re-equip the 4 firebirds with cloaks and send them in to finish the job when the cooldown is over.
If the time left until Keto arrives is less than 30 minutes then you should build 2 coffee plantations, 1 functional drink factory and advance as many lab assistant as you require to reach 300 researchers to unlock metamaterials. Build another laboratory, if you only had one and build 4 metamaterials. You can either stop the carbon/kerosene factories or take a sub to buy refined oil from Vadim. If you travel underwater and only come up for air next to the warehouse, you will not discover Thor.
As soon as Keto arrives, request civil defense for 1 hour and continue what you are doing. You should have enough time to build 4 firebirds and 4 metamaterials or at least get the raw materials needed to your main island. Once you have the firebirds with metamaterials, activate the metamaterials and fly to Keto. Bomb her 4 times and do not let the firebirds return home. When they try to turn back because of low fuel then do not let them and keep them in the same area. As soon as the bombing run ability is ready, bomb Keto back to the Stone Age. Then you can let them return home (you may now delete 2 firebirds so they don't use up kerosene). Once the firebirds are refueled: request a cease fire from Hector; send the 2 of them to Hector; bomb him; and pick up the stuff.
If you ran out of time and were unable to reach researchers or engineers in time, then you can request civil defense from Keto for 1 hour and use that hour to get the firebird and metamaterial production going. Once the 1 hour grace period is over, she will come and blow up your warehouses but before she does that, move enough tools and blocks over to the second island and place level 3 depots next to your fisheries. Move your sub(s) away from the action and, once the raiders are back near her mothership, rebuild the warehouses just long enough to load up the vegetables, iron, copper into the sub and transfer it manually to your main island. While doing so, you can keep playing for 20+ hours until you reach 4 firebirds with 4 metamaterials to bomb Keto to the Stone Age. If you did not manage to buy enough sugar then you can use the underwater warehouse to set up a buy order for sugar in the trade tab.

Whichever way you choose, you will most probably discover Thor on the way to bomb Keto. As soon as you discover him, go into diplomacy and lobby up so that you can request a grace period. If you do not have the money, you can take out a loan or two from Yana, Rufus or Devi. Don't forget to pick up the stuff that Keto's ships dropped to get a nice boost in influence.

Kill Strindberg

After Keto and Hector are gone, the hard part is almost over. You can destroy the high tech factories and the chains needed for them to save on expenses or just pause them and later use a sell order to earn more money. Keep the iron chains active and change over to weapons. You can also stop the production in the tools factories and build 2-4 weapons factories instead. You're aiming to build 16 choppers and if you have the shields from Hector then equip them on the choppers.

While you are building the choppers, you should also try to build at least 2 mobile harbor defenses (researcher tab) near both of your warehouses and put down a few flaks on the islands to protect you from Thor's choppers. Once your islands are both protected and you have 16 choppers then you can go and destroy Strindberg!

Your first target is not his fleet or aircraft; it is his town centers and depots that are keeping the houses up. As soon as you destroy his city centers and the depots next to him that keep the houses up, he will no longer create new units and he is a pushover. So, look for where is his main island, fly there. Take out any flak that is attacking you and take out the city centers / depots. As soon as that is done, get out of there. Return the choppers to the airfields so that they can be repaired. On the way back, take out any of Thor's units you can see.

After the choppers are repaired, kill the few units he has left and start clearing out his islands by prioritizing flaks, then depots (the ones that shoot back first), and then the warehouse. While attacking an island, attack the depots enough for them to catch on fire and then move over to the next one. When all of them are burning, return back to the first depot and clear up the island. Rinse and repeat and he is dead.

Finishing the map

With Thor Strindberg gone, that only leaves Vadim Sokow and he is the easiest. First aim to take out his navy and then you can take out all his islands with little effort. He rebuilds his ships very slowly and puts up almost no fight at all. After he is dead, you can either destroy all of the choppers or keep 6 / 12 for some NPC missions. Since everyone is dead, you can demolish all the flaks / harbor defenses. Since you do not need your military infrastructure anymore, you can either change the iron production to more tools or set up a sell order to sell the high tech weapons and/or normal weapons for more cash. Besides that, there are no more challenges to complete the map and you can focus completely on reaching the executives, researchers and building the monuments.


To sum up, then you are trying to get 2 islands and not to discover Thor at all so that he will not declare war on you. If he at any point does discover you, then lobby up and request a grace period. If missing cash, take out a loan from Devi, Rufus or Yana. To beat Keto and Hector, level up to engineers / researchers and build 4 firebirds to bomb them to the Stone Age and then change over to choppers to kill Thor and Vladim.

Strategy 4[]

This is a fully defensive strategy at early game for real patient players.

  1. Build an eco island with a solid economy
  2. Obtain neigboring islands for the needs of higher ecos
  3. Build defence for aircraft only for Stringberg attacks away from shore
  4. No other military buildings (do not upgrade your depots to level 3 cause they become military)
  5. Make ceasefire and civil defence agreements with Stringberg until you decide to defeat him
  6. Make civil defence agreement with Keto sinchronously with Stringberg so you can build transports and carry your goods for an hour
  7. Accumulate stuff to carry for an hour in all needs islands during Keto attack period (no civil defence and shipping agreement with her) Keto will destroy your warehouse continously at certain intervals but rebuild it when needed so there will be no problem unless paying a little cost and build transports of needed number to carry everything to youe main echo island to keep population high supplying all enough needs during the other peace hour, keep doing so till you have everything enough - and carry our all possible quests for items
  8. Build tech city in the main island for research
  9. Build a tycoon city in another free island to reach to executive level, better you do not build a nuclear plant cause you will have trouble when it blows
  10. Fortify your ark with necessary items to strengthen your economy, energy, public buildings and also choppers
  11. Build 3 airports with 6 choppers each to attack Strinberg when needed to counter attack his attacks to your islands with airports which are already protected by enough flaks, after you have enough defence he will stop attacking your islands by aircraft
  12. Destroy Hector with choppers during peacetime with others (Beware Keto attacks your aircraft)
  13. Build 3-4 nuclear missiles and destroy Keto's ship
  14. Destroy Strinbergs islands one by one
  15. Finally destroy Sokow , your main supplier during early game
  16. Now reach to 5000 population goal for both factions and finish the game

NOTE: Do not try this strategy unless you are too patient cause it will take some time to do these all but this strategy is a no risk strategy maybe it makes it favorable

Strategy 5 - Naval Domination of Keto![]


This strategy is for those

  • Wanting to play Eco (although it's proabably easy to adapt to Tycoon)
  • Wanting to beat Keto with a massive Naval battle :D
  • Wanting to win from any starting island
  • Wanting to win without "cheat recon" of arks, island tagging etc - no need to scout and restart here

Note: I was unluckily immediately attacked by pirates and lost my command ship. No problem - if they attack, just run away from the warehouse, and buy a new command ship from the ark afterwards. Keep it tucked right in to the harbour.

Short version:

Stick to your island until 65k is saved, get massive low tech economy

  1. Buy one batch of tools from your ark
  2. Get one employee only to unlock tool/iron/wood production
  3. Fill entire island with workers and minimal necessary tea/fisheries asap
  4. Once 45-50k saved, get 750 employees to start massing munitions
  5. Once 65k saved, explore map, buy Grace Time from Strindberg, get one engineer
  6. With 20 mins to go, mass vipers
  7. With 1 min to go buy auxiliary fleets
  8. Hold off initial Keto rush with 200+ point fleet (use Viper drones)
  9. Rebuild fleet to 200+
  10. Kill Keto (use Viper drones)
  11. Keep Thor on Grace Time until ready to annihilate

Detailed version - Step 1: Build a cash machine

The key to this strategy is massive amounts of cold cash, to pay off Strindberg and Hector when the time comes to leave our island. Because we are not necessarily able to get to Engineer level off one island, we will eventually need to be able to explore and set up supply lines without fear.

It is not safe to leave our island until we have at least 65,000 credits. Getting this in good time is easy with the right setup. We will be pretty much covering the entire island in worker houses, leaving room only for tea production and a handful of factories (when you have lots of space available, workers with exactly sufficient tea and food production give great taxes for minimal spend).

  • Immediately purchase one set of tools from the ark - should be 40 tools for 5,000
  • After building your warehouse, immediately get 2 basalt chains up and running, then set up town centre and houses, leaving enough building materials for 1 fishery and 1 wind power once houses are up
  • Put workers on light green taxes, deny ascension rights
  • As soon as possible get one tea up in a space where you will be able to expand up to 18 tea eventually (3 of the 6-tea layouts suggested on this wiki)
  • From now on, keep an eye on population. Every time it goes up by 250, add a fishery. Keep them on the shore with road access, and add port authorities to more beaches when needed. Every time it goes up by 375, add another tea
  • Build up basalt generation to 8 chains
  • Build up to about 20 houses, add a concert hall, drop taxes and manually ascend ONE house, just one. Then raise taxes to light green again
  • With remaining tools, set up one coal mine, one iron mine, one iron smelter and one tool plant.
  • From now on, keep on adding houses, and the supporting fisheries, tea, and power until you have about 5,500 workers (this took about 11 town centres for me using the usual security corridor layout)
  • As tools trickle in, keep about 10 in hand in case you get behind on tea or fisheries, and use the rest to build up to (in order) another tool plant, expand to 18 basalts chains, a second iron mine, a second iron smelter, two more tools plants, a tree nursery with two sawmills. Then save up to 70-80 tools before switching off the tools plants

Step 2: Tech up (a little)

  • When you're getting to around 45-50k, it's time to expand to 750 employees, so drop taxes. No need to ascend houses one by one - just wait until there are 50 houses wanting to ascend and do them all at once. You should have accumulated enough tools. Then raise worker taxes again. It can be handy to make sure you cluster employees around potential thermal power spots.
  • Once the 750 employees are all arrived, put them on yellow taxes and build 4 munitions plants (iron will have been accumulating since you switched of those tools plants, and you need weapons fast). You can also trash a bunch of basalt chains now - keep about eight chains
  • Once you have roughly equal munitions and iron, switch off two of the munitions plants (you will be needing 15 munitions and 20 iron per Viper)

Step 3: Go forth and bribe

  • Ok, once you have at least 65,000 credits, time to go find another island with sand, copper and at least rice or veg and a fertility slot. At this point you can also build 3-4 turrets to keep raiders away, and a shipyard, to crank out 3/4 more command ships to get the full map explored asap
  • As soon as you see Strindberg, dial him up and lobby 30,000 credits twice, then buy yourself 120 minutes Grace Time. No pesky air raids this time Strindberg, you're on chained Grace Time 'til I'm ready to kick your ass :D
  • If you see Hector, you may have to simply avoid his ships for a while until the Cease Fire option is available, and eventually the Peace option. Spend spend spend as needed
  • Demand missions from the Arks
  • Settle the island, take whatever wood, tools and building materials you can spare, and buy tools from other players/arks if needed. Also buy the required fertility (rice or veg) if needed from Rufus when you find him. On this island you will set up 3 electronics factory chains and 2 health food chains
  • Set up a couple of trade ships to take the finished products to the mainland
  • Build an education centre, and ascend ONE house to engineer

Step 4: Militarise

  • I got to this point with about 20 minutes before Keto. Build a second shipyard, crank out as many Vipers as possible. If you built up your population to 5,500-6,000 primarily from workers, you should have available fleet supply of over 200 (you won't reach it).
  • With about 1 minute to go, buy the most expensive fleets (30,000 credits, don't forget you can also take loans from them to cover costs) from Rufus, Yana and Devi (in that priority order - you may not be able to afford all depending on how much lobbying you needed to do. Also add repair bays to both islands

Step 5: Kill Keto

  • When Keto arrives, you should be able to beat her initial fleet. You probably have so many ships you can't select all at once, so put them in 2 command groups. Don't forget to release drones from your Vipers, and if possible engage them while they are in batches. You may also have enough money to pay her off so she doesn't attack your cities - even 15 mins is worthwhile as once her fleet is gone, she only dribbles ships slowly at you which is easy to contain
  • Once the fleet is gone, retreat to your repair bays, and build back up to fleet supply cap in vipers. Kill Keto's dribbles with the fleet - let one group repair while the other hunts
  • When you are full again, it's time to attack. A full 200+ strength fleet win beat Keto so long as you remember to release drones from all your Vipers. Also, gather the whole fleet just out of range, then send in the Vipers and Colussus (from Rufus) first - let them start shooting before sending in any hovers you got from Yana. Enjoy it in Postcard mode :D

Step 6: Mop up

  • From here, it's really a piece of cake, with Strindberg on Grace Time until your leisure

Hope this helps someone!

from Meatythud :D

Strategy 6 - Single Island Fortress Method for Eco![]


This method is one I have used many times to beat Keto on Hard Mode, both in Power Games and across multiple cont. games. This method, basically, is a island fortress build designed to make Keto's AI decide not to mess with you and buy you unlimited time to deal with the AI's at your own pace. This is a LONG TERM method which will make your game take longer than other methods, but if you set up right, it's basically impossible to fail.

Step 1: Starting with the best island

You want to have an island which is self-contained. This means you will want to restart several times until you score the bottom-left island. You will need to be able to produce tea, health food, communicators and weapons.

Step 2: Initial Logistics

Keto Defense Logistics

Keto Defense Logistics

Next you drop down 2-3 community centers and build up 2x Tea Chains, 5-6 fisheries, 2x Building Module Chains and one tool chain consisting of 1x coal mine, 2x iron mines, 2x smelters, 4x tool workshops. The best thing do to for these, because space is precious, is to use the efficient layouts found on this wiki and linked above!

Step 3: Build Up to Eng

Keto Defense Population

Keto Defense Population

Next you want to keep building up to hit engineers. You must hit Engineers before Keto arrives, the earlier the better! You will need to buy some veggie seeds, so at some point you will need to sneak out carefully and run a mission for someone. I recommend you save first in case you accidentally stumble onto an island or Thor. When I ran this play through, Yana was just north of my starting island and I just saved/requested quest/loaded till she asked for me to find someone in my city to deliver. However you do it, you need some veggies!

Once you have veggies, get your butt up to engineers as fast as possible. Don't build useless crap or overbuild your empire, you will need to support a lot of harbor turrets when the time comes, so you don't want a lot of maintenance fees to deal with!

Step 4: Pre-War Prep

Once you hit Engineers, buy your tech plans and a trimaran. You will want to use this for scouting and missions, and founding an underwater city eventually. for now, though, it's time to get ready for war.

As soon as you have enough emplyees to build a munitions factory, pause 2 of your tool workshops and drop in a munitions factory instead. You MUST have 150 Munitions at least 20-30mins before Keto arrives!

Continue to build houses if you are floating extra resources (fish, tea, veggies, etc) but don't go crazy, you only need +500 or so credits for Keto's arrival. Your main focus is stockpiling ammo and tools, both of which must be at 150 before 20-30mins.

Once you hit the 30min mark, it's time to build your fortress. You could start this earlier, but you will have to pay maintenance on it, so it's not really needed unless you are getting bothered too much by Hector.

Keto Defense Layout

Keto Defense Layout

Your goal here is to make a solid block of harbor turrets. As has been mentioned in the comments below, if you have enough turrets Keto will back down. However, after testing several layouts, I have found that it is not the number, but the coverage. You can have 50 turrets, but if you try to build a big wall or something covering the whole harbor, Keto will just exploit a weak spot and punch in. The best design for making her back down is the one pictured to the right. I have used this layout to keep keto at bay for hours on end. In fact, she will regularly give you influence and compliment your impressive fortress! (note, the picture is from a hard-mode cont game instead of Power Games, but it is the same layout I used in Power Games)

Step 5: Turtle

If you built enough turrets in a tight enough layout to provide overlapping fields of fire, when Keto arrives she will compliment you on your defenses and back down. Congrats, you now have unlimited time to build up and prepare for war. For Power Games, I set my depot to buy carbon, advanced weapons, sugar and kerosene, then proceeded to chill on fast forward and slowly build up my techs. You want as few techs as possible, it will be hard to feed them on a single island, but it IS possible! When you have enough money, sneak your sub out and claim an underwater island. Set this up to produce functional food and oil, then set it to passively sell these to NPC's. From time to time you can sneak out and grab functional food for your techs, but be careful not to get jumped while you are out. If you wait long enough, your reputation with keto will rise enough (due to your impressive fortifications) that you can request she leave your trading ships alone, and then you can start hauling goods in from your underwater island.

Step 6: Airforce Time

As you slowly build up, your eventual goal will be to work up to a powerful airforce. When I ran Power Games, I used 8 Firebirds to make sure she was good and dead. This took a pretty massive resource requirement, and I have to make liberal use of the fast forward feature, but I WAS able to do it with a single island and only a handful of techs.

Step 7: Poor Hector

Once you have 4-5 Firebirds, you can run a strike mission to hit Hector if he has been bugging you for money. This will also give you access to some nice loot, but remember to use your sub when retrieving goods, you don't want to meet Thor yet!

Step 8: Death to Keto

Once you have 7-8 Firebirds, the real challenge begins. You will want to save before setting out, in case you discover something you did not want to. Your goal will be to send your firebirds black-ops style and sneak between islands for one massive bombing strike on Keto's flagship. When I did this, I scouted the path with my sub and then slowed the game time down. I put all my turrets to sleep, luring Keto into an attack, and slipped my Firebirds behind her force. I used my sub to EMP her ships to hold them in place, and turned my turrets back on. By now my Firebirds were almost to the Anaconda. When the EMP wore off, she realized my turrets were back up and started to retreat, but not fast enough to save her flagship. I ordered all 8 firebirds to nuke the flagship in formation, and took her out in a single pass. I slipped my sub up to loot her goodies, and then deleted the Firebirds without even bothering to bring them home. Keep your airfields, you still need them, but the Firebirds have served you well.

Step 9: Death to Thor

Now that Keto and Hector are gone, you can destroy most (but not all) of your harbor turrets. You will need air defense next for Thor. You will want to drop a good amount of Air defense around your island, enough to hold off Thor's airforce when your jump him. In the meantime, you want to build a chopper-fleet in your vacant airfields. I ran roughly 24 choppers, enough to ensure I had air-control.

Once your choppers are ready and you feel safe enough with turrets, save your game and head out for war. Your first goal will be a per-emptive strike on Thor. Find his main island and bring the pain. You want to focus down warehouses and turrets only, everything else he has will collapse when the warehouses are destroyed. I was able to destroy 1 full island with each attack wave, before returning for fuel and repairs. It took all of 30 mins to wipe him out and purge the lands of his taint.

Step 10: Poor Sokow

While you were out doing terrible things to Thor, you probably met Sokow at some point. This is fine, he is the easiest to kill! Now that Thor, Keto and Hector are gone, shift your mighty air-force to Sokow. I took him out in 15 mins, with zero casualties. Poor Sokow.

Step 11: Claim the World

Now that everyone is dead, you can destroy your army and defensive structures. From here on out, you can push out and claim the entire map and transition into phase 2, monument building. From here on out the game is a standard city-building mission.


So, that is the turtle fortress method. It takes a while because you are getting alot of supplies by trade, but if you have your turrets set up correctly and you don't meet Thor, you can last indefinitely on a single island. There are many other methods for beating Power Games, but this is one of the safer (if longer) methods. Anyway, just wanted to share this method. It basically combines pieces from several other strategies into one comprehensive defensive build. The main benefit is that it is much kinder on the timeline, as long as you have your turrets in place by Keto's arrival and you don't meet Thor, you have unlimited time for everything else!

Strategy 7 - Single Island Tycoon-Fortress[]


This strategy is quite similar to the other ones, but I wanted to explain the way I deal with the misson a little bit more detailed. I used this strategy when I played this mission the first time and it actually worked.

Step 1: Be lucky

At the beginning you have to spawn at the island in the top-left corner or in the bottom-left corner (the latter one is problably the better one, because at this island hector isnt that close to you.) If you didn't I recommend you to restart the mission until you spawned there, because if you have to explore the map until you got there, you could meet Strindberg or Sokov and this is bad, beacuse Strindberg will declare war after some time and that is a big problem.

Here are the reasons why these 2 island are the only ones they work:

  • The island must have Oil, Iron, Coal, Limestone and Copper
  • The island must have the fertility Rice and a free fertility slot
  • The island must have a river

This is needed to build all the productions at this single island!

Step 2: Build your city

Now you have the right island you should build your city as fast and efficient as possible (because time and space will be very thight). Now you will have to explore the map to find either Sokov or one of the friendly NPC´s (Yana Rodriguez, Rufus Thorne or Salman Devi), because you have to get the seed item for the feritlity vegetables (needed for convenience food). It is highly recommended to save your game before starting the expedition and if you meet Strindberg you should restart your save and explore somewhere else. As you reach engineers you should have a good economy which allows you to unlock techs. Now you start building your small tech-village until you unlock the laboraty. Now you have 2 choices: (but they aren´t very different)

1st way

  • Look for Devi
  • Buy Energy Drinks and Fuctional Food at your warehouse
  • Be patient...

2nd way (propably the better one because you dont have that much time)

  • Buy a Trimaran
  • Look for an Underwater-plateau
  • Produce your own Functional food
  • Build Coffee plantations at your own island and look for an island with the fertility Sugar
  • Create a production for Energy Drinks and try to keep your ship alive as long as you can (you must reach at least 300 Researchers before you can stop supplying them)

After you reached reseatches Keto maybe already arrived. Now you have to hurry up!

Step 3: Neighbourhood with Keto and Hector

Build up a production for High-Tech-Weapond and build a block of hightech-turrets in your harbour. Now you are save. Build at least 5 FireBirds and research Meta-Material (laboraty) for them when you are ready, you have to activate the metamaterial to get to Keto´s main-ship. Now use your Bombing run ability and see the great Anaconda sinking down. Wait until the cooldown refreshed and send at least 2 of your FireBirds to hector and destroy him too.

Step 4: Time to show Strindberg and Sokov who´s the strongest!

At this point you very likely discovered one of Sokov´s or Strindberg`s islands. So now you can get rid of your FireBirds and start producing Weapons you will need them). Build a lot of Flaks because Strindber will come with his aircraft and tries to destroy you. Now create a squadron of at least 16 Choppers and start takinig down his islands (don´t focus his flaks, because they have too much healh, consider focusing his depots, because it will destroy the flaks anyways and they have less health). As you got rid of him you can do the same thing to destroy Sokov.

Step 5: Just build the cities that´s it...

Now you dont have to worry about anything. Get rid of your military stuff and start building your city... (i dont think i have to explain how to get 5.000 Executives)

And that´s it there is no more strategy after defeating the enemy its a simple "build your city task" like any other.


Video Walkthrough[]

Video Walkthrough by YouTube user Leafonthewin


In Anno 2070 v1.0 and v1.01, Keto's battleship can be destroyed with a single EMP (electromagnetic pulse). This was unintentional and has been fixed in v1.02.

This scenario features more players/npc than the normal maximum of 8, which causes Hiro Ebashi not to be selectable on the diplomacy menu. You can, however, access his diplomacy actions by selecting his warehouse and pressing the small diplomacy button under his portrait. His Technology Scanner can be especially useful since the Trenchcoat doesn't visit the sector.