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"S.A.A.T., the Scientific Academy of Advanced Technologies, is unique in the history of mankind. The most brilliant Scientists from all over the world united under one banner. We will prize the last secrets from the Earth for the good of humanity!"
—Prof. Dr. Salman Devi about S.A.A.T
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S.A.A.T. (the Scientific Academy for Advanced Technologies) is the independent scientific council of Anno 2070. It is the leading international forum for research and science.

Techs, the supporters of S.A.A.T., have a higher average IQ than Tycoons or ecos. They are future oriented and strive for progress and innovation. They are therefore mainly specialized in research.

Techs prefer modern methods of energy production such as Nuclear power. Many of their production plants use resources taken from underwater plateaus, which makes their economy both fairly efficient and quite challenging.

Known Techs[]

S.A.A.T. Technologies[]

"Ever since I modified the user interfaces all the control terminals, the man-machine symbiosis has been one of the driving forces behind S.A.A.T.'s success. But I will create new systems designed to further optimize the interaction between man and machine, thereby paving both S.A.A.T.'s and mankind's way to the future."

You can also research your own technologies in a Laboratory or an Academy.

Deep Ocean Expansion[]

In the Deep Ocean Expansion the tech faction gets heavily expanded. Many new underwater buildings, four new production chains and even a new population class, the Geniuses, are added.

Involvement in the founding of E.T.O.[]

Hiro Ebashi was once a researcher of S.A.A.T., but because fellow researchers, among them Salman Devi, didn't agree with him on his opinions regarding a budgetary shift towards more advanced military technologies, Ebashi-San left the Academy and created his own research organization, E.T.O..

After ANNO 2070[]

S.A.A.T. was not able to recuperate its reputation from the F.A.T.H.E.R. incident when their created AI tried to violently seize power. Ibarra-Foxcom drove them out of the market. While most of their military technology is obsolete by 2205 and vastly inferior to Global Union technology they are heavily used by the Orbital Watch terrorist organization.


  • S.A.A.T.
  • Scientific Academy for Advanced Technologies
  • Einstein Plaza 720
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  • salman.devi@saat.tec