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Wood Sawmill Eco logo
Sawmill and lumberjacking unit.
Construction Cost Credits-icon400 · Building Modules 1 · Tools 2
Maintenance Cost Ecobal-icon -3 ·  Balance -5 · Energy -2
Size 3x3
Hitpoints 1000
Produces Wood
Unlock 1 Eco Employee

The Sawmill is a building used to gather Wood from the island's Forests. After construction, it will harvest the trees within its influence area (trees reachable by the Sawmill are highlighted), producing one unit of Wood per tree cut down. Without replenishing the surrounding resources, the Sawmill will stop production after the last available tree is cut down.

The Tree Nursery is the natural counterpart to the Sawmill and is needed to replenish the nearby Forest. One Tree Nursery can support up to 4 Sawmills.

Ornamental trees can also be harvested for lumber. The nursery takes some time for the trees to mature, so production can be started immediately by planting a few trees.

Sawmills are affected by Ecobalance, and are vulnerable to pollution.

Production Chains Utilizing this Building[]

Wood Wood
Based on 4 sawmills
Eco logo
Credits 1850  · Balance -30  · Energy -10  · Ecobal-icon -12
Building Modules 5 · Tools 12
Tree Nursery
1 @ 100%
Cflow-E Wood
4 @ 100%

Layouts Utilizing this Building[]

Wood Wood

Wood ecos

2 Tree Nurseries, 4 Sawmills Bounding Box = 12x14 = 168 Tiles

Minimum Area = 74 Tiles

Space Efficiency = ???

Wood Wood


2 Tree Nurseries, 9 Sawmills Bounding Box = 16x18 = 288 Tiles

Minimum Area = Tiles

Space Efficiency = ???

If  With bad Ecobalance your Nursery can't take care all 9 Sawmills, you may stop the blue colored Sawmill (bottom middle).

Reminder: Sleeping Sawmill(s) cost No credit.


These upgrades aren't researchable; you have to find / buy them.

Type Quality Icon Name Effect Description Costs

Warehouse Item Gold star small Wood itemProductivity Optimized Timber storage Productivity: +25% Can store tons of Timber

Warehouse Item Gold star small Wood itemEnergy cost Low-noise chainsaw Energy: -25% To avoid frightening the wild animals.

Warehouse Item Gold star small Wood itemEco cost Large waste wood compactor Ecobalance: -25% Perfect for particle boards.