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Rufus Thorne

Characteristics Strict, loyal
Personality Passive
Diplomatic Actions Lobbying, Demand Quest, Take out a loan, License Trading, Auxiliary Fleet
Influence Factors +Settling islands, having a high income, using the media, having a large population of Tycoon executives
-Having a negative income, losing trade ships
"Classical music taught me that only a strict set of rules, continuous hard work and absolute devotion can turn a few dots on lines into a work of art. But for the music to sound anything, all the instruments must play in harmony and managers like me take care of things just like a conductor would."
—Rufus Thorne

Rufus Thorne is a non-expanding NPC who is the CEO and spokesperson of Global Trust. He is strict and loyal; some people even say he prefers loyalty above legality.


"I used to be a lawyer in a small law firm. A job with no prospects. I was over-qualified, though the courtroom was good training for my position at Global Trust. It taught me that the client's wishes are always more important than your own."
—Rufus Thorne

Appraisal in the CampaignEdit

He appears in order to check the company's Two Year Plan (in Chapter 1 mission 1 and stays around in mission 2)

Thorne is a much more level-headed man than Thor Strindberg, and in a more collected manner suggests ways to aid the situation at Site 13 during the first missions of the campaign. Eventually when the situation at the dam is resolved, he demotes Strindberg and assigns his duties to the player, whom he frequently praises.



Rufus's Ark, Haven

Residing in his Ark, Haven, Rufus Thorne will send out Container Ships to conduct trade and will buy Tycoon goods on sale. His Ark offers Tycoon goods and items (he will also sell Tech goods occasionally), including one Ark upgrade module at all times.

Interaction with other NPCsEdit

As he represents the faction opposing the Eden Initiative, Thorne's quests will sometimes call to hinder quests offered by Yana Rodriguez, and will periodically call upon you to cease trading with her altogether.

He is on very good terms with Vadim Sokow. Having good relationships with the latter will improve Rufus' influence while fighting Vadim Sokow will decrease Rufus' influence, claiming that such a war is harming Global Trust as well.


Thorne likes you to settle islands, to use the media channels a lot, and to maintain a high income. He isn't pleased by a negative income.

He offers the following diplomatic actions: Lobbying, Demand Quest, Take out a loan, License Trading and Auxiliary Fleet. You can't declare war on him.

  • Take out a loan offers you an immediate amount of cash, which will have to be repaid over the course of the next 60 minutes in the form of a permanent negative balance hit.
  • License Trading exchanges your credits in return for Licenses.
  • Auxiliary Fleet calls in Warships on your behalf. It has a cooldown of 120 minutes. The price and the set of ships depends on your current resident's level.
Influence 60 60+ 100
Small Fleet 1 Commando Ship (4500C) 1 Commando Ship, 1 Viper (7500C) 1 Commando Ship, 1 Viper (15000C)
Medium Fleet 1 Commando Ship (4500C) 1 Commando Ship, 1 Viper (7500C) 1 Commando Ship, 2 Viper (15000C)
Large Fleet 3 Commando Ship (13500C) 3 Commando Ship, 3 Viper (22500C) 3 Commando Ship, 2 Viper, 2 Colossus (45000C)

Bonus ContentEdit

You are able to use Thorne's portrait as your in-game appearance by reaching Level 6 at the Career Progression of Global Trust. By reaching Level 2 you are also able to use Thorne's Profile Colour (Grey) by yourself.

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