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Tech-res-icon Researchers' Apartments SAAT logo
Construction Cost Building Modules 1 / 5 · Tools 4 / 4 · Carbon 4 / 3
Normal game / Deep Ocean expansion
Maintenance Cost
Size 3x3
Hitpoints 1200
Unlock Upgrade from Assistants' Domiciles

The Researchers' Apartments are level 2 Tech residences that are upgraded from Assistants' Domiciles. An adaquate number of inhabitants is essential for surrounding Laboratories and Academies to function at their full capacity. Just like the Level 1 Tech citizens, they generate lower taxes than the Population of either of the other two Factions.

Residences must be connected, by road, to buildings in order to be recognized as fulfilling their needs.

Each Researchers' Apartments holds 30 residents(33 with the "Space-Saving Tips" channel in effect).

Researchers unlock second level Tech buildings at the following population levels:

It should be noted that Researchers will stop moving in after their need for Information has been unlocked at 600 Researchers if that need is not being satisfied.

Researchers will upgrade their apartments to become Geniuses' Residences when their needs are met:

In order to upgrade to level 3, 1200 Researchers (40 residences) are needed. Upgrading to Geniuses' Residences requires 6t Tools and 2t Carbon. Note: 30% of your total Researcher's Apartments can upgrade to Geniuses' Residences.

Please note that for the Genius class, the immunity drugs and the Neuroimplants the Deep Ocean Expansion is required.


  • The Researchers' Apartments appearance can always be switched between 5 types with "C" button, allowing players to make the city of their dreams.
  • The Researchers' Apartments can still be rotated after they were built, just like the residential buildings of the other factions.