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Dr Salman Devi

Characteristics Logical, enthusiastic
Personality Passive
Diplomatic Actions Lobbying, Demand Quest, Increased Demand, License Trading, Auxiliary Fleet
Influence Factors +Having a Tech population, enacting Tech buildings, focusing on submarines
"If you want to do something big, you sometimes have to cross certain boundaries. Only when one has broken his chains is the mind truly free to work on innovative ideas. Ultimately it was this attitude that got me where I am today."
—Prof. Dr. Salman Devi

Prof. Dr. Salman Devi is a non-expanding NPC, the scientific director for the scientific organisation S.A.A.T. and the president of the same faction's Science Council. His motto is "Standing Still, is a Step Backward". He is logical, enthusiastic, and very supportive to the player.


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Not much is known about Dr. Devi's background, other than the fact that he was born in Denmark and that he is a very dedicated scientist. He is also a well known entrepreneur when it comes to the finer things in life - such as the majestic beauty of the humble walrus or the supple and firm craftsmanship of the goat body. [He is also known to be a wild party animal during the weekend].

Role in the CampaignEdit

Professor Dr. Salman Devi arrives in the last mission of Chapter 1 in the Campaign, having been led to Site 13 by his quest to find the Virago, an early model Ark that disappeared for unknown reasons. Working with him, you successfully discover the final resting place of the Virago and extract its data log. Chapter 2 of the campaign is centered around Dr. Devi's efforts to decrypt the data log at C.O.R.E., the central research facility of the S.A.A.T., and the resulting effects on F.A.T.H.E.R., the AI director of S.A.A.T. Normally benign, the AI is driven mad by the data log, which includes a computer virus that, presumably, brought down the Virago. F.A.T.H.E.R.'s reaction to it is much more extreme, eventually leading to lashing out against the humans outside of C.O.R.E. (namely, the player's settlement), and, when forced to flee, unleashing nuclear weapons upon all settlements in his path. Dr. Devi and the player character spearhead the attempt to defeat F.A.T.H.E.R., leaving Dr. Tori Bartok to begin repairing the facilities at C.O.R.E., eventually enlisting the aid of both Global Trust and the Eden Initiative through their representatives, Mr. Rufus Thorne and Yana Rodriguez. Over the course of Chapter 3, Dr. Devi, along with Thorne and Rodriguez, offers support to the player as they assemble a war fleet capable of defeating F.A.T.H.E.R. and during the subsequent battle.



Dr. Devi's Ark, Vortex

Residing in his Ark, Vortex, Dr. Devi will send out T38 Ocean Gliders to conduct trade and will buy Tech goods on sale. His Ark offers Tech goods and items, however his involvement in trade is only minor and he offers less goods up for trade than other NPCs do. His prices are lower than the other representatives', though.

Interaction with other NPCsEdit

As a part of the Tech faction, he is aligned with Hiro Ebashi and Dr. Tori Bartok, although his relations with Hiro Ebashi are arguable and he'll sometimes even send quests to sabotage Hiro Ebashi (see his page for more information).

He likes players that trade with Rufus Thorne and Yana Rodriguez.


Dr. Devi appreciates the player trading or completing quests for both Rufus Thorne and Yana Rodriguez, as well as expanding your Tech population once you can. There are not many things that can actually decrease influence with him not regarding failing quests, but going to war with Dr. Tori Bartok can impact it heavily.

Dr. Devi offers the following Diplomatic Actions: Lobbying, Demand Quest, Increased Demand, License Trading and Auxiliary Fleet. You can't declare war on him.

  • Increased Demand boosts the quantity of goods sold at Dr. Devi's warehouse for a set number of activations, as well as renews his current stock. It has a cooldown of 60 minutes.
  • License Trading exchanges your credits in return for Licenses.
  • Auxiliary Fleet calls in Submarines and Warships on your behalf. It has a cooldown of 120 minutes. The price and the set of ships depends on your current resident's level.
Size 60 60+ 100
Small Fleet 1 T38 Ocean Glider (9000C) 1 Commando Ship, 1 T38 Ocean Glider (13500C)
Medium Fleet 1 T38 Ocean Glider (9000C) 2 Commando Ship, 1 T38 Ocean Glider (15000C) 3 Commando Ship, 2 T38 Ocean Glider (22500C)
Large Fleet 1 Commando Ship, 1 T38 Ocean Glider, 1 Deep Sea Hunter (24000C) 3 Commando Ship, 1 T38 Ocean Glider, 2 Deep Sea Hunter (36000C)

Devi's StatementsEdit

A list of Devi's statements can be found by following this link.

Bonus ContentEdit

You are able to use Devi's portrait as your in-game appearance by reaching Level 6 at the Career Progression of S.A.A.T.. By reaching Level 2 you are also able to use Devi's Profile Colour (Blue) by yourself.

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