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Raider-ship-icon Raider Hector icon
Unit Type Ship
Construction Cost Credits 2,000 · Building Modules 30 · Weapons 15
Maintenance Cost Balance -25  · Fleet 4
HP 300
Cargo Holds 2 x 40 tons
Item Slots 2
Attack Power 15/15/- (3/3/- DPS)
Build Time 1:30

The Raider is a special ship used by the pirate NPC Hector to raid the player's harbors and trading vessels. It can be unlocked for construction by successfully destroying Hector's base, then recovering Hector's plans and taking them to your Ark.

The Raider is described as lightly armored and features fewer hitpoints than any other ship as well as possessing meager attack power ratings. However, the Raider is speedy for its price, faster than any ship but the Hovercraft or Viper and equal to that of the T38 Ocean Glider submarine. It's also able to carry four times the number of goods of the Hovercraft, because it has two 40t slots instead of one 20t slot and it has a much lower upkeep than the Ocean Glider and Viper. These characteristics make them ideal as inexpensive cargo runners for fast deliveries of small amounts of goods or items.

There are three kinds of raiders. Ones with abilities have no cooldown on their abilities.

Note that you will always build type 3 ships when the ability to build raiders is unlocked. This version cannot attack submarines.

Information on Type 1-3 Raiders & Hijacking usefulness [See Hijacking]

  1. 400 hp, 20/20/20 (4/4/4 DPS) Tougher, Ideal, sometimes has ability such as cargo thieves
  2. 300 hp, 15/15/15 (3/3/3 DPS) Weaker, sometimes has ability such as cargo thieves. benefits from ark vehicle-wide gun upgrades
  3. 300 hp, 15/15/- (3/3/- DPS) Player built


  • Sometimes, Raiders hijacked from Hector will lose their ability to engage submarines. It is unknown what causes this.
  • Some miscellaneous Raiders can be seen parked at Hector's base. Unlike Hector's active Raiders, these are not hostile and will never attack anything. They can be destroyed with area-of-effect weapons like nukes or the FireBird's special action.
  • The miscellaneous Raiders parked at Hector's base are technically able to attack submarines. However, they are non-aggressive and will never attack anything.
  • On easy Hector will build Level 1-3 Raiders with no submarine damage.