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Seamus Green

Characteristics Environmentalist, peaceful
Personality Passive

"When I look in the mirror in the evening, I see an old man weighed down by the burden of responsibility. But my brain is still as sharp as ever. I must continue my work. Not for my own sake; I am doing it for the organization, for its mission. It must not fail."
—Seamus Green

Seamus Green is the founder and spiritual father of the Eco organization, the Eden Initiative. The Player can vote for him as a president.

The Ecos' most efficient transport road, the Green Boulevard, is named after him. On the official Soundtrack of the game, there's a track named "Seamus and the Secret of Life".



Mr. Green in the video, introduced by Yana Rodriguez

He appears in the game when the player begins to construct the Eco Monument (similar to Skylar Banes).

After the monument is completed, he will give the player quests like the other NPCs. As a reward, he will sometimes give very powerful items to the player. Failing his quests does however not incur an influence penalty, since he does not have an influence bar or any diplomacy screen at all. For example he may demand you cease trading with Rufus Thorne. Yana often gives you a cease trading with Rufus quest citing Seamus. If you cancel either Yana will subtract influence, Seamus will not.

World Council ActionsEdit

"Put your trust in me to ensure a more responsible use of the planet's resources in the future."
—Seamus Green

If he is elected as the president, the players are able to activate these actions:

  • Sg

    Seamus Green in the game.

    Vigilance Week - Improves all Defense turrets in this sector.
Attack-power-icon Attack Power: +250%
Attack-range-icon Attack Range: +30%
Duration-icon Duration: 05:00
Cooldown-icon Cooldown: 30:00
  • Negotiating Skills - Reduces the Influence required to carry out Agreements.
Diplomacy icon Influence Required: -30
Duration-icon Duration: 20:00
Cooldown-icon Cooldown: 50:00
Energy-icon Energy consumption: -50%
Duration-icon Duration: 45:00
Cooldown-icon Cooldown: 01:30:00
  • Creative Power - Improves all Building material Production plants in this Sector.
Productivity-icon Productivity: +50%
Duration-icon Duration: 25:00
Cooldown-icon Cooldown: 50:00

Bonus ContentEdit

You are able to use Green's portrait as your in-game appearance by reaching Level 9 at the Career Progression of the Eden Initiative.

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